BDSM – A Uniquely Human Hobby

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It’s in our nature to get kinky

Recent studies by PENN psychologist Paul Rozin suggests that bdsm is proving more and more to be an exclusively human activity. Not that you ever expected to see your cat or dog with a latex mask or anything, but when you consider that homosexuality, necrophilia, cunnilingus, masturbation, and trans-sexuality can be found in the animal kingdom, it makes you think. Why don’t any other species seek pain as a route to sexual pleasure? It just goes to show – a lesson in bdsm is a lesson in humanity.

A reason to give it a try

If you’ve ever been apprehensive about BDSM before, this may be a wonderful reason to start. Your foray into kinky sex is merely an expression of your human nature! It may be our ability to over-ride cognition that tempts us to grab a whip, but it could also be the immensely satisfying pleasure we feel when do it. It just feels right, not to mention downright naughty. So next time you have the option to strap on the leather, be human, and go for it!

BDSM teaches

The key to a good relationship is communication. With bondage play, communication is very important for safety reasons. The intimacy  and communication during BDSM play expands into other parts of everyday life bringing the couple together. It also builds a bond of trust between the couple.  All sex should be safe, sane and consensual but it is perfectly normal to get a little kinky. It is very healthy to share your inner most fantasies with your lover.

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