Mummification Vet Wrap For Restraint Play

Mummification Vet Wrap

Mummification Vet Wrap is a multi-purpose rubber and latex bandaging that can be used to make wrist and ankle restraints, a hood, waist cinched, or corset.   How about role play as the mummy and wrapping your entire body up?  Your sexy archeologist will unearth you and slowly unwrap your bandages.  Will they reap untold pleasures or the Mummy’s curse?

Vet wrap is stretchy and can be cut with scissors. It is reusable, lightweight and won’t stick to your hair. It allows your skin to breathe since it is porous. Each roll  of vet wrap has 5 yards (65 feet) of wrap on it.  It is available in  your choice of black, red, white, blue or pink.

On sale for $5.95, regularly $9.95

Tie Up All Your Loose Ends, Firm Ones, Too

Mummification vet wrap can be used as an alternative to expensive leather cuffs in restraint and bondage play.  This makes it great for beginners.  Also, no knot making skill is required, as the  vet wrap sticks it to itself.  This also makes it easy to take off, when you are finished.  If you are on the go, the small size of the roll makes it a perfect travel companion.

People enjoy having control over their restrained partner and seeing them tied up in compromised positions.

For the submissive who is being tied up, there is a sense of vulnerability as they are at the mercy of their dominant partner.  Perhaps, that’s what makes it exciting, wondering what will happen next.  There needs to be complete trust.

Mummification Vet Wrap in bondage play.

Mummification vet wrap is commonly used as a bondage  restraint for humans.  No, you are not being buried in a pyramid, but you are being immobilized.  The submissive’s entire body is wrapped in vet wrap.  If trying this technique make sure to leave the mouth and/or nose unwrapped so they can breathe.

The Bondage Fetish Store sells a variety of restraints, from leather cuffs to neoprene bindings, including vet wrap.

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