Review: Allure Divine Patent G-String

Divine Patent Leather Vinyl G-StringFrom My Erotic Closet: As some of you already know, one of my favorite color combinations is black and pink.  I am pretty picky about the pink part of the equation, preferring a light, delicate ballet pink.  Don’t get me wrong neon pink has its place, after all it is also known as “hot” pink.   LOL!   I chanced upon the Divine Patent G-String and after getting a pair, ordered 2 more.  Why?  They are not expensive, well made, and the color combo totally works for me.  They are $7.95 and come in both regular and queen sizes.  The number is WAL02-4067 if you want to check them out.   The other great thing about them is they are easy to hand wash, and don’t get stiff after washing as some of my leather undies have.  Do you have them?  Are you getting a pair?  Let me know how you like yours.  I give them 4 out of 5 stars, because I want Allure to make more things this shade of pink.  I can be persuaded to up the stars after that.

What’s New: Elegant Moments 2014 Leather Line

Elegant Moments Leather
Elegant Moments 2014 Leather

We have recently added the 2014 Line of Elegant Moments Leather Clothing.  It is now available for purchase.  You will find the  New Elegant Moments Leather on Our New Clothing Page.

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