Stuffed Leather Gag


Nothing arouses the senses like leather. The look, the feel, the essence. Spartacus leather is a feast for the senses. Hand-crafted from soft leather of the finest quality, this stuffed leather ball gag is luxurious to wear. The firm leather ball is so effective, you won't even hear them rave about the comfort. Easy D-ring closure. Comes in sizes small or large.

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Inflatable Penis Gag With Tube



On sale for: $49.95

This heavy-gauge rubber gag has a 2 inch (5.1 cm) penis-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 3 inch (7.5 cm) in diameter. A soft rubber tube, approximately 12 inch long, runs through the gag.

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Lockable Pump Up Gag



On sale for: $79.95

This heavy-gauge inflatable rubber gag has a 1 inch (3 cm) bulb-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 2 " (6cm) in diameter. Air pressure is controlled by a bulb pump which is connected by a tube about 12" (30 cm) in length. The gag is attached to a leather adjustable strap with a lockable buckle. (The buckle will also work without being locked.)

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Penis-Shaped Inflatable Gag


"Your partner will be speechless when you introduce this sexy Penis-Shaped Inflatable Gag! Keep them that way by slowly increasing the size of the gag by squeezing the ball pump. The more you inflate, the quieter they will be! The sexy penis-shaped gag will keep them occupied while the adjustable strap keeps things comfortably secure. Measurements: Gag measures approx. 2.5 inches in length and approx. 4.75 inches in circumference when deflated. Circumference reaches approx. 5.5 inches when inflated. Strap made to fit around lower portion of the head, circumference approx. 17-20 inches, allow for stretch. Material: Rubber. Color: Black. Note: Caution: Always make sure your partner is able to breathe. Do not over-inflate gags."

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Inflatable Penis Plug



On sale for: $40.00

The Inflatable Penis Plug is a heavy duty inflatable rubber penis built to last. The black penis is well detailed even showing veins and proper contour, The plug inflates with a tube attached to a bulb. As you inflate the penis it gets wider and wider. You can tighten the valve when you are at a desired width. Simply loosen the valve when you're done playing. This hardcore plug is 6 inches long and 1.50 inches in diameter.

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Latex Balloon Gag with Pump


Add his sex toy to your rubber bondage games. Latex Balloon Gag will give your a submissive a mouth full. This inflatable gag is made of latex and will pump up to about 2 inches in diameter As it inflates, it will mold to the inner counters of your mouth.

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Inflatable Bulb Gag



On sale for: $49.95

This heavy-gauge inflatable rubber gag has a 1.5 inch (3.5 cm) bulb-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 2.5 Inches (6 cm) in diameter. Air pressure is controlled by a bulb pump which is connected by a tube about 12 inches (30 cm) in length.

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Inflatable Gag with Dildo


Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that once securely put on, can be inflated. After the gag is put on, and inflate if desired, the other partner can then use the outside dildo for penetration. The partner that is gagged will get an up close view of the action as the dildo goes in and out. Measurements:  Gag: Approx. circumference min. of 0 inches to max. of 10 inches; Dildo: 5.75 inches in insertable length and 5 inches in circumference at widest point.

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Rubber Penis Gag with Airway


"For those that are looking for an all rubber inflatable gag, this is it! This penis gag has a .5"" hole that feeds through a 9"" long hollow rubber tube. This allows for easier breathing or for some great breath play by opening or closing the hole. Fluids can also pass through the rubber tube and into mouth making the gag a whole lot of fun! Gag secures by means of a rubber buckle strap and inflates by means of a rubber hand pump. A valve on hand pump controls the amount of air flow into the gag."

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Silencer Inflatable Locking Silicone Penis Gag



On sale for: $89.95

"This inflatable dildo gag is sure to keep your plaything in pleasured silence with its expandable penis head shaped gag, and comfortable leather head straps. The gag is inflated by means of a pressure bulb, easily pumped by hand. To deflate, just turn the pressure dial for a quick release. This devious piece is held in place by adjustable leather straps, secured by a buckle that accepts any small standard lock if you wish to secure them further. The gag itself is made of odorless, tasteless, phthalate-free silicone.

 Measurements: Strap: Fits heads between 16 inches and 21 inches in circumference, 0.75 inches in width; Gag deflated: 2.25 inches in length, 1.5 inches in diameter; Gag inflated: 2.5 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter Material:  Silicone, leather, metal 


 Note: Locks not included, please see below for buying suggestions

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Inflatable Butterfly Gag



On sale for: $51.95

This is inflatable gag of our most restrictive mouth gags. Once stuffed in the mouth and inflated, your sub will be completely silenced. Pump it up and make your submissive look like a chipmunk.

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Fat Betty Bouncer Doll


Fat girl doll who tries harder Big Betty doll is the fat girl doll who tries harder with 3 fun holes for your pleasure. Sturdy and life size.

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