Victory Burnout Teddy

Slip into this long sleeve black nylon teddy and prepare to turn heads.  The opaque fabric features a mesh burnout front, creating a triple chevron design.  One size fits most.  Add a new piece of sexy lingerie club wear  to your closet.

On sale for $13.95, regularly $18.95

Experience Burnout

Burnout also known as Devore is a fabric treatment which creates a faux brocade or lace look.  A chemical is applied to specific areas of the fabric to create the desired pattern.  The chemical eats away at the fibers of the fabric, leaving only the backing.  Once eaten away by the acid,  the treated area is flatter and sheerer, than the untouched areas.

Ready For Teddy!

A teddy is a one piece undergarment that covers the torso. Also, A teddy can come in a variety of materials from lace to leather.

Often, more than one type of fabric is used.  You may find a vinyl one that has a sheer nylon midsection, studded accents, or lace trim.  Sometimes, teddies are made entirely out of lace.

The sleeves can vary, too.  Some have spaghetti straps, also, some are sleeveless and still others, like the Victory Burnout Teddy, have long sleeves.

The versatile teddy has a sold crotch, a snap crotch or can be entirely crotchless.

Think of it as a one piece bathing suit for the boudoir.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries a variety of teddies and many other types of sexy lingerie and hosiery from sweet as sugar to daring as a dominatrix. Elegant Moments is the maker of the Victory Burnout Teddy.

Elegant Moments

Since 1983, Elegant Moments  has been an industry leader in designing sexy lingerie and intimate apparel for men and women.  The Bondage Fetish Store sells Elegant Moments complete line of erotic clothing,  including  their Hosiery Collection, Leather and also Vinyl Lingerie for the fetish enthusiast, along with club wear and other exotic clothing.


Hosiery 2015-16 Elegant Moments Catalogue Added

The Bondage Fetish Store has added Elegant Moments 2015/2016 Hosiery Collection.  It features the latest traditional and cutting edge fashions. This catalog includes pantyhose, body stockings, thigh high stockings, lingerie sets, and much more. Including sexy plus size lingerie.

Beauty comes all shapes and sizes.  Our undergarments feature numerous items for the full figured woman.  Taller girls should consider queen size body stockings and pantyhose, unless they are footless.

erotic-sheer-lingerie-teddyTeddy Dear?

Take the teddy to another level by pairing it with matching stockings.  Elegant Moments has added Teddy and Stocking Sets in red, purple, neon pink and more.

Bra and Panty SetsSexy Lingerie Sets

Whether you are looking for a 2 piece, 3 piece or 4 piece set of matching lingerie, we have you covered; at least until you want to be uncovered.  Some bra and panty sets come with garters, gloves or hosiery.  The lingerie styles vary from G-strings to booty shorts and from solids to stripes.

Camisette Combos

The camisette is longer than cami and connect to matching hosiery with conveniently attached garters.  These sexy lingerie sets come with matching G-strings for a tantalizing trio.

lingerie bodystockingBody stocking Bliss

Body stockings are an often overlooked piece of hosiery. They are one piece sets with an open crotch and can be worn with or without panties. They come in many styles to compliment any outfit. Some come as sleeveless, open bust, fishnet, opaque and more. Some are available in different color. Many are also made in queen size for the full figured woman. Body stockings also offer an extra layer of warmth during those cold winter days.

Hosiery Hoedown

Create an outfit that will drive your lover crazy. Hosiery should not be overlooked for making you look sexy.  Whether it is thigh high stockings attached to a garter belt or a body stocking revealed under a sexy outfit. Entice your lover with the finest detail. We have everything you need to make you look sensational.

Elegant Moments

Elegant Moments is a premier designer of sexy lingerie and intimate wear for men and women. They have a vast collection of merchandise. The Bondage Fetish Store sells their complete product line which includes their Hosiery Collection, Leather and Vinyl Lingerie for the fetish enthusiast, along with club wear and other exotic clothing.

Surprise your favorite vixen or boy toy by wearing some sexy lingerie tonight or buy something for them to wear for you.  Keep things hot this winter!

Zip Drive Black Vinyl Corset

Look sleek and sexy the next time you go out in the Zip Drive black vinyl corset. This shiny black fetish corset features a front zipper which contrasts the black vinyl. Only you can decide how much to reveal of your cleavage. The zipper also comes in handy if you are dressing yourself. You can lace-up the back, until it fits snuggly and use the zipper after that. The vinyl corset features boning to help you maintain good posture and give you an hour glass shape.

There are 4 detachable garters that are fully adjustable for length.  One end attaches to the corset and the other end has grips to hold your favorite thigh high stockings up.  If you are wearing the corset with pants, leave the garters off.

This sexy vinyl corset from Elegant Moments is available in cup sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44.  You can adjust the width of the Black Vinyl Corset by loosening or tightening the laces on the back.

On sale for $44.95, regularly $56.95

What Is A Corset, Exactly?

A corset, like the Black Vinyl Corset, is a type of woman’s top that slims and shapes the body through the use of boning and laces.  The lacing pushes excess fat inwards and up, which helps to lift and exaggerate the bust line and accentuate all the curves.  Because the boning is slightly stiff, the corset also helps the wearer keep her posture. Corsets were made popular during the Victorian Era.

What Is Boning and Why Is It In  The Vinyl Corset?

Boning refers to thin strips of plastic or metal that are sewn into casings fitted into the fabric.  The casings act the same way pillowcases hold pillows. These stiffening strips are used to support the vinyl corset and stabilize it.  The boning also helps the corset to hold its shape and give you an hour glass shape or an wasp look.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries a wide selection of vinyl corsets to add to your fetish clothing.

New Products Added for November

New Women;s Sexy lingerie mini dressesThe Bondage Fetish Store is proud to add the Elegant Moments Lingerie Collection.  We added almost 200 items in the past week. The easiest way to see all our new items is to go to the New Products Page and do not forget to sort by newest.  All of the brand new products will come to the front. You can also go to our new clothing page to see our latest additions.

We know not everyone is into Fetish Lingerie  so we added some sexy romantic lingerie for those special evening where you want to curl up by a fireplace and enjoy your lovers company.  So this complete up date is dedicated to romance.

We have added a large selection of lingerie Mini Dresses to our collection of new clothing.  Other additions include corsets, bustiers and other sexy tops,  lingerie sets,  teddies. panties and much more.  We have also added some costume jewelry to accent your outfit.

Men's Leopard ThongWe have not forgotten the men. We have added many new pairs of sexy underwear to entice your lover.  We have a large section of mens clothing whether you want a romantic evening or want to add to your fetish clothing.


Look for the Bondage Fetish Store to add about 100 new sex toys to our collection just in time for Christmas.

What’s New This Week; Halloween is coming soon

Erotic Halloween CostumesThis week the Bondage Fetish Store  added the 2014 Costume  Line from Elegant Moments. There are over 40 new styles to choose from.  Many styles from last year remain like the Naughty Nurse or the French Maid, but once they run out, they may not be back in stock before Halloween.

We have also found more  new Spartacus Leather items to add to the store.  We added about 20 more items. Mostly bondage hardware but there are also several styles of riding crops,  a dildo harness, a couple dildos and some bondage restraints. The Bondage Fetish Store is an official distributor of Spartacus Leather.

What’s New this week; Part 1

This month we have added about 300 new items to our website. They can be found in many different places but the easiest way to find them is to go to the new page and choose sort by newest.

Spartacus leather Masters Half mask.We have completed adding all the items from Spartacus Leather.  The Bondage Fetish Store is a proud distributor of Spartacus Leather and now have their complete line on our website.  We have added their leather hoods,  cock and ball toys, paddles, body harnesses and much more.

Elegant Moments Vinyl Lingerie from the 2014 collection


We also added the 2014 Elegant Moments Line of Vinyl Lingerie. Elegant Moments is one of the first fetish clothing lines of the Bondage Fetish Store.  Elegant Moments also supplies us out hosiery and lingerie mini dresses.


2014 Line from Allure Leather Faux Leather.Allure Lingerie has also come out with  several lines of new fetish clothing for 2014 including a faux leather line.  This line of new sexy leather clothing is sure to get peoples attention with the Faux Leather Corsets, Skirts, and Dresses.

Be sure to check back often to see all the latest updates. We have also added many other new items and will announce them in a few days.

Look for our 2014 line of costumes within 2 weeks just in time for Halloween.

What’s New: Elegant Moments 2014 Leather Line

Elegant Moments Leather
Elegant Moments 2014 Leather

We have recently added the 2014 Line of Elegant Moments Leather Clothing.  It is now available for purchase.  You will find the  New Elegant Moments Leather on Our New Clothing Page.

Remember to sort the category by Newest Items to find our hottest new selections.