Scandal Spreader Bar


A heavy-duty metal bar wrapped in designer, double stitched fabric with universal O-rings that comes fully adjustable from 24 inch to 36 inch width!
Works with most cuffs!

- Polyester (fabric), Nickel-Free Iron (bars/loops/pins)
- Cuffs not included

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Scandal Over The Bed Cross BDSM Restraint


- Cross style bed restraints
- Includes totally adjustable and detachable universal wrist and ankle cuffs
- Soft and plushy on one side,with designer fabric on the other
- Universal clasps and D-rings with swivel design
- Polyester (fabric, lining, Velcro) PP (straps, buckles) Acrylic (dowels)
Nickel-Free Alloy (clasps) Nickel-Free Iron (D-rings)

- Adjustable to fit mattresses up to Cal King size (straps adjust up to 180"/457.25cm) - Cuffs adjusts up to 14.5"/36.75cm

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Scandal Bondage Bed Restraint


A full restraint system that may be used under any bed or as individual tethers!
Comes complete with four sturdy, adjustable tethers with O-rings and swivel clasp design, each extending to 60 inch and accommodates over-sized beds!

- Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other
- Includes totally adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs
- Polyester (fabric), PP (straps), Nickel-Free Iron (rings), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasps), POM (buckles)

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Scandal Corset Harness


Lace yourself up in the luxurious and edgy-feminine Scandal Corset Harness. Add the probe of your choice and prepare for an evening of exhilarating, empowering, and likely addictive forays in the world of role reversal. You and your lover will enjoy the extreme trust, emotional connection, and shiver-inducing pleasure that comes from switching roles and exploring the bedroom from the other side. Take the reins tonight and thrust, kiss, and caress your partner into realizing their deepest desires. Take things slow as you explore what it feels like to be in control, or give your partner the rough and forceful handling they crave. 

The harness fits up to a 72-inch waist and will complement the curves of every body type. The universal snaps come with two removable heavy-duty metal rings to fit the probe of your choice. Start slow or give them that satisfying feeling of fullness they crave…the possibilities are endless. As the dominant, you’ll love the luxurious corset-style harness with sensuous red and black stitching. Your partner will positively drink in the sight of the harness hugging you in all the right places and making your dominant side shine through. Your behind will look especially grab-able with the sexy lace-up back and shiny black ribbon dangling down between your legs. Relinquish control or experience what it feels like to dominate tonight.

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Scandal Collar with Chain Leash


A luxurious, dual sided collar with universal buckle closure and detachable leash with heavy-duty 32 inch metal chain!
The handle has designer fabric on one side, with supple leatherette on the other.

- Collar is fully adjustable up to 20 inch
- Polyester (fabric), Polyester with Phthalate-Free PVC (handle), Nickel-Free Iron (chain/D-ring/rivets), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp/ buckle)

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Scandal Leash


Boasting a heavy-duty metal chain with universal clasp and luxurious designer fabric handle this is the perfect fetish accessory!

- The handle is luxurious designer fabric on one side, with supple leatherette on the other.
- Overall length of 32 inch
- Polyester (fabric), Polyester with Phthalate-Free PVC (handle), Nickel-Free Iron (chain/ D-ring/ rivets), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp)

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Scandal Leash'. Please check back later.

Scandal Hog Tie


A truly compromising contraption with full adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs that fully disassembles for separate use!
The cuffs are soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other, and the hardware is sturdy universal clasps and O-rings with swivel design.

- Cuffs adjust up to 14.5 inch - Straps are 12 inch - Polyester (fabric/Velcro), PP (straps), Nickel-Free Iron (rings/rivets), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp)

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Scandal Over The Door Cuffs


A set of detachable cuffs with a Sturdy, fully adjustable strap and bar hook for secure over-the-door placement!
The fully adjustable cuffs are soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other.

- Cuffs adjust up to 16 inch, Strap adjusts up to 29 inch
- Polyester (fabric, Velcro), PP (straps), Acrylic (dowel), Nickel-Free Iron (rings), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp), POM (buckle)

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Scandal Erotic BDSM Flogger


Explore your submissive side with the enticing, biting tassels of the Scandal Flogger. This gorgeous flogger features a sturdy, designer fabric handle that evokes images of the most luxurious deep red sheets and a lover with a loving, punishing touch. S&M play is centered around both punishment and reward for the submissive, and the flogger is capable of carrying out both. For an obedient submissive, the soft, teasing tassels can make their way down your body as an extension of your lover’s admiring hands. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the gentle, tickling touch as the tassels caress your most intimate spots and leave you shivering with anticipation. When you disobey, your dominant can pull his wrist back and smack your behind, your lips, or your legs with the sweet sting of punishment. Immerse yourself in sensation as the tassels swing out and splay across your body. If you’ve earned a firm smacking, you’ll feel the hot, stinging imprint long after your play is done, reminding you with every movement of what happens when you disobey. Designed for both beginners and experienced floggers in mind, deliver a gentle slapping for those just starting to dip their toes into the world of kink…but it can also provide the firm, radiating, and long-lasting burn that experienced fetishists crave. With promises of an exhilarating foray into your deepest fantasies regardless of how adventurous you’re feeling.

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Scandal Control Cuffs


Adjustable, comfortable wrist or ankle restraints that are soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other, Designed for perfect leverage and deep penetration!
The cuffs adjust up to 14 inch and are designed for perfect leverage and deep penetration!

-Polyester (fabric/Velcro), PP (straps), POM (buckle)

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Scandal Universal Cuffs


Totally adjustable cuffs with Velcro style closures for use on wrists or ankles!
They are soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other with universal clasps and O-rings and swivel design.

- Polyester (fabric/Velcro), PP (straps), Nickel-Free Iron (rings), Nickel-Free Alloy (clasp)

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Scandal Ball Gag



On sale for: $23.95

Tie the gorgeous red-and-black fabric behind your lover’s neck and delight in the sight and sound of their moans as they test the strength of the straps. The attractive straps are double-padded for luxurious comfort and double-stitched to hold the ball gag firmly against those silenced lips. The ball is made of odor- and taste-free silicone on which it’s safe to desperately, longingly suck for long periods of time: And your lover will be so wracked with naughty pleasure, they won’t want to let it go. This ball gag is a classic piece with a luxury, high quality, and one-of-a-kind designer twist. The sturdy silicone ball gag measures 1.75 inches in diameter and is the perfect size to fit firmly inside your lover’s mouth. You’ll hear their moans, but their words will be a mystery…so lose yourself in fantasies of what they’re craving, thinking, and longing for as you explore every inch of their body and bring both of you to explosive, sweet release. This fetish-friendly toy is a sure way to spice up your play and ignite the senses. Without their voice, your lover will be forced to communicate with their fingers on your skin and their stifled moans in your ear. Learn each other’s’ bodies, sounds, and sensations all over again in a whole new way.

  • 55 inch total length
  • The ball is 1.75 inches in diameter.

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Scandal Posture Collar With Cuffs



On sale for: $37.46

Tempt the boundries of trust with the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs.  

The beautiful and comfortable brocade neck corset laces up the back.  The posture collar adjusts up to 16 inches.

The chained cuffs are soft and plushy on the inside and are fully adjustable up to 10.50 inches.

The non-tarnishing, 25 inch nickel free chain is detachable.  

Be naughty and discover a new level of fetish play with the black and red Posture Collar with Cuffs.

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Scandal Over The Door Cross Restraint


Secure your lover in mid-air tonight and carry out their every desire with the Scandal Over the Door Cross. Getting set up and ready to go takes a matter of moments: Just throw the sturdy bar hooks over the door, strap your partner’s wrists and ankles in to the cross-style design, and drink in their exposed and vulnerable body. 

Every inch of their skin is yours to explore, whether your tastes are sweet and sensuous or you thrive on pushing boundaries. Spread your lover’s legs wide for a view of their most sensitive spots, or strap them in with their legs bent for easy access to their every fold and curve. 

For the submissive, the beautiful red and black brocade wrist and ankle cuffs have adjustable Velcro closures and an incredibly soft interior to keep you ultra-comfortable as you twist and squirm against your restraints. The easy to use universal clasps make changing positions take a matter of seconds.  

You’ll revel in the feeling of your lover’s eyes trailing across your body as you’re suspended, helpless, above the ground, waiting in trembling anticipation for their first touch. Surrender both body and mind to your lover tonight as they carry out your deepest desires and use your body to fulfill their own. Realize any fantasy and push your boundaries tonight. 

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Scandal Pegging Panty Set



On sale for: $54.71

Strap in for the sensationally enhanced ride of a lifetime with CalExotics Scandal Pegging Panty Set. The luxurious sexy bondage pleasure panty combines thrilling, thrusting pleasure with an edgy feminine design for every role reversal lover. Each bondage sex toy set comes with a sensationally sexy open back panty harness and a 5-inch ergonomically curved, silicone anal toy. Never again fumble with complicated and uncomfortable harness straps by slipping into the ultra supportive, stretchy Pegging Panty designed for complete and total bondage sex experience. Dominants will rejoice when they slip into the chic panties with soft, plush interior and a designer fabric exterior. While an extra wide waistband will move and flex with every thrust, the reinforced, stretchy O-ring holds the chosen probe in place even during the most vigorous bondage and sex play. Once playtime is over, the sinfully fun panties are 100% machine washable for your convenience. Surrender yourself to your most erotic sexual fetish fantasies and dive deep into pleasure as you slip into the fashion-forward fetish panty. Available in a s/m and l/xl size.

5" x 1" / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Probe)
18" / 45.75cm (Additonal Adjustments Circumference)
26" / 66cm (Harness Circumference)

5" x 1" / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Probe)
18" / 45.75cm (Additonal Adjustments Circumference)
26" / 66cm (Harness Circumference)

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Scandal Corset Cuffs


- Totally adjustable cuffs with sensual lace-up design.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Scandal Corset Cuffs'. Please check back later.

Scandel Bicep Restraint


- Easy to use, easy to release bicep cuffs to hold you in place

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Scandal Over The Door Swing


Strap in and swing your way to total ecstasy in the Scandal Over the Door Swing. This over-the-door style universal swing harness comes complete with sturdy straps and bar hooks to keep you swinging securely as you rock back and forth in your lover’s arms.

This swing is fully adjustable and equipped to fit both standard and oversized doors, so you can put a little swing in your thrusts wherever you are. Let your man do the thrusting as his hips propel you back and forth and give you the orgasmic ride of your life.

The swing is easy to use and easy to release, with double-padded and pillowy soft arm and thigh straps for maximum comfort as you swing your way to orgasm. The straps are soft and plushy on one side with luxurious red and black designer fabric on the other. The comfortable, adjustable cinching straps allow for totally customizable positioning. Adjust your leg and arm straps higher or lower to find the angle that sends you both swinging to the peak of pleasure. The swing fastens securely to the door so you can explore each other as hard, fast, deeply, and passionately as you can in bed. Pleasure can often make you feel weightless like you’re floating: Experience that shaking, trembling bliss as you’relifted off the ground with pleasure.

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Scandal Love Sling Restraints


- Thigh cuffs adjust up to 33.5 inch/85 cm plus love sling adjusts up to 50.5 inch/128.25 cm

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Scandal Bondage Bar Restraints


- Spreader bar with adjustable Velcro ankle and wrist cuffs

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