Sprial Ball Stretcher



On sale for: $8.46

The Spiral Ball Stretcher is made to give your boys a good tug! Just stretch this flexible cylinder around the base of your nuts and enjoy the pleasant pulling sensation. The skin of your scrotum will now be stretched taut as well, making it even more sensitive to the attentions of your partner.

Measurements: 2.05 inches long, 1.09 inch internal diameter (unstretched)

Material: TPE

Diabolic Erection Enhancer


This cock and ball piece has a little something extra! Simply place the penis through the upper ring and the testicles through the lower ring. The flexible TPR material provides just enough give to wear comfortably, while being firm enough to keep a good grip on your package. A perineum stimulator finishes off this diabolical device that keeps your equipment looking great and feeling even better!

Measurements: 5.13 inches long, 2.37 inches wide, Cock and Ball Openings have 1.47 inch internal width

Material: TPR

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Silver Hex Heavy Duty Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher


Designed for a tight fit for long lasting erections, this nut is definitely one for the toolbox. Made from firm yet flexible TPE, so it gives just a little yet still remains strong. The hexagonal shape adds a unique look to your cock, while helping you maintain an erection for extended sessions. Hex can also be worn as a ball stretcher. Use your imagination. It is your domain...

0.95 inches in diameter unstretched.

Magnetize Stainless Steel Magnetic Ball Stretcher


Weighing in at a whopping 7.5 oz, this ball-stretcher will get the job done simply with the sheer force of gravity! Made of highly durable stainless steel, this heavy ring will pull down on your scrotum to create a unique sensation that will amplify a sexual experience on your own or with a partner. The powerful magnetism within the ring allows it to easily open and securely close. This attractive and distinct accessory is compatible with all types of lubricant and cleans with mild soap and warm water.

Measurements: Inner diameter is 1.35 inches.

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

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Leather Ball Stretcher with D-Ring


Ball stretchers are designed to enhance your pleasure and give your balls some much needed attention. As your balls retract during stimulation, this stiff leather cuff will resist, causing a unique tugging sensation that many men find to be the height of ecstasy. The cuff secures with snaps for easy removal, and the stur

Small: 7 inches in length and 1.75 inches in width
Medium: 7 inches in length and 2 inches in width
Large: 7.25 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width

Chrome Ball Stretcher



On sale for: $29.95

These chrome plated brass ball stretchers offer a unique feel and an impressive look. There are two different diameters in two different lengths, for a total of four sizes. These are high quality rings at an excellent price.

Short Ball Stretchers:
Short/Narrow: 1.125 inches (2.8cm) tall, 1.625 inches (4.2cm) across.
Short/Wide: 1.125 inches (2.8cm) tall, 1.875 inches (4.8cm) across.

Long Ball Stretchers
Long/Narrow: 2 inches (5.1cm) tall, 1.625 inches (4.2cm) across.
Long/Wide: 2 inches (5.1cm) tall, 1.875 inches (4.8cm) across.

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