4 Ways to Spice Up your Sex Life

3 ways to add romance to your sex life

It is important in a relationship to keep your sex life fresh. There are several ways to spice up your sex life with little sexual games. Below we give you a couple of ideas on how to keep your romance alive.

  1. Role play – Turn the tables by pretending to be different people. This will spice up the bedroom with variety. Are you a damsel in distress or a feisty captor?
  2. Leave notes – Leaving little notes around the house with your intentions, is a great way to spice up the bedroom. It’s even better if you do it when no one is home, letting the anticipation build until you meet.
  3. Sexy lingerie – Putting on some sexy lingerie may be just what your bedroom needs! Try going lingerie shopping together to get the excitement going, then finish up at home.
  4. Try different positions – Everyone likes a little variety. Try buying a book on sexual positions and trying a new one on a certain night every week. And during the week discuss which one you wish to try with your partner to build the intrigue.

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