Scandal Universal Cuffs


Do you crave a night where your lover takes full control of your body, where they use your body to fulfill their every desire or hold your arms above your head and tease you until youđre beginning for release? If so, the Scandal Universal Cuffs will take you there. These soft and plushy cuffs are covered in high-quality brocade fabric for a truly luxurious bondage experience. The cuffs are totally adjustable and come complete with Velcro style closures that can be used on wrists and ankles. Fasten them as loosely or as firmly as you desire. The universal clasps and nickel-free iron rings allow for endless creativity. Clasp the cuffs to each other and strain against their hold as your lover pleases you. Clamp them to the bed posts and embrace the bliss of totally relinquished control over your pleasure. Use two sets and let your lover render you totally helpless as they clasp your arms to your ankles and have their way with you. These are perfect for beginners and seasoned bondage lovers alike. Incorporate other toys and teases or keep things simple and experiment with being in total control for the first time. Whatever your tastes, take your fantasies to the next level.

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Scandal Control Cuffs


Embrace your adventurous side and relinquish control or command it with the Scandal Control Cuffs. These beautifully designed red and black brocade cuffs set themselves apart with top-quality designer fabric that inspires release of the darkest, naughtiest desires. They boast a soft, plushy, and padded fabric to keep you or your submissive comfortable as they quiver and writhe under your caress. The cuffs are also incredibly flexible and allow for total creativity: Bind either wrists or ankles and delight in the sight of your lover restrained and ready to please. These are designed for perfect leverage and deep penetration, ensuring that your lover has perfect access to your most sensitive spots behind your bound legs. The center support strap is fully adjustable and comes with a universal buckle to keep you or your lover firmly restrained. Keep legs or ankles as close together or far apart as you wish for full access to your favorite spots to touch, tickle, and kiss. Explore your naughtiest desires and unleash your inner dominant or submissive tonight.

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Scandal Corset Cuffs



On sale for: $31.95

Lace yourself up for a seriously sultry night with this naughty Scandal Corset Cuffs. You wonđt be able to help but feel sexy when you slip on these sensuous red and black brocade lace-up cuffs. Reminiscent of the classic corset, theyđre totally adjustable and can be used to restrain both wrists and ankles. Unlike most cuffs, they come complete with an 8-inch long, heavy duty chain and easy-reach universal clasps: So, your lover can let their imagination go wild and comfortably restrain your hands behind your back, around the bed posts, beneath a deskđor even held tightly inside the dominantđs hand as he leads you to the point of total bliss. The possibilities are truly endless, and you can explore them all. Best of all, the inside of the cuffs are incredibly soft and plushy, so your wrists and ankles will stay comfortable and protected as you writhe and moan beneath your loverđs touch. The adjustable Velcro closures let the submissive pick just how tightly they want to be restrained and ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Let your imagination run wild tonight and unleash your deepest, dirtiest desires.

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Scandal Over The Door Cuffs


Hold tight to these sturdy straps as your lover teases, pleases, and takes you from behind. The Scandal Over the Door Cuffs provides perfect bondage for those desperately sensual, animalistic moments when the bed is just too far away. The wrist cuffs are totally adjustable and incredibly soft and plushy; so, no matter how hard your lover takes you (or how hard you strain), your arms will feel pampered and comfortable. On the outside, the cuffs feature high-quality red and black designer fabric fit for a king or queen. You_l feel dark, sexy, and full of desire when your lover straps these around your wrists. The set features universal clasps and O-rings with swivel design so your dominant can keep you securely restrained in any position they choose. The sturdy, fully adjustable straps and bar hook keep you securely tethered to the door while your partner kisses, caresses, or spanks you to complete ecstasy. No matter how hard your knees shake as they bring you over the edge, collapsing with pleasure won_ be an option. The cuffs are even detachable for independent use: have your partner cuff you and hold your hands behind your back on the bed. Use them as a sexy little secret and accessorize your outfits. The possibilities are endless, so embrace your desires and relinquish control tonight.

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Scandal Over The Door Swing


Strap in and swing your way to total ecstasy in the Scandal Over the Door Swing. This over-the-door style universal swing harness comes complete with sturdy straps and bar hooks to keep you swinging securely as you rock back and forth in your lover s arms. This swing is fully adjustable and equipped to fit both standard and oversized doors, so you can put a little swing in your thrusts wherever you are. Let your man do the thrusting as his hips propel you back and forth and give you the orgasmic ride of your life. The swing is easy to use and easy to release, with double-padded and pillowy soft arm and thigh straps for maximum comfort as you swing your way to orgasm. The straps are soft and plushy on one side with luxurious red and black designer fabric on the other. The comfortable, adjustable cinching straps allow for totally customizable positioning. Adjust your leg and arm straps higher or lower to find the angle that sends you both swinging to the peak of pleasure. The swing fastens securely to the door so you can explore each other as hard, fast, deeply, and passionately as you can in bed. Pleasure can often make you feel weightless like you re floating: Experience that shaking, trembling bliss as you relifted off the ground with pleasure.

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Scandal Over The Door Cross Restraint


This set of over the door restraints are cross-shaped, to hold both their wrists and ankles. Fully adjustable to fit standard and oversized doors, it has sturdy straps and bar hooks for secure placement. Both the wrist and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable, and detach easily. Lined with soft plushy fabric, with designer fabric on the outside. Folds up small, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Measurements: Cuffs: Adjustable up to 14.5 inches in circumference; Straps: Adjustable up to 110 inches in length

Material: Polyester, Velcro, acrylic, metal

Color: Red

Note: Comes with 4 cuffs and cross-shaped restraint with door dowels

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Scandal Hog Tie



On sale for: $49.95

Surrender to your deepest desires and trust your lover to explore every inch of your body with the Scandal Hog Tie. This flattering bind is perfect for use with a trusted lover; with your wrists and ankles bound tightly together behind your back, theyŐll be free to realize all of your fantasies as you lay back and enjoy every heightened sensation. These beautiful red and black cuffs are totally adjustable and feature easy-open Velcro fasteners to quickly bind and release the submissive. The soft and plushy interior is guaranteed to keep you comfortable even as you stretch and twist with pleasure in your tightly bound hog tie. Both dominant and submissive will love the elegant, fantasy-inspiring designer fabric lining the outside of all four cuffs. TheyŐre flattering, unique, and sure to make you feel irresistibly sexy even in such a vulnerable position. The cuffs feature universal clasps and O-rings with a swivel design, making changing positions at your dominantŐs whim take a matter of seconds. TheyŐre incredibly versatile and detach completely, so itŐs simple to convert them to individual wrist and ankle cuffs when youŐre in the mood to switch things up. Explore your most forbidden fantasies and surrender your pleasure to your partner tonight.

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Scandal Leash


Explore the sensations of becoming your lover's plaything tonight with the sexy Scandal Leash. It's universally designed to easily attach to cuffs, ties, and other fetish gear in our Scandal collection. Or, keep it simple and do as your partner says as they hold you firmly in place with this luxurious, sturdy leash. The heavy-duty metal chain will have you quivering with anticipation as your lover takes in the sight of you on your knees and ready to do their bidding. The designer, double-stitched handle will allow your partner to keep a firm grasp and pull you where they please. It's strong enough for both light tugs and firm, reproachful pulls. The leash features elegant designer fabric on the outside and supple leatherette on the inside, providing just the right combination of restraint and comfort. The leash is perfect for beginner fetish play and experienced subs alike; the more daring will love the option of purchasing the various items in our Scandal collection to partner with the leash. This leash provides a perfect foray into the world of fetish and is an incredibly sexy way to spice up the bedroom routine and play with power as lightly or as deeply as you desire.

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Scandal Bondage Bed Restraint


Sink into the sensations of total immobility and relinquish total control to your lover with the Scandal¨ Bed Restraints. The lack of movement intensifies all the sensations you experience: As you wiggle and twist longingly against these restraints, your dominantŐs whisper in your ear will feel even more breathy and full of desire. Their breath will feel hotter and more radiant against your skin. The brush of their skin against yours will feel even more electrifying than usual when you canŐt reach out with a touch of your own. Restraints are an amazing way to increase trust, deepen emotional connection, and explore each otherŐs desires in a whole new way.

The wrist and ankle cuffs are totally adjustable and feature a soft and plushy interior that will keep you comfyÉno matter how hard you strain against them. The outside of the cuffs is covered in gorgeous red brocade fabric that youŐll shiver in anticipation to see strapped around your wrists. Your partner will love the way your body looks with your legs and arms spread wide in the most vulnerable and enticing of positions. 

The tethers can be used in a variety of positions: Try them wrapped up from under the mattress or wrapped around a bedpost to keep you tethered firmly to the bed and spread out for your loverŐs enjoyment. The set even includes an extension tether, so youŐll be held firmly in place on any size bed. 

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Scandal Over The Bed Cross BDSM Restraint


- Cross style bed restraints - Includes totally adjustable and detachable universal wrist and ankle cuffs - Soft and plushy on one side,with designer fabric on the other - Universal clasps and D-rings with swivel design - Polyester (fabric, lining, Velcro) PP (straps, buckles) Acrylic (dowels) Nickel-Free Alloy (clasps) Nickel-Free Iron (D-rings) Size - Adjustable to fit mattresses up to Cal King size (straps adjust up to 180/457.25cm) - Cuffs adjusts up to 14.5/36.75cm

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Scandal Bondage Bar Restraints


Bend over and get ready for ecstasy with the Scandal¨ Bondage Bar. YouŐll look amazing bent over and restrained with all of your assets on display for your loverŐs enjoyment. The high-quality, red and black designer fabric will have you feeling like erotic royalty as you pull against the strong cuffs and anxiously await your partnerŐs touch. The interior of the wrist and ankle cuffs is incredibly soft and plushy, ensuring that youŐll stay comfy no matter how hard you strain against their hold. The collapsible bondage bar makes for discreet storage and turns this toy into the perfect travel companion. 

The most versatile spreader bar on the market and is perfect for both beginners and experts; S&M enthusiasts will love the access it provides to their submissiveŐs most sensitive spots. Have your lover bend over, strap them in, and spank, grab, and tease them until theyŐre beginning for release. ItŐs the perfect toy for both pleasure and punishment. 

This bondage bar is perfect for spicing up an evening of softer play, too: Experiment with exchanges of power and relinquish control while your partner carries out your deepest desires. The cuffs are incredibly easy to use and adjust, and they feature Velcro closures to make switching positions a snap. Realize your naughtiest desires tonight. 

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Scandal Spreader Bar


Spread your legs wide and relinquish control with the Scandal¨ Spreader Bar. Your dominant will love the way you look with your legs spread wide in front of them, anxiously awaiting their touch. YouŐll love the vulnerability of being forcibly held in place by this sturdy metal restraint barÉand the excitement of testing its limits only to find that youŐre totally immobilized and at the mercy of your dominantŐs desires. Use this enticing barwith our universal cuffs to hold your legs open in a flattering and incredibly sexy position. 

This strong metal spreader bar is wrapped in double-stitched, designer red and black fabric that inspires naughty thoughts before you even clip it on. It comes complete with universal O-rings to attach the cuffs of your choice, and your dominant will love the adjustable width that can spread your legs up to 36 inches apart and expose the soft, sensitive spots between them. 

YouŐre bound to shiver with anticipation as your lover inches your legs farther and farther apartÉjust imagine all of the naughty things they can do to you when youŐre totally exposed. YouŐll love the increased trust, emotional connection, and heightened sensations that come from handing over total control of your body to your lover. Play with power tonight and explore all of your fantasies. 

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Scandal Collar Body Restraint



On sale for: $47.95

Imagine your lover binding your arms tightly to your own body and feeling that sweet shiver of anticipation as the chains brush against your skin. The Scandal¨ Collar Body Restraint is an incredibly sensual restraint system that will compliment your every curve and electrify your senses as you wait to do your mMasterŐs bidding. This luxurious collar comes with universal cuffs and three different levels of restraint, so your dominant can decide just how much youŐll be allowed to move as they have their way with you. 

The reversible design means your hands can be bound in front of your chest or tethered vulnerably behind your back. The collar and cuffs are soft and plushy on the inside, so youŐll stay comfortable even during a long session of pleasure, play, and punishment. The red and black designer fabric will look gorgeous around your neck and wrists, making your dominant lustful and ready to play. The wrist cuffs are fully detachable so that, so you can use them with or without the full body restraint. 

If youŐre ready to relinquish control and delight in the heightened sensations of touch, sight, and smell that come from being restrained, then this e Scandal¨ Collar Body Restraint is sure to make play with your lover even more exciting. Play with power, trust, pleasure, and punishment tonight and strap into the sexy Scandal¨ Collar Body Restraint. 

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Scandal Submissive Kit


Stretch-to-fit blindfold. Totally adjustable cuffs for use on wrists or ankles. Luxurious, dual sided collar with universal buckle closure. Detachable leash with heavy-duty metal chain. Set of 2 detachable, fully adjustable multi-use clamps with soft, comfortable pads. Non-tarnishing, nickel-free. Universal clasps and D-rings with swivel design. Collar is fully adjustable up to 10.5/26.75 cm. Cuffs adjust up to 10/25.5 cm. 31/78.75 cm (leash). 2.25 x 1/5.75 cm x 2.5 cm (each clamp).

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Scandal Bed Restraint Kit


Stretch-to-fit blindfold. Fully adjustable, breathable ball gag. Cross style bed restraints adjustable to fit mattresses up to Cal King size. Includes totally adjustable wrists and ankle cuffs. Universal clasps and O-rings with swivel design. Bed straps adjust up to 143/363.25 cm. Cuffs adjust up to 14.5/36.75 cm. Gag adjusts up to 25/63.5 cm. 1.75/4.5 cm (ball diameter).

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Scandal Posture Collar With Cuffs



On sale for: $49.95

Tempt the boundries of trust with the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs.   The beautiful and comfortable brocade neck corset laces up the back.  The posture collar adjusts up to 16 inches. The chained cuffs are soft and plushy on the inside and are fully adjustable up to 10.50 inches. The non-tarnishing, 25 inch nickel free chain is detachable.   Be naughty and discover a new level of fetish play with the black and red Posture Collar with Cuffs.

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Scandal Collar with Chain Leash



On sale for: $47.95

Take a walk on the naughty side tonight and slip this exhilaratingly sexy collar around your neck. Play with power and pass the chains to your dominant so they can pull you in the direction of their desires. YouŐll love the luxurious dual-sided collar with supple leatherette pressing gently against your skin. Or, if your dominant dishes out a firm punishment, youŐll revel in the soft bite of leather against your neck. ItŐs the perfect combination of restraint and comfort for beginner and advanced fetish play alike. 

The gorgeous red and black designer fabric is seductive in and of itself; but, when you slip the collar around your neck and feel the cool metal chain brushing against your most intimate areas, you wonŐt be able to help but feel sexy and ready for everything your dominant desires. Both collar and leash are totally detachable and can easily be attached to cuffs, ties, or other fetish wear to keep your everyday play fresh. The adventurous will love the option of detaching the collar and wearing it as a naughty necklace like a sensuous secret hidden in plain sight. 

Give into your dominantŐs demands and desires and kiss, lick, explore and caress them to the point of ecstasy. Or enjoy their lustful touch on your own body as they hold you firmly by the neck and keep you squirming with need. Thisis perfect for spicing up an ordinary evening and making all of your deepest fantasies a reality tonight.

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Scandal Pegging Panty Set


Strap in for the sensationally enhanced ride of a lifetime with CalExotics Scandal Pegging Panty Set. The luxurious sexy bondage pleasure panty combines thrilling, thrusting pleasure with an edgy feminine design for every role reversal lover. Each bondage sex toy set comes with a sensationally sexy open back panty harness and a 5-inch ergonomically curved, silicone anal toy. Never again fumble with complicated and uncomfortable harness straps by slipping into the ultra supportive, stretchy Pegging Panty designed for complete and total bondage sex experience. Dominants will rejoice when they slip into the chic panties with soft, plush interior and a designer fabric exterior. While an extra wide waistband will move and flex with every thrust, the reinforced, stretchy O-ring holds the chosen probe in place even during the most vigorous bondage and sex play. Once playtime is over, the sinfully fun panties are 100% machine washable for your convenience. Surrender yourself to your most erotic sexual fetish fantasies and dive deep into pleasure as you slip into the fashion-forward fetish panty. Available in a s/m and l/xl size. Small: 5 x 1 / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Probe) 18 / 45.75cm (Additonal Adjustments Circumference) 26 / 66cm (Harness Circumference) Large 5 x 1 / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Probe) 18 / 45.75cm (Additonal Adjustments Circumference) 26 / 66cm (Harness Circumference)

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Scandal Bar Gag



On sale for: $28.95

- Comfortable, pliable bar gag - Double padded, double stitched luxurious designer fabric ties - Generous 53 inch/134.5 cm length - Polyester (straps) Phthalate-Free PVC (bar)

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Scandal Ball Gag


Tie the gorgeous red-and-black fabric behind your lover's neck and delight in the deep intimacy that comes with absolute trust.  Ball gags create a vulnerable state which can only be yeilded to a trusted lover.  The straps are double-padded for luxurious comfort and double-stitched to hold the ball gag firmly against those silenced lips.  The black ball is silicone which is safe in the mouth for long periods of time. 

The  silicone ball gag is 1.75 inches in diameter.  The straps are 55 inches long untied.  One size fits most.

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