Different Styles of Nipple Clamps


What are some different ways to enjoy nipple clamps?

Of the many fun and sexy adult toys available, nipple clamps are one of the best and easiest to use for beginners and experts. They are fairly inexpensive and everyone who has erotic fantasies and want to explore the wild side of their sexuality should own a pair.

There are different ways to enjoy them, each designed to stimulate you and your partner.

Slave Collar-Nipple Clamp Combo

This enhancement features additional sensual torture in the form of a tight slave collar. A collar signifies ownership or submission. It is the submissive’s job to endure what ever the dominant partner cooks up for their bondage fantasy. Fulfill your partner’s choking fetish while simultaneously squeezing their nipples. Many peoples nipples are very sensitive and when squeezed, they become highly aroused.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

A great way to spice up an old classic, incorporating electro-sex into your nipple clamp usage is very exhilarating. The strength and frequency can be manipulated which makes for a very memorable night.

Caution should be used when using electricity during electro sex play. And never use electro stimulation with anyone with a heart problem.

Mouth Gag- Nipple Clamp Combo

Watch your slave try and say the safe word with a gag in their mouth! You better believe they’ll want to with their nipples clamped, yet another way to fuel a pleasure-filled night (or day). The most common nipple clamp/gag combo is the ball gag in which a ball gag is stuffed in the submissive mouth or the O-ring gag which keeps the mouth open but still renders them speechless.

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Sinful Vinyl Slave Collar And Leash Set

ON SALE: 14.95 regularly $18.95!

The Sinful slave collar is made of stamped vinyl in a diamond pattern. The black or pink vinyl wraps around a neoprene liner ensuring no unnecessary discomfort to your partner. The detachable leash is black chain and connects to the collar with an O-ring located on the front of the collar. Your choice of pink or black.


Where to find a slave collar

The Bondage Fetish Store has a complete line of Slave Collars to adorn your submissive lover. Our Bondage Collars come in many styles, some with O-rings to attach a leash to show off your favorite pet. Some made of Leather or Vinyl or Cloth. Some of our BDSM Collars also have attached nipple clamps for some erotic torture. We have the right slave collar for you.


New Items for March

Johan Angel line of bondage sex toysWe have added over 250 new items this month. They can view them all in our new product section. Remember to choose  sort by “Newest”

We have added the  Joanna Angel collection of bondage devices. Joanna Angel  is an award winning punk porno princess and owner of Burning Angel Productions. Among her new sex toys are gags (both ball and bit gag), a pink and black flogger, several slave collars including a posture collar to keep your head held high, ankle and wrist restraints and several kits.You can find all her bondage toys in our new bondage gear.

The Bondage Fetish Store has also added the line of Ox Balls Cock and Ball Toys from Blue Ox Designs.  This is a new and exciting line of sex toys for us.  They also make some unusual Anal Toys and we plan on adding these in April.

We have also added about 200 new items from Doc Johnson.  They are the makers of the vac-u-lock system of sex toys which is their trade mark design on many of their dildo harnesses and interlocking dildo’s

There are various other new items we have added this month.  You can find them throughout our new section and web site.


Fetish LingerieFetish Lingerie


What are some famous lingerie fueled, fetish fantasies?

Sex is an amazing experience. Add costumes and role playing into the mix and it becomes something much more exciting and remarkable.

It’s no secret, couples role play. Here are the steamiest situations.



Have the “repairman” arrive to fix the cable, the plumbing, or the electricity. When you answer the door in a nasty little piece of erotic clothing, he’ll realize what he’s really there to work on – you.

Doctor and Patient

“You don’t look so good, why don’t you lie down,” or so you tell her. Check on her with a doctor’s robe and shifty hands, inspecting every inch of her body. Then give her some medicine.


Male or female, doesn’t matter. Make sure the “client” stays put as you seductively dance, removing your thigh high boots and leather clothing. If only you could go home with him or her…

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