Size Matters Clitoral Excitement System

Clitoral Excitement System Hits The Love Button

Experience clitoral stimulation like you never have before. The Clitoral Excitement System excites the clitoris with suction or vibration.  It enhances your sensitivity by increasing the blood flow to the clitoris in a safe way.

It is easy to customize the Clitoral Excitement System to each individual user. This female stimulation kit includes 3 different sized suction cylinders.  This lightweight system stands up to frequent use with its heavy duty design. The hand operated pump gives you full control

On sale for $79.95, regularly $104.95

What does Clitoral Excitement System Include?

This kit includes everything needed to immediately increase your clit sensitivity, and perhaps increase your clit size.

You get a hand trigger vacuum pump that not only works with this system, but works with our penis cylinders, breast cups and pussy cups.

Three handmade clitoral cylinders constructed from medical grade, industrial strength, clear acrylic which are tapered at the top and flared at the bottom for an ideal fit.  The different sizes allow for different sensations and will accommodate every clitoris.

A connector hose which connects to the air valves of the of the cylinders allows for a quick release and easy disconnection.

Also, this kit includes a micro mini clitoris vibrator which requires 3 AG-13 batteries.

How Does The Clitoral Excitement System Work?

As with any pumping, once you reach the desired air pressure with the hand pump, you may uncouple the cylinder and it will retain its vacuum seal. Because when you apply a vacuum to any part of the body, it sucks blood to that spot, so the increased blood flow increases sensitivity. When using for enlargement purposes they recommend you wear the cylinder for longer periods of time and  pump on a regular basis. Think of it as a clitoral workout.

The micro mini clitoris vibrator can be employed, so the user can take advantage of their now more sensitive clit.

Where Do I Get The Other Accessories for the Clitoral Excitement System?

The accessories for the Clitoral Excitement System are available at the Bondage Fetish Store.  The Bondage Fetish Store carries a whole range of enlargement gear for both men and women.

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