Aluminum Mini Butt Plug


Highly polished, weighted aluminum, seamless plugs with a beautiful crystal gem inset in the base. Comes in sizes 3 inch x 1.25 inch /8 cm x 3 cm(3.2 oz/ 0.09 kg)or 4 inch x 1.25 inch /10 cm x 3 cm(4.1 oz/0.11 kg).

Enema Play Anal Douche


This water filllable anal douche is easy to assemble & clean. Designed for fun with a glow-in-the-dark spike!

Crystal Cote Butt Plug


This state of the art, Dual-cote, hygienically superior Silicone butt plugs. are everything you need for some great ASS PLAY! These Silicone Crystal Cote plugs are pliable with a sturdy suction cup base for some back door FUN. Silicone makes a great material for an anal sex toy because it is non-porous won't retain germs, and also will carry body heat so it will flow with your body movement. Colors available are Midnight black & Red-Red.

Booty Call Booty Rider Vibrating Silicone Anal Probe


Soft and smooth vibrating Silicone probe. Nubby base for added stimulation.10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Push button control with LED light. Hold for 3 seconds to turn off. Silicone (probe) ABS with Silver Plating (dcor ring) ABS with PU Cote (cap). Available in colors pink or black

4.25 inch x 1.5 inch/10.75 cm x 3.75 cm

Posh Silicone Performance Kit


Versatile assortment of luxurious Silicone pleasure products. 3 stretchy and durable enhancing rings in 3 popular sizes. Soft and seamless probe with superior suction base. Available in colors blue, pink or purple
4 x 1.25/10.25 cm x 3.25 cm (probe).
1.5/3.75 cm (diameter medium ring).
1.25/3.25 cm (diameter small ring).
1.75/4.5 cm (diameter large ring).

10 Function Adonis Vibrating Probe


Powerful Silicone probe with sturdy suction cup base. 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Hold button for 3 seconds to turn off. Sleek push button controller with plug-in jack and LED light. Silicone (probe,) ABS (controller,) ABS with Silver Plating (dcor ring). Phthalate-Free PVC (cord). Requires 2 AAA Batteries. Available in colors red or black.

5 inch x 1.75 inch/12.75 cm x 4.5 cm

XL Humongous Butt Plug


The humongous butt plug for people who find extra-large just is not big enough. This 9 inch anal plug will really stretch your sphincter with is 4.5 inch diameter and give your ass that full feeling stretching you to your limits. The 4 pound Humoungous Butt Plug is made of high quality Poly-Melt. Comes in either Flesh or Black.

P-Rock Prostate Massager


The perfect angle for prostate and testicular stimulation. High powered stimulator with push button activation. Soft and pliable. Unscented Silicone. 1 N battery, included. 4.5 inch x 1.5 inch /11 cm x 4 cm (P-Rock). 2 inch x .6 inch /5 cm x 2 cm (stimulator).

Silicone Tee Anal Probe - Small Butt Plug


The Silicone Tee Anal Probe is 4.5 inches of anal delight. This butt plug is soft and pliable, but has a secure grip on your ass with it's wide "T" base. This sex toy is a great anal plug for a beginner. Available in your choice of clear, pink, blue or purple.

Mini Vibro Tease


Slender probe with removable, power-packed, push button stimulator. TPR (probe) ABS with silver plating (stimulator).Batteries included (3 watch, 6 included). 4 inch x 1 inch/10 cm x 3 cm. Available in colors clear, pink or smoke.

High Intensity Vibro Tease


Send powerful vibrations resonating throughout your anal cavity. This slender, 1 inch waterproof anal probe is 3.75 inches long and has a quiet, push button stimulator which can be removed for cleaning. Easy grip base. Takes 1-AAA battery. Your choice of smoke and blue.

Tush Trainer


Soft, quiet, durable, vibrating butt plugs with a unique designer twist and suction base. Multi-speed. Crystalessence (PVC). 2 AA batteries.

Beginner: 2.7 Inches
Intermediate: 3.25 inch x 1.5 inch /8 cm x 4 cm

Anal Explorer


Vibrating, inflatable butt plug. EZ-squeeze bulb with quick release purge valve. Multi-speed. Latex. 2 AA batteries. 3.75 inch x 1.4 inch/10 cm x 4 cm.

Vibrating Anal T


This anal vibrator is small and sexy. Drive your lover wild with the extra sensation experienced when aroused by this seductive vibrating Anal T in your evening. The shape of this Anal toy stimulates and tingles those all important areas. Treat yourself or your lover to heightened orgasms by adding the Anal T to your sexual encounters.

Pocket Exotics Anal-T Vibe


This white multi-speed anal vibrator is versatile, compact, powerful and pocket sized! PP (polypropylene). 2 AA batteries. 3.25 inch x 1 inch /8 cm x 3 cm.

Booty Call X-10 Anal Beads


Graduated, durable anal beads, firm and flexible Silicone pleasure beads . Sturdy retrieval ring. Available in colors pink, purple or black
8 x 0.75/20.25 cm x 2 cm

Anal Beads


Heighten your erotic fantasy play with the exotic Anal Beads. The easy to use, large size beads are perfect for the first time and experienced adventurers, who want to extend personal pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy. Use the smooth, contoured beads during intimate solo fun, or as part of mutual sensual foreplay activity with your lover. Enjoy and experience unlimited anal satisfaction. Made from durable, ABS, the large sized pleasure beads are designed with your sensual pleasure in mind. The 5 contoured, smooth round beads are attachedby a nylon cord and positioned at measured intervals for comfortable anal insertion and orgasmic stimulation. The strong cord has a plastic retrieval ring to ensure safe play at all times. For ultimate comfort and intensified sensations, use with a quality lubricant. The pleasure beads make a great addition to a sensuous toy collection. The stimulation beads are designed for teasing, tantalizing and satisfying anal play, and can be used alongside other stimulating and vibrating toys. To use, simply insert one bead at a time. Slowly add further beads for increased pleasure. You can insert as many beads as you like. To remove the beads, gently pull on the retrieval cord. Before and after every use, remember to clean the anal beads in warm, soapy water, or with a toy cleaner spray.

Small - 0.5" / 1cm (Beads Diameter)
Medium - 0.75" / 2cm (Beads Diameter)
Large - 0.9" / 2cm (Beads Diameter)

Available for Purchase

X-10 Anal Beads


Feel the X-10 Anal Beads gradually expand your anus gently insert them. These jelly anal beads are graduated which means they get larger as they go deeper inside you. The X-10 has a retrival ring at the end so they will not get lost inside you. Just as you are about to orgasm, pull the ring like you would rip a parachute cord for the most intense orgasm of your life. Available in colors; Black, Pink, Blue, Purple.

Superior X-10 Anal Beads


Soft, stretchy, and firm graduated beads with retrieval ring. TPR. 11 inch x 9 inch /28 cm x 2 cm (graduated). Available in colors black, red or purple.

Shanes World - Anal 101 Intro Beads


Enter Shane's World and It is time for your class Anal 101. Today you will learn all about the pleasures of anal beads. These jelly graduated and slim anal beads are made for the beginner in mind to ease you into the joys of anal sex. These beads have a handy ring at the end for easy removal during orgasm.

Posh Silicone O Anal Beads


2 styles, 2 sizes of Silicone pleasure beads. Stretchy and durable. Sturdy retrieval ring. Silicone. 1 x 10/2.5 cm x 25.5 cm (Style A). .75 x 9/2 cm x 22.75 cm (Style B). Available in colors pink, purple, orange or blue.

Silicone Love Rider G Kiss Dong


6.25 x 1.5/16 cm x 3.75 cm. The Complete Strap-On System accessory. Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented Silicone probes with suction cup base. Probes are designed to be used with or without a harness. Curves, swirls, and nubs in all the right places plus flexes and moves with you.

Silicone Love Rider G Caress Probe


6.25 x 1.5/16 cm x 3.75 cm. The Complete Strap-On System accessory. Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented Silicone probes with suction cup base. Probes are designed to be used with or without a harness. Curves, swirls, and nubs in all the right places plus flexes and moves with you. Available in colors pink or black

Silicone Love Rider Thruster Probe


7 x 1.5/17.75 cm x 3.75 cm. The Complete Strap-On System accessory. Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented. Silicone probes with suction cup base. Probes are designed to be used with or without a harness. Curves, swirls, and nubs in all the right places plus flexes and moves with you.