Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell Are Waiting For You

The Gates of Hell is a male chastity device that makes erections deliciously uncomfortable for the wearer.  The Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell come in your choice of 5 metal rings or 7 metal rings.

The welded nickel-plated steel rings are held together by a black leather strap with metal rivets separating each ring.  The largest metal ring, which is 2 inches in circumference,  goes over the balls and cock, while the cock alone goes into the other rings.  The remaining rings vary in size from 1.75 inches with the smallest ring measuring 1.25 inches.

It is easier to slip the Gates over a penis before it is erect.

The 7 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by two-1.75 inch rings, three-1.50 inch rings and lastly a 1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 7 ring Gates of Hell is 5 inches.

The 5 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by three 1.50 inch rings and one-1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 5 ring version is 4.50 inches.

On sale for $18.95, regularly $26.95

Learn the pleasure of Cock and Ball Torture during bdsm play with the Metal Gates of Hell.

How Can Torture Be Pleasurable?

Restricting the penis makes ejaculation difficult; keeping the penis in a state of pleasure with no release.  The rings limit how big the penis can grow.

The look of a penis surrounded by all the rings can be visually stimulating.  It is a naughty addition to your bdsm gear.

Oral Sex while wearing the Gates of Hell can create a whole new level of pleasure.

The Starting Gate

Gates of Hell are for those experienced with CBT bondage play.  If you are a newcomer and want to try one, it is recommended that you begin with a rubber one.  Gates of Hell come equipped with metal or rubber rings.  The rubber rings are softer.  The Gates can have anywhere from 2 to 7 rings on them.  Some varieties are interchangeable and have snaps instead of rivets, so you can change the size or color of the rings.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries metal, rubber and interchangeable Gates of Hell in addition to rings in metal, rubber and nitrile. Check out the full line of Spartacus Leather’s sex toys and bondage gear.

Leather Wrist Cuffs With Purple Faux Fur

The Spartacus leather wrist cuffs are lined  with faux fur for a more comfortable fit.   The black leather cuffs are complimented with deep purple faux fur.  These soft and snug plush restraints can accommodate  wrists 5 to  8 inches in circumference.   Each cuff features a D ring for attaching a rope, chain or hog tie to.  The Leather Wrist Restraints have adjustable buckles to get the perfect fit.  Experience total submission  with a softer side.

You can coordinate the look with a pair of matching ankle restraints.  The black and purple ankle cuffs have a circumference of 6 to 11 inches.  They feature the same D ring and buckle closure as the Leather Wrist Cuffs.  The ankle restraints are available for the same low price as the wrist cuffs!

On sale for: $39.95, regularly $56.95

Take Turns Playing Master And Slave With Your Leather Wrist Cuffs

The idea of restraining your partner with leather wrist cuffs lets you take control.  Your slave must submit to your every desire, since they cannot use their hands.   After a while you can switch places in the dominant and submissive role playing fantasy.  Then you are at the mercy of their sexual whims.   The idea of giving yourself to a partner completely, is very arousing.   It will open you up to try things, sexually, that you may have been too shy to do when you are in control.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries soft and hard bondage gear to suit every level of expertise.  Whether you want to turn your bedroom into a playroom or a dungeon, we stock just what you need.

Leather Wrist Restraints And More From Spartacus Leather

Spartacus Leather has recently celebrated their 25 anniversary serving the BDSM and fetish communities.  They are committed to manufacturing high quality products that are proudly made in the USA.  In addition to restraints, Spartacus is on the forefront in nipple clamps, glass dildos, cock and ball toys and gags, slave collars and other leather bondage restraints.

Product Review-Spartacus Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps

nspf-400From My Erotic Closet:

Why should ears have all the fun? I really liked the Spartacus Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps (NSPF-400) as soon as I saw them. They are made with glass beads which play beautifully in the light. I swear I am part magpie, because I am drawn to all things sparkly. I had never seen nipple clamps that had a full beaded chain before, so I had to have them. They were very light, which worked for me. I am all about the pleasure and not into the pain. I was torn between the pink and the red, so I ended up getting both. They have alternating colored beads with an occasional opally looking clear one. There are 3 larger drop down beads-one at the center and one at either end where the clamps attach to the chain. My lover was so turned on, that I think I will end up getting the purple ones, too, now that they are on sale.

These beautiful clamps are made by Spartacus Leather and can be found at the Bondage Fetish Store.

What’s New This Week; Halloween is coming soon

Erotic Halloween CostumesThis week the Bondage Fetish Store  added the 2014 Costume  Line from Elegant Moments. There are over 40 new styles to choose from.  Many styles from last year remain like the Naughty Nurse or the French Maid, but once they run out, they may not be back in stock before Halloween.

We have also found more  new Spartacus Leather items to add to the store.  We added about 20 more items. Mostly bondage hardware but there are also several styles of riding crops,  a dildo harness, a couple dildos and some bondage restraints. The Bondage Fetish Store is an official distributor of Spartacus Leather.

What’s New this week; Part 1

This month we have added about 300 new items to our website. They can be found in many different places but the easiest way to find them is to go to the new page and choose sort by newest.

Spartacus leather Masters Half mask.We have completed adding all the items from Spartacus Leather.  The Bondage Fetish Store is a proud distributor of Spartacus Leather and now have their complete line on our website.  We have added their leather hoods,  cock and ball toys, paddles, body harnesses and much more.

Elegant Moments Vinyl Lingerie from the 2014 collection


We also added the 2014 Elegant Moments Line of Vinyl Lingerie. Elegant Moments is one of the first fetish clothing lines of the Bondage Fetish Store.  Elegant Moments also supplies us out hosiery and lingerie mini dresses.


2014 Line from Allure Leather Faux Leather.Allure Lingerie has also come out with  several lines of new fetish clothing for 2014 including a faux leather line.  This line of new sexy leather clothing is sure to get peoples attention with the Faux Leather Corsets, Skirts, and Dresses.

Be sure to check back often to see all the latest updates. We have also added many other new items and will announce them in a few days.

Look for our 2014 line of costumes within 2 weeks just in time for Halloween.