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Cheek Retractor Dental Open Mouth Gag



On sale for: $9.95

Use this unassuming looking mouth gag in your bdsm play to spread your submissive's mouth open and give you unrestricted access to your slaves mouth. The comfortable cradles on either side slide easily over all lip sizes. Once you release this device, the U shaped support bar will push the cheeks out of the way. So your slave will be unable to close their lips. Incredibly simple and extremely effective, this versatile bondage piece is a unique and exciting twist on speech restriction and traditional gags.

4.5 inches outer width, 3.35 inside width, 3.5 inches in length

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Jennings Dental Mouth Gag



On sale for: $24.95

The Jennings Dental Mouth Gag is a medical device used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. Made of stainless steel with a matte finish, it measures 5.5 inches from end to end. The widest setting is 2.5 inches. This gag is used in BDSM play to keep a slave's mouth open without the fear of getting bit.

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Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag



On sale for: $19.95

This open mouth medical device is used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep patients mouths open during examinations and surgeries. We use it as a medical sex toy during BDSM play. Create a fetish role pay scene where you are an evil doctor or a naughty nurse. You imagination is your only limit. Made of high quality Stainless Steel (matte finish). Measures 5.5 inches from end to end. Widest setting is 2.5 inches.

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Fetish Fantasy Open Mouth Gag



On sale for: $11.95

Fetish Fantasy Series Open Mouth Gag Don t say a word! Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this naughty Open Mouth Gag. You re in control over when your lover can or can t speak-act out your fantasies and fulfill your desires while your partner is gagged and silent. The open mouth style allows for easy breathing but difficulty when trying to say Stop! The firm rubber ring, covered with satin, is 1 1/2 inch in diameter and fits snugly in your Submissives mouth and adjusts easily with pvc straps. One size fits most.

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Open Mouth Funnel Gag



On sale for: $74.95

This Funnel Open Mouth Gag is one of a kind. The leather securing strap holds the funnel up to the forehead. The plastic funnel tube on this Open Mouth Gag has the base coated on the outside with liquid rubber to prevent leakage. The Open Mouth Gag's black leather locking strap is secured around the back of the head for total submission. One size fits most. Shop our Open Mouth Gags online today!

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Open Mouth Gag


Open wide and "Say Ahhh!" with the Beginner's Open Mouth Gag!  This sexy o-ring gag is made for first-timers and features a 1.75"(4.4 cm) inside diameter. With the sturdy ring gag held securely between their jaw, your subject won't be able to say a word, while their mouth is propped wide open and easily accessible!

The metal ring gag is wrapped in vinyl and secured in place with an adjustable vinyl head strap and metal buckle. Pull the straps tight and your subjects mouth will magically stay open for you to do as you please!

What happens next is up to you!

  • Adjustable Vinyl Headstrap with Vinyl Covered O-Ring
  • Keeps Mouth Open Wide
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Free Satin Love Mask

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Open Mouth Spider Gag



On sale for: $15.95

Open wide for the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Open Mouth Gag. When wide-open isn't wide enough, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Open Mouth Gag will get the job done! This extreme o-ring gag consists of a steel ring with four curved metal "legs" attached to the ring. The gag and legson this Open Mouth Gag prevent the mouth from closing, leaving your submissive's mouth wide open for whatever you wish to put in it. The diameter of the ring measures 1.5 inches, and the gag connects to a leather strap that buckles in the back and keeps the gag firmly in place. Everyone should have a Open Mouth Gag like this in the bondage sex toy chest One size fits most.

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Fetish Fantasy O Ring Gag Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $14.95

Fetish Fantasy Series O-Ring Gag Nipple Clamps Get your lover to open wide and say AHHH with this naughty O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps. The gag consists of a small metal O-ring wrapped in leather, connected to two sturdy leather straps. Two chained nipple clamps keep your nipples perky, and the coated clamps easily adjust to fit your desired tension. The leather straps adjust to fit most sizes, pulling the ring tight and keeping the mouth open wide. You re in control over when and how often your lover speaks...what you do next is up to you!

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Ball Gag With Chain And Nipple Clamps


Great, innovative combination of a ball gag, nipple clamps and chain! Soft leather strap is VERY adjustable. One size fits most.

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Bound By Diamonds - Open Ring Gag


Fetish playwear with 3 interchangeable ring sizes and adjustable cinch strap. Exquisite diamond detail. 80% PVC, 10% Polyester, 5% Stabilizer,5% Agonist (strap), Phthalate free PVC (rings),Iron (d-ring), Alloy (clasps), Quartz Sands (diamonds). Nickel-free. Strap adjusts to 32 inch / 81 cm, 1.75 inch / 4 cm (small ring), 2 inch / 5 cm (medium ring), 2.25 inch/ 6 cm (large ring).

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O-Ring Gag



On sale for: $29.95

Open up and say aaah. Bondage play would not be complete without a gag to silence your willing submissive. This black leather O-ring gag holds your mouth open to all sorts of kinky possibilities. This BDSM gag is great for people who have problems with ball gags because this gag offers more airflow than ball-style gags for easier breathing.

Small: 1.125 inches
Medium: 1.375 inches
Large: 1.625 inches

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Strict Deep Throat Gag


Dildo sold Separately.

You love when your partner gags on your cock, and you love seeing them with a gag in their mouth - now you can have both at once with the Deep Throat Gag! The faux leather strap buckles around their head, and with the stainless steel dual ring placed in their mouth, keeping it wide open, your lover is prepared to receive your meat. Enjoy the feel of their tongue and throat on your shaft as you force-feed your cock to your naughty sub. Maybe even put your balls between the two rings to essentially lock your dick into place, so their mouth is inescapably stuffed full of you!

Measurements: Mouth Ring has 1.69 inch internal and 2.13 inch external diameter, Rings are spaces 1.04 inches apart, Strap adjusts from 15.5 to 21.25 inches around and is 1.1 inches wide

Material: PU Leather, Stainless Steel

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Rubber Open Mouth Piss Gag



On sale for: $72.95

This heavy, black rubber open mouth gag keeps the mouth from closing. The hole is 1.5 inches in diameter and protrudes 1 inch into the mouth. The adjustable back has a buckle closure. One size fits most.

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Leather Ring Gag



On sale for: $26.95

Simple and direct, this black leather ring gag features a metal O-ring wrapped in thin leather. It is closed with a cinch strap which pulls the ring tightly into the mouth keeping it open. The straps can be adjusted and secured by looping them through the two D-rings. 3 sizes to choice from. small-1.25 inches in diameter, medium-1.50 inches or large-1.75 inches or extra-large; 2.05 inches inner diameter, 2.65 inches outer diameter

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Spider Mouth Gag



On sale for: $19.95

This gag leaves your partner speech-less while still having access to their mouth as it remains open! The gag will remain securely around their head with the belt style buckle. Because the strap is adjustable, it can fit a wide range of people. The gag part its self is an O shaped ring which measures approximately 1.75 inches in diameter, outside, while the inner hole is 1.3125 in diameter. The ring is welded onto two protruding rectangular shaped pieces onto which the strap is attached to. This gag will be very effective and comfortable for the handling of your sub.

Measurements: Strap: Fits heads between 16 and 26 inches in circumference; Gag: 1.75 outer diameter, 1.3125 inner diameter

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Fish Hook Dental Retractor


Black leather adjustable strap with metal hooks designed to fit into the corner of the mouth to force a smile.

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Black O Ring Dental Retractor


This simple O-ring gag will keep your slaves mouth open to accept anything you wish to insert without the t worrying about biting. Every BDSM fantasy sex toy box needs one of these iopen mouth gags. Great for people who have trouble breathing with their mouth stuffed but makes it so they cannot speak coherently. Take away your submissive speech with the "O" Dental Retractor.

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Unrestricted Access Spreader Bar Kit with Ring Open Mouth Gag



On sale for: $95.21

Secure their wrists and ankle to grant yourself unrestricted access to their waiting mouth with this simple yet highly effective bondage kit. The bondage cuffs are secured permanently to the bar, with swiveling hinges and a secure build. The leather wrapped O-ring gag fits behind their teeth, holding their mouth wide open and exposing them completely to you. The adjustable leather strap of the gag has a sliding D-ring closure, for a secure fit on every size. This is a great bdsm kit to add to your bondage toy collection.

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Ratchet Style Whitehead Mouth Gag with Strap


This high quality medical device is used by dentists and doctors to keep the mouths of their patients open during procedures. The hinge has a ratcheting feature that securely holds the gag open once you set it into place. Just press the lever to easily close the gag. A twist on our classic Whitehead Gag, our newest version has a black rubber coating, for comfort as well as to keep the gag from slipping. We have added a secure neck strap, to help keep it in place.

adjustable from 18 to 24 inches in circumference. Opens to 2 inches in width.

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Seize O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps


Seize them with this dual featured O-Ring Gag and Nipple Clamp set. Affixing the O-ring inside the mouth of your playing and securing it by way of the sturdy, adjustable leather strap, this gag forces their mouth open and gives you full access. This devious device is enhanced with the addition of two connector chains that feature adjustable pressure, bullnose style clamps. Once these are affixed to the nipples of your plaything, you can control just how much pain or pleasure they deserve. The vinyl tips offer comfort and grip, with an adjustable screw to control the pressure.

23 inches in total length, O-ring measures 1.5 inches in diameter.

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