Njoy Pure Wand – Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Njoy Pure Wands say Abracadabra to Orgasms

Add a new sex toy to your erotic encounters. The Njoy Pure Wand enhances erotic adventures. Made for either G spot stimulation or prostate massages, the curve of this stainless steel wand hits the spot. One end of this steel double dildo is 1 inch in diameter while the other end is 1.5 inches in diameter.

The perfect curvature allows you ample reach, so lay back and enjoy the ride with firm, controlled erotic massage while experiencing orgasmic bliss.

The Pure Wand is made from top 316 grade stainless steel, which gets hand polished to a mirror shine. This is slightly below medical grade.  This is what makes Njoy products better than the competition.

Njoy Pure Wand comes in a beautiful black, hinged, storage box with a molded interior and lined in contrasting red satin.

The Pure Wand is easy to clean with mild soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner.

On sale for $84.95, regularly $109.95.  


The Njoy Pure Wand is Made from 316 Grade Stainless Steel; Does It Matter?

Yes.  The 316 material provides superior corrosion resistance as compared to a cheaper grade of stainless steel.   In addition it is stronger than a lower grade.

Stainless steel has low ‘specific heat’, which means it’s cold to the touch.  But it warms rapidly to body temperature.

Do not clean your Pure Wand with any abrasive cleaners or steel wool or any similar products. These items will damage the finish.

Play with your Njoy Pure Wand is Sensational

Sensation play is a sexual activity that often involves wearing a blindfold or hood to surprise the recipient. Tease and tempt your partners body with various textures like nubs, smooth, bumps, curves, spikes or teeth which are made out of a variety of materials like glass, metal, rubber or wood.  A stainless steel wand is perfect for this. By limiting one sense, your other senses become more active and sensitive.

Because of stainless steel’s lower temperature, We recommend you only put your Njoy Pure Wand in the refrigerator for sensation play. Freezing the wand could cause damage to your cells, while warm water is enough for heat play.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete line of Njoy products.  In addition to the Pure Wand, there are 4 sizes of anal plugs, a prostate plug,  a double ended dildo and another double ended wand.



The Extreme Cock Lock Intruder

The cool, smooth, polished steel of the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder fills your pucker hole with a  2.75 inch stainless steel orb and stalk that is 1.85 inches in diameter.

The other half of this silver colored cock ring and butt plug combo is how the Cock Lock gets its name.   Your cock and balls are placed through the 2 inch diameter ring at the other end.

Once you put the hardware on, you can maintain a longer and harder erection, thanks to the ring.  At the same time, the ass orb moves slightly with each thrusting motion massaging your prostate, so your partner isn’t the only one getting some inside action.

On sale for $179.95, regularly $239.95


Don’t Knock The Lock

Wearing a cock ring prevents blood from escaping the aroused penis.  With the blood being held in place, the penis cannot ejaculate.

You put cock rings around your penis and testicles when the penis is not erect.

Apply your favorite lubricant to you cock and balls as well as the inner portion of the ring to make it easy to slide. Put your balls through the ring first.  Carefully, put one ball in followed by the other.  Then, bring your penis up through the ring, head first.   With the ring in place you can now insert the ball in your ass.  Don’t forget to use more lube.

As with any sex toy that restricts blood flow, do not keep the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder on your penis for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Cock A Doodle Do It!

In addition to the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder,   The Bondage Fetish Store sells all kinds of cock and ball toys, prostate massagers and anal plugs.

These boy toys come in a number of styles and shapes, so you can have one for every day of the week.

The wide variety of cock rings come in leather, silicone, rubber, nitrile, metal and plastic.  Some rings have snap or velcro closures, stretchy and solid ones slide on.  Penis rings can have vibrators or be hooked to an electro sex box depending on what you choose.  Some types are sold in sets of varying sizes.  We have rings that are sure to make your little rooster crow with delight.

Rimba Silicone Electrosex Anal Plug

The Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug is made of silky flesh and black silicone.  Its smooth cucumber shape makes this butt plug the ideal sex toy. This electrosex plug can be used either rectally or vaginally.  The Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug works with most power boxes but you may need an adapter to make them work with your tens unit.

The Electrosex Anal Plug is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small is 3 inches long with a 1 inch diameter
  • Large  is 6 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.


Why Rimba?

Rimba is a premier Electrosex provider based in the Netherlands. Rimba has been selling leather fetish goods and high quality electrosex toys since 1971. Rimba manufactures Leather, Lingerie and Rubber products. The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete line  of Rimba electrosex toys. Their line includes electro butt plugs, dildo’s, cock rings and nipple clamps.

Electrosex Safety

When engaging in electrosex be sure to use a contact gel or lubricant.  This greatly reduces the risk of a burn. Water-based gels and lubricants are the best. Silicone based lubricants reduce conductivity which may provide a weaker signal or prevent the electro toy from working properly. Electro-sex play dries out the tissue being stimulated sort of like the sun on skin.

When using any sex toy, you should never use a toy anally and then vaginally. It is always wise to use your own anal toys and butt plugs and not to share with others unless always using a condom on it.

What do you need to run your silicone electrosex anal plug?

The Bondage Fetish Store carries power boxes most major electrosex toy distributors including Rimba, Zeus, Folsom and Fetish Fantasy.  Our electrosex power boxes come in various sizes and skill levels. We have boxes for the beginner to the advanced electrosex enthusiast.

Any questions about electro-sex or electro-sex butt plugs, please call us at (617)455-4454. Our staff is knowledgable in electro play and safety.



Bullet Vibrator Space Explorer Vibe

The Space Explorer Love Bullet Vibrator lets  you boldly go where no orgasm has gone before!

The 2.5 inch long by  1 inch in diameter silver vibrating egg  connects to a sleek art deco inspired controller with a 30 inch black wire.  Its clear, stretchy sleeve features small nodules and bumps for added sexual pleasure.  The Space Explorer Bullet Vibrator runs on a 9 volt battery, which is not included.

The giga powered love bullet allows its user to choose between 5 levels of ecstasy.  Mach I features intermittent pulsation, Mach II has a rapid pulsation, Mach III has turbo pulsation, Mach IV has rhythmic pulsation and the Mach V takes you to warp speed with mega pulsation. The Space Explorer is one of the most powerful bullet vibrators we sell.

This egg vibrator can be used vaginally or anally.  The frisky bullet vibe compact design make it an effective sex toy to stimulate nipples and clitoris.  You can also place your bullet vibe inside a strap-on harness for the wearer’s pleasure.  Let your imagination soar as you explore deep space.

On sale for: $22.95, regularly $29.95

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

Love bullets such as the Space Explorer Bullet Vibrator are small egg or bullet shaped b that are inserted completely into the vagina or anal cavity.  These small vibrators are powerful and their compact size makes them easy to take with you.  They can be left inside you for an extended period of time. Their quiet motors keep your intimate secret safe.  A wire attaching the bullet vibrator to the controller makes it easy to retrieve when you are finished. These type of vibrators are great to use in discreetly in public.

Love bullets can also be used to stimulate nipples or the clitoris by rubbing the bullet vibrator against them.  Bullet Vibrators can be used for solo gratification or with a partner during foreplay. There are several bullet vibrators which are remote controlled so you can share your naughty pleasure with a friend.

 The Bondage Fetish Store carries a wide variety of bullet vibrators.

The Space Explorer Love Bullet Vibrator is manufactured by Topco Sales.  Topco Sales has been a leader in the sex toy industry for over 40 years.

Spartacus Interchangeable Dual Cock Ring Set

On sale for: $16.95, regularly $24.95

The Spartacus Interchangeable Dual Rubber Cock Ring Set gives you the option of matching colored cock rings to your mood or wardrobe.  Add a splash of color to your member and have some fun.  These cock and ball rings come in black, red, and purple. Mix or match, there are three rings in each size.  The larger, base ring is 2 inches in diameter while the shaft rings are 1.50 inches in diameter.   The black snap is made of soft cowhide leather.

Keep On Accessorizing

That’s not all,  The Spartacus Interchangeable Dual Rubber Cock Ring Set can be used with other rubber or metal cock rings.  In addition to the colors in the dual cock ring set, Spartacus rubber rings come in green, blue and white.  The rings are available in various sizes and can be purchased individually or in sets of 3.  The 3 pack comes with the additional 1.25 inch diameter ring.  A rainbow 5 pack is available featuring all the colors except blue.  The rings that come in the 5 pack are all the same size; either 1.25, 1.50 or 2 inches.   Because the snap can be opened and closed, possibilities are infinite.  The metal rings are available in black or silver in sets of 3, or they too, can be purchased individually.


What Are Cock Rings?

Cock rings slow the flow of blood in an erect penis.  The cock ring is used to maintain an erection and delay orgasm.  Some men wear them for their own pleasure because they enjoy the full and tight feeling during masturbation.   Other men use them as adornments on their penis.  It is recommended that cock rings not be worn for more than 30 minutes at a time.  The Spartacus Interchangeable Dual Rubber Cock Ring Set is great for exploring cock ring sizes and materials.

The Bondage Fetish Store is an authorized distributor of Spartacus Leather products and carries the complete line.

Magic Massager Vibrator Wand Vibe

On sale for $44.95, regularly $64.95

The Magic Massager Vibrator  by TLC delivers powerful, deep vibrations through a soft, flexible, massage head.  The E-Z bend neck lets you hit all the right spots with ease.  This vibrating sex toy has a metal neck covered in white plastic for easy cleaning. The Magic Massager Vibrator offers total relaxation and tension release. This plug in vibrator will work in any 110 volt outlet. The hi-torque 2 speed motor delivers quiet but powerful vibrations. Eliminate the need to replace costly batteries.  The Magic Massager Vibrator by TLC features a discreet back massager design.


How Can I Convert My Magic Massager Vibrator To A Sex Toy?

Wand Attachments

The Magic Massager Vibrator can be used for sexual pleasure.  The Bondage Fetish Store sells a variety of attachments specifically designed for wand style sex toys.  These colorful  options fit over the head of any Magic Wand Vibrators.  The ‘3Teez‘ comes in black or white and boasts a G-spot, clitoris, and anal stimulator all in one.  The “Euphoria‘ comes in magenta and is 7 inches of penetrating action that doubles as a G-spot stimulator, with a second petal providing clitoral stimulation, The flesh colored “M-Gasm“, provides a realistic feel to this stroker designed for the boys.  There are many more impressive magic wand attachments.

Forced Orgasm Belt

A Forced Orgasm Belt can hold the Magic Massager at an intimate angle in any dungeon or bedroom.  This devilish device lets you control your partner’s orgasm’s. Is there too much of a good thing?

That is not all!

 The Magic Massager vibrator works on shoulder and back pain, too!  It’s large circular head is attached to a bendable neck stalk, to aim the vibrations where you need them most.  The vibrating head is about 2.5 inches in diameter.  This magic wand gets to the source of muscle discomfort, delivering steady, repetitive pulsation. This helps your tightened and fatigued muscles relax.  It is advisable to keep the sessions to 20 minutes or less, when used therapeutically.

Check out the complete line of Wand Vibrators at the Bondage Fetish Store.


Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug


Small-$52.95 was $59.95
Medium-$62.95 was $69.95
Large-$72.95 was $79.95
Extra-Large-$99.95 was $106.95

Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug combines a large bulb-shaped head with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort while inserted. The weighty solid medical grade stainless steel gives the user a sense of fullness and pressure.  The stem on this sleek anal toy ends in a large ring for easy retrieval or for use with other bondage equipment.  This tactile anal toy can be used by both men and women, plus it is easy to care for.   The Njoy Pure Plug can be cleaned using mild soap and water.  No special sex toy cleaners are required.

Comes in 4 delicious sizes.

  •        Small Plug is 2.25 inches long with a diameter of 1 inch,
  • Medium Plug 2.50 inches long with a diameter of 1.25 inches,
  • Large Plug is 2.75 inches long with a diameter of 1.50 inches
  •  Extra-Large Plug is 3 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

Each Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug comes in its own black box lined with a soft satin insert.  This beautiful box has a custom insert for your anal plug to fit into.  Take your anal play to the next level. Makes a beautiful gift for your lover.


How to insert a stainless steel butt plug?

Insertion is easy with your favorite lubricant.  You may use either a silicone based or water base lube.  Sexual lubricants are a must for any anal play. It is important to relax and do not rush into anal sex. The Bondage Fetish Store has a complete line of lubricants to choose from. Many of them were created for anal sex play in mind.

The Bondage Fetish Store is an authorized reseller of the Njoy product line. Njoy  uses the finest materials for infinite durability in each and every stainless steel butt plug. Why buy an imitation when you can have the real ‘Njoy’?

Hog Tie Bondage Restraint System by Whip Smart

On Sale $17.95 regularly $24.95

A Hog Tie is a great restricting position in BDSM play. The black hog tie by Whip Smart is the perfect sex toy for beginner bondage play.

What is a Hog Tie?

The hog tie bondage position typically involves securing a submissive’s wrists and ankles behind their back while they are lying face down. The most common way is for there to be 4 hooks and a large metal ring securing each ankle so they are bent at the knees and their wrists and restrained behind their back connected to their ankles. Another way is to bind the left wrist to the right ankle and the right wrist to the left ankle.

The Whip Smart Hog Tie

The Whip Smart hog tie allows you to surrender to your dominant side. By strapping your submissive’s wrists and ankles together from the front or from behind you have full access to their most intimate areas. The fully padded black nylon wrist and ankle cuffs are designed to provide comfort and support to the wearer. The durable straps are fully adjustable. You can achieve new sexual positions with ease and give in to carnal desire.


The Bondage Fetish Store carries the entire line of Whip Smart products including bondage kits, blindfolds, crops and paddles, in solid colors, cheetah or camouflage patterns. We also carry many different hog ties in our Bondage Restraint page.

Icicles 38: Hand Blown Glass Whip

On SALE: $39.95 was $54.95!

The Icicle #38 glass whip with its elegant handcrafted design makes this glass flogger a collector’s sex toy. The 18 inch black bull leather tresses are soft enough for beginner bdsm play, but heavy enough to deliver a firm whack, are attached to a clear glass handle. The heavy-duty weighted glass dildo-whip is hand-blown and doubles as a 6.25 inch dildo for vaginal or anal stimulation. This beautiful glass whip has textured swirls provide additional stimulation when inserted, and the glass handle can be heated or cooled for tempting temperature play. When cared for properly, it will last a lifetime.

Whether you use this glass whip as a display item or a usable sex toy, this flogger is a sure conversation piece and you will get many compliments.

All Icicles Glass Sex Toys are made by Pipedreams which is one of the premier makes of sex toys in the United States.

Use toy cleaner and run the glass handle under warm water, making sure not to get the leather tresses wet. Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher.


Fetish Fantasy: Red 10 Inch Vibrating Dildo

ON SALE $80.95 regularly $89.95!

This bright red vibrating dildo is a whopping 10 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter to stretch and twist you. The spiral design in this silicone vibrator heightens the pleasure of the 7 different pulsation modes you can choose from. Not only that, it quickly warms to your temperature and conforms to your body’s contours. The suction cup base makes it compatible with most harnesses or stick it to any flat surface, like a wall for hands free solo adventures. The whisper-quiet motor delivers orgasmic vibrations in or out of the water. Takes 2-AAA batteries, not included.