New Anal Fantasy Collection

The Bondage Fetish Store has added the brand,  Anal Fantasy Collection of sex toys from Pipedreams Products to our catalog. These high quality silicone sex toys will train your ass, for the pleasure of anal stimulation.


Anal Fantasy and Anal Lubeanal fantasy kit

Begin your anal training with a new sex toy from Anal Fantasy. Anal Sex is very enjoyable when done correctly. It takes time and patience to do anal penetration correctly. There is no need to rush. You also need to use lots of lubricant. A lubricant specifically designed for the anus is always best.  They tend to be thicker and some also desensitize the anal opening for a more pleasurable experience. The Anal Fantasy Collection is made up of silicone sex toys, so you never want to use a silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys. It degrades the sex toys.  The Bondage Fetish Store stocks a large selection of anal lubricants.

Beginner Training

Always start with something small when your first begin your anal training. People tend to choose something that is too large. Start with something about the size of your finger.  But, before you go out and buy expensive toys you should start with a finger or have your lover lick your hole so you can understand the pleasure of anal sex. When try to coerce your lover to try it for the first time, always start stimulating the outside without penetration and communicate with your lover and ask them how they enjoy it. I always find it best to use a wet finger for first time penetration and then stop. Leave your lover wanting more.

Anal Fantasy Pegger Dildo HarnessWhat’s Next?

Depending on what you and your lover want to explore, that question can be answered many different ways. Quite often one partner wants to try pegging. Pegging is usually when a female uses a strap-on dildo harness on her male lover.

Start by using a dildo about an inch in diameter or a little larger than your index finger.  Most people are confused because these see porn videos with men taking huge strap ons in their butt. But, that takes a lot of training and these are actors who probably do this for a living and have done this very often. Again we must stress you use lots of lube.  When purchasing a strap on harness, we recommend getting one that has interchangeable dildo’s. Also when buying a dildo for your harness, you want to get one with a suction cup or flared base so it will fit into the ring mounted on your harness.

Advance  Anal TrainingInflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

Advancing your anal training takes time and patience. One of the best ways is with an inflatable butt plug. You muscles need to be stretched. With an inflatable plug, insert the butt plug  when it is small,  And once inside you,  can  pump it up to stretch your colon. Also, you want to stretch the sphincter muscle. The best way to do that is with the inflatable plug inflated, expel it. This stretches your sphincter but the inflatable plus has enough give not to injure yourself.  Reinsert it and put a little more air in it and do it again.  Men tend to enjoy the vibrating plugs as it stimulates the prostate.

Size Does Matter

Most people over estimate what they can take.  There are 2 sizes which are important. First is diameter. Which is from one one of the object to the other end going through the center.  The other is circumference. The circumference is important for it is how much your muscle is stretched. Using 2 butt plugs, a quarter inch may not seem like much. Especially when you look at a ruler but they extra quarter inch stretches your sphincter and extra .78 inches that is 3/4 of an inch. Now that is quite a bit.  You get that figure by multiplying Pi which is 3.14 by .25.

The Bondage Fetish Store’s knowledgable staff is here to help you. If you have questions about Anal Fantasy Products or any other product please call us at (617)455-4454 during business hours. We are closed during the weekends. You can always see our latest products in our new section. Do not forget to sort by newest to see the absolute latest additions.

Pink Bed Restraint Kit by Frisky

SALE $39.95 was 49.95!

Tying someone to your bed for BDSM has just got easier with the Frisky Pink Bed Restraint Kit.

Adjustable pink neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs attach to 4 nylon bondage restraint straps using swivel clips.  The practical H shaped straps fit underneath any size bed and reach around to securely cuff the ankles and wrists.  Easily portable, so you can try new bondage sex positions anywhere.  Comes with a black-out blindfold for added sensory depravation fun.

The Bondage Fetish Store has a whole section of bondage restraint kits and bed restraint kits great for BDSM on the go. These systems are portable so you can use them while you are away on vacation or if you are really daring visiting your relatives.


What’s New May/June

The Bondage Fetish Store has added about 200 new items  to our  new sex toys, new bondage gear and new clothing categories.  Click here to see all our new bondage and fetish products. Remember to sort by newest to see all our latest additions.

spl-slu225-bpuWe have added the Demonia brand of shoes and boots. The Demonia line is a collection of edgy footwear for both sexes which caters to a wide variety of subcultures including gothic and steampunk. They are offered in a variety of styles including sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes to creepers to platform boots for both men and women.  Demonia defines the alternative lifestyle.

We also added some shoes to some of our other brands including Funtasma which caters to specifically themed events and to costume parties and Bordello which celebrates being a woman and tries to replicate the old time glamour and lavishness of a bygone era. The shoes are designed with ornate detailing and accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones and  luscious laces.

We completed adding the Ox Balls line of male sex toys.  In March, we added the anal toys and in May we added the Cock and Ball Toys.

Sex Men's Wet Look T-shirt and thongThe Bondage Fetish Store is constantly looking for the latest fetish fashion styles for Men and Women.  This month we added the Zeus line of Men’s lingerie just in time for Father’s Day.  They specialize in the sexy wet look in vinyl. They have several styles of shorts and thongs to entice your lover. The women are not to be left out we have added some wet look lingerie for you,  too. Included in the latest women’s clothing is wet look dresses, leggings,  skirts and tops. Many of the styles fit the plus size lady.

Come to the Bondage Fetish Store for all your bondage and fetish needs.


New Items for March

Johan Angel line of bondage sex toysWe have added over 250 new items this month. They can view them all in our new product section. Remember to choose  sort by “Newest”

We have added the  Joanna Angel collection of bondage devices. Joanna Angel  is an award winning punk porno princess and owner of Burning Angel Productions. Among her new sex toys are gags (both ball and bit gag), a pink and black flogger, several slave collars including a posture collar to keep your head held high, ankle and wrist restraints and several kits.You can find all her bondage toys in our new bondage gear.

The Bondage Fetish Store has also added the line of Ox Balls Cock and Ball Toys from Blue Ox Designs.  This is a new and exciting line of sex toys for us.  They also make some unusual Anal Toys and we plan on adding these in April.

We have also added about 200 new items from Doc Johnson.  They are the makers of the vac-u-lock system of sex toys which is their trade mark design on many of their dildo harnesses and interlocking dildo’s

There are various other new items we have added this month.  You can find them throughout our new section and web site.


New Products Added for November

New Women;s Sexy lingerie mini dressesThe Bondage Fetish Store is proud to add the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection.  We added almost 200 items in the past week. The easiest way to see all our new items is to go to the New Products Page and do not forget to sort by newest.  All of the brand new products will come to the front. You can also go to our new clothing page to see our latest additions.

We know not everyone is into Fetish Lingerie  so we added some sexy romantic lingerie for those special evening where you want to curl up by a fireplace and enjoy your lovers company.  So this complete up date is dedicated to romance.

We have added a large selection of lingerie Mini Dresses to our collection of new clothing.  Other additions include corsets, bustiers and other sexy tops,  lingerie sets,  teddies. panties and much more.  We have also added some costume jewelry to accent your outfit.

Men's Leopard ThongWe have not forgotten the men. We have added many new pairs of sexy underwear to entice your lover.  We have a large section of mens clothing whether you want a romantic evening or want to add to your fetish clothing.


Look for the Bondage Fetish Store to add about 100 new sex toys to our collection just in time for Christmas.

Bondage Fetish Store is now an authorized Sportsheets dealer.

Sportsheets Keeping couples together

The Bondage Fetish Store is now an authorized Sportsheets dealer. We carry their complete line of sex toys and beginner bondage gear.

Sportsheets was founded in 1993 by Tom Stewart. He was inspired by David Letterman jumping off a trampoline  onto a velcro wall. That gave him the idea to make velcro bondage restraints. The idea soon took off because they were safe and easy to use and were not scary looking to the novice.

Sportsheets has expanded into other areas of sex play including strap on dildo harnesses. They now have a couple other product lines under the sportsheets banner, including; Sex & Mischief and Sex in the Shower.

Our best selling item is the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints. They are light and easy to pack and travel with and can be used with any bed to restrain your lover.  The Under Bed Restraints is a great place to start to spice up your sex life.

What’s New This Week; Halloween is coming soon

Erotic Halloween CostumesThis week the Bondage Fetish Store  added the 2014 Costume  Line from Elegant Moments. There are over 40 new styles to choose from.  Many styles from last year remain like the Naughty Nurse or the French Maid, but once they run out, they may not be back in stock before Halloween.

We have also found more  new Spartacus Leather items to add to the store.  We added about 20 more items. Mostly bondage hardware but there are also several styles of riding crops,  a dildo harness, a couple dildos and some bondage restraints. The Bondage Fetish Store is an official distributor of Spartacus Leather.

What New This Week; Part 2

We added over 300 new items to the store this past Month.  This is the second installment of the highlights of the items we added. Remember to sort the products by “Newest” to see our latest selections of sex toys, bondage gear and  fetish clothing.

Men's Gothic BootsAmong the additions we  have added the “Rage” line of Gothic Motorcycle Boots for women to our footwear. Many of the new gothic styles have studs and spikes while others plain and simple. We also added the newest line of the Vanity line of shoes and boots from Pleaser. These shoes  are a single soul and have a 4 inch heel.

The Bondage Fetish Store also added several lines of sex toys.

Raging Hard on dildo. Great for use in a strap on didli harness.We added the “Raging Hard On” line from Doc Johnson.  This is a line of dildo’s, many are designed to be made for anal sex. These dildo’s  are almost all flesh colored and include double ended dildo’s,  butt plugs,  and realistic dongs. Most Doc Johnson products are  made in America.

James Dean Hog Tie for bondage beginners.

Also from Doc Johnson, we added the James Dean line.  The James Dean line is a line of bondage gear for the beginner. This brand of bondage  restraints are black and blue.  Included in the new products we added are; blindfolds, floggers and paddles,  Shackles and other restraints.  Collect the whole line for a matching set.

Peg your lover with the scandal dildo harnessFrom California Exotic Novelties, we have added the “Scandal” line of erotic bondage gear.  The line is a little more feminine than the James Dean line in Red and Black. Included in this line is wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolds, floggers and paddles, strap-on dildo harnesses and more.

Other new items we added include a neoprene gas mask, glass dildo’s,  handcuffs, wrist and ankle shackles, anal toys, leather chastity devices , leashes and much more.

Our next upload of new products will be our 2014 line of costumes for Halloween.

What’s New this week; Part 1

This month we have added about 300 new items to our website. They can be found in many different places but the easiest way to find them is to go to the new page and choose sort by newest.

Spartacus leather Masters Half mask.We have completed adding all the items from Spartacus Leather.  The Bondage Fetish Store is a proud distributor of Spartacus Leather and now have their complete line on our website.  We have added their leather hoods,  cock and ball toys, paddles, body harnesses and much more.

Elegant Moments Vinyl Lingerie from the 2014 collection


We also added the 2014 Elegant Moments Line of Vinyl Lingerie. Elegant Moments is one of the first fetish clothing lines of the Bondage Fetish Store.  Elegant Moments also supplies us out hosiery and lingerie mini dresses.


2014 Line from Allure Leather Faux Leather.Allure Lingerie has also come out with  several lines of new fetish clothing for 2014 including a faux leather line.  This line of new sexy leather clothing is sure to get peoples attention with the Faux Leather Corsets, Skirts, and Dresses.

Be sure to check back often to see all the latest updates. We have also added many other new items and will announce them in a few days.

Look for our 2014 line of costumes within 2 weeks just in time for Halloween.

What’s New: Elegant Moments 2014 Leather Line

Elegant Moments Leather
Elegant Moments 2014 Leather

We have recently added the 2014 Line of Elegant Moments Leather Clothing.  It is now available for purchase.  You will find the  New Elegant Moments Leather on Our New Clothing Page.

Remember to sort the category by Newest Items to find our hottest new selections.