4 Ways to Spice Up your Sex Life

3 ways to add romance to your sex life

It is important in a relationship to keep your sex life fresh. There are several ways to spice up your sex life with little sexual games. Below we give you a couple of ideas on how to keep your romance alive.

  1. Role play – Turn the tables by pretending to be different people. This will spice up the bedroom with variety. Are you a damsel in distress or a feisty captor?
  2. Leave notes – Leaving little notes around the house with your intentions, is a great way to spice up the bedroom. It’s even better if you do it when no one is home, letting the anticipation build until you meet.
  3. Sexy lingerie – Putting on some sexy lingerie may be just what your bedroom needs! Try going lingerie shopping together to get the excitement going, then finish up at home.
  4. Try different positions – Everyone likes a little variety. Try buying a book on sexual positions and trying a new one on a certain night every week. And during the week discuss which one you wish to try with your partner to build the intrigue.

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The Many Faces of Fetish

What Is A Fetish?

Originally, a fetish was an object believed to have magical powers or a talisman for good luck.  This object would be worn or carried by the person in possession of it.

Today’s definition is more commonly the fixation  on an object or body part for sexual gratification.

The fetish can be an article of clothing like a bra, skirt or shoe. For others it can be a body part like a foot, neck or hair.  Sometimes, it’s the body type and not the body part like a tall, short or fat person.

Fabrics like rubber, leather or lace are fairly common.

An inanimate object like a balloon, snow or an automobile may provide arousal for other individuals.

Interestingly, men have fetishes more often than women.

Fetishes Both Common and Rare

Below are some examples of fetishes and their less common names:

Looners and Poppers, people who are aroused by balloons, whether surrounded by them, popping them or enclosing themselves in large ones.

Basophilia, getting turned on by someone’s nose.

Odaxelagnia, the art of biting or getting bitten.

Erotic asphyxiation, also known as breath control play, oxygen deprivation by strangling or suffocating to heighten sex before losing consciousness.

Martymachlia, having someone or several people watching while you’re having sex, often done in public places.

Latronudia, exposing yourself to a doctor or nurse.

Furries, people who enjoy dressing and acting like animals.

Autonepiophilia, the turn on of being treated as a baby, diapers, pacifier and crib included.

Objectophilia being sexually aroused by an inanimate object like a car, boulder, or building and masturbating with the object.

Necrophilia, a sexual attraction to corpses.

Podophilia commonly referred to as a foot fetish.  People aroused by feet, and the smell of feet.

Dacryphilia, being turned on when someone cries.

Menophilia, getting excited by menstrual blood.

Masochism, arousal to physical and psychological pain.

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Bondage Techniques – Purpose of BDSM restraint.

Bondage is the act of consensually restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic or somatosensory stimulation. Because of the many forms and styles of bondage techniques, bondage can be divided into different categories based on motivations.

Bondage for a Purpose

Best known as the “B” in BDSM, this form of bondage is motivated by a desire for one partner to be used for an ulterior purpose, such as making them more accessible for a spanking session.

Decorative Bondage

As the name states, this form of bondage is used when one partner is used as an aesthetic object, like what would be seen in erotic photography. Rope is the most common restraint used in decorative bondage. The Japanese version of rope bondage is called Shibari. Shibari (縛り?) is a Japanese word that literally means “Decorativley Tie”.

Torture Bondage

Almost any form of bondage can be used as torture bondage. All that’s required is that the restrained partner is purposefully bound in an uncomfortable and/or painful position.

Film Bondage

Completely non-violent, this form on bondage requires the restrained partner be restrained for aesthetic purposes only and to be able to escape without great effort. Usually shrink wrap or cling film is used for the type of bondage. Sometimes it is called “Mummification”

Meditative Bondage

Seldom used in Western culture, meditative bondage is used often in Japanese bondage practices where interest lies in restraining a partner’s spiritual situation rather than their corporal body.

Many people think of bondage as rough and tough, however that is not always the case. It depends on the type of bondage you use. Bondage Techniques including soft bondage, where one partner’s hands are restrained simply by the other partner’s hands, or even through verbal bondage alone. What matters most is that there is trust between partners and that everyone is enjoying themselves! It is important that all sex play be safe, sane, and consensual. At Bondage Fetish Store.com you’ll be sure to find items for all your bondage needs.

Different Styles of Nipple Clamps


What are some different ways to enjoy nipple clamps?

Of the many fun and sexy adult toys available, nipple clamps are one of the best and easiest to use for beginners and experts. They are fairly inexpensive and everyone who has erotic fantasies and want to explore the wild side of their sexuality should own a pair.

There are different ways to enjoy them, each designed to stimulate you and your partner.

Slave Collar-Nipple Clamp Combo

This enhancement features additional sensual torture in the form of a tight slave collar. A collar signifies ownership or submission. It is the submissive’s job to endure what ever the dominant partner cooks up for their bondage fantasy. Fulfill your partner’s choking fetish while simultaneously squeezing their nipples. Many peoples nipples are very sensitive and when squeezed, they become highly aroused.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

A great way to spice up an old classic, incorporating electro-sex into your nipple clamp usage is very exhilarating. The strength and frequency can be manipulated which makes for a very memorable night.

Caution should be used when using electricity during electro sex play. And never use electro stimulation with anyone with a heart problem.

Mouth Gag- Nipple Clamp Combo

Watch your slave try and say the safe word with a gag in their mouth! You better believe they’ll want to with their nipples clamped, yet another way to fuel a pleasure-filled night (or day). The most common nipple clamp/gag combo is the ball gag in which a ball gag is stuffed in the submissive mouth or the O-ring gag which keeps the mouth open but still renders them speechless.

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april pic

Reviving your sex life

When the excitement in the bedroom isn’t very exciting, sex toys and bondage gear are a classic way to right the wrong. For couples who enter the world of bondage on their tippy-toes, start slow with the more traditional routes; handcuffs, blindfolds, lingerie, and light whips. For more adventurous couples, you’ll get a kick out of drip candles, clamps, gags, and lube shooters. The best part about using sex toys to change it up, there is an overwhelming amount of options to play with.

The possibilities are endless

You’ll never be bored in the sack again! As you and your partner try different things, you’ll begin to realize what gets you going the best. Based on what you enjoy, customize your sex toy stash with gear that supports your tastes. Even after all of that experimentation, when it seems like you’ve tried it all, you’ll find sex trinkets that you’ve never heard of that’ll blow your mind!

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BDSM – A Uniquely Human Hobby

Fetish Fantasy Lovers BDSM Sex Harness

It’s in our nature to get kinky

Recent studies by PENN psychologist Paul Rozin suggests that bdsm is proving more and more to be an exclusively human activity. Not that you ever expected to see your cat or dog with a latex mask or anything, but when you consider that homosexuality, necrophilia, cunnilingus, masturbation, and trans-sexuality can be found in the animal kingdom, it makes you think. Why don’t any other species seek pain as a route to sexual pleasure? It just goes to show – a lesson in bdsm is a lesson in humanity.

A reason to give it a try

If you’ve ever been apprehensive about BDSM before, this may be a wonderful reason to start. Your foray into kinky sex is merely an expression of your human nature! It may be our ability to over-ride cognition that tempts us to grab a whip, but it could also be the immensely satisfying pleasure we feel when do it. It just feels right, not to mention downright naughty. So next time you have the option to strap on the leather, be human, and go for it!

BDSM teaches

The key to a good relationship is communication. With bondage play, communication is very important for safety reasons. The intimacy  and communication during BDSM play expands into other parts of everyday life bringing the couple together. It also builds a bond of trust between the couple.  All sex should be safe, sane and consensual but it is perfectly normal to get a little kinky. It is very healthy to share your inner most fantasies with your lover.

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What it means to transform into a sex slave

Once you zip up the leather suit and slip on the mask say goodbye to your identity. You are no longer you. You are it. You become a gimp, a full-on sex slave.

Cover up the body

Becoming a BDSM slave is arguably the ultimate bondage experience. It often involves canvasing yourself from head-to-toe in black leather, rubber, or spandex to make the full transformation from person to object.

No longer a sexual partner

You become a sex toy. For your master to play with and command at will. Suits and outfits are designed with conveniently placed zippers, for easy access to the gimp’s more playful features. By surrendering yourself to your master, you become open to the most pleasurable experiences imaginable.

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A rabbit, a bullet, a plug in – there are a lot

Practicing self-love via vibrator is a fantastic way to explore your sexuality. But then again, including a vibrator during sex can certainly spice things up. When do you use it?

Whatever you decide, rest assured knowing there is a type of vibrator that caters to each situation and user. How do you know which you’ll enjoy best?

What are your tastes?

Do you value power over penetration? Would you take your vibrator on the road? Do you intend to keep it for yourself? Are you going to share it beneath the sheets? These are the questions to ask.

If it’s power you want, only a plug in model will do. If you get a kick out of intense penetration, then a rabbit is what you seek. There are eggs for travel and standard models for general use, and so on and so forth.

Bondage Fetish Store

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The Pussy Pump

kkWhy you need to include one in the bedroom

Pussy pumps are fairly self-explanatory. They increase the size of the vagina by increasing blood flow via air pump. The result is the nicely swollen pussy that you’ve only dreamed about.

Increases Sensitivity

With all the blood flowing to a now plump snatch, pleasure is considerably enhanced. Where insertion used to be enough to make legs quiver, you’ll achieve the same effect with a simple graze.


Understand, the use of a pussy pump doesn’t stretch the opening wider. It merely adds to the juicy skin surrounding it. Actually, with the excess of flesh, the pussy lips get pushed closer together, resulting in a tighter feel that men crave.

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Feeling your Strap On



Learn to use it, and use it well

A strap on is great for enhancing pleasure between you and your partner. Before you incorporate it into your sexual routine, getting a feel for a strap on is crucial. Here is advice on how to do so.

Solo Play

Begin by getting accustomed to your new toy, by yourself, with nobody around. Your confidence with it increases when you become familiar with how it fits on you, understanding how your movements affect the dildo’s movement. Wear it while you clean. Become one with it.

Get Inspired

Scour the internet. There are a seemingly infinite amount of instructional websites and step-by-step articles that teach how to use it, while also offering many creative strap on positions.


This is standard in any form of sexual escapade. The best way to know if you’re using a strap on to the best of your ability is to ask your partner. Talk to each other, you’ll learn quickly what they like and don’t like.

If things aren’t working out, it’s not you, it’s probably the harness. That’s why you should only shop the Bondage Fetish Store for not just a quality strap on, but swings, gags, vibrators, and much more.

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