Wet Look Lace Garter Skirt

Garter Skirts Are A Retro Way To Hold Up Your Stockings

Everything old is new again with this innovative garter skirt from Allure.   The body hugging, black lace and Wet Look Garter Skirt combines sleek and shiny wet look fabric with seductive stretch lace.

Attached to the micro mini skirt are front and back garters to hold your favorite thigh high stockings in place.

This nod to pin-up chic is sure to captivate your lover with the all lace derriere.  One size fits most.

On sale for $24.25, regularly $26.95


What Is Pin-Up Couture?

Garter belts like the garter skirt, are part of the retro pin-up look.  Pin-up couture evokes the calendars, posters, movie and magazine looks of women from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Vintage clothing from that era is given a new twist, turning practical clothing into hot, sexy, fetish wear.  Think good girl goes bad girl, but looks really sophisticated doing it.

Nobody is a better example of pin-up glamour than Dita von Teese.   It is all about achieving sex appeal by accentuating your best assets, and leaving something, but not everything, to the imagination.

The Bondage Fetish Store also sells pencil skirts, cuban heeled stockings, peep toe pumps,  thigh high stockings and satin opera gloves to achieve that perfect look.

Garter Belts Are So Sexy

Whether it’s a garter belt or a garter skirt, there is something so alluring about the stocking and garter combo.

Can anyone forget the image of Mrs. Robinson slowly unhooking her stockings from her garters?

Maybe, it is the hint of skin, or that garters make removing hosiery so much more interesting than unrolling a pair of nylons.

Are You A Kitten In A Garter Skirt?

The Lace and Wet Look Garter Skirt is part of Allure’s Kitten Collection.

Kitten is the ultimate pin-up girl. High-end glam with a hard edge that sets her apart from the crowd.  She won’t settle for the ordinary.

The Kitten Collection features the classic styling that Allure Lingerie is known for.




Fetish Leather Bustier Biker Chick By Allure Lingerie

Fetish Leather Bustier Unleashes Your Untamable Side

The fetish leather bustier will get your motor running.  Prepare for a wild ride in the sultry Biker Chick black leather bustier.  This leather halter back bustier by Allure Lingerie has 3 buckles in the front . It also has studs to attract the eye to your best assets.. The adjustable velcro halter and lycra back ensure the bustier has an enticing fit. Available  in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

Bustiers are form-fitting shirts or bras, which pushes the breasts up while shaping the waistline.  Generally, bustiers are crop top length.  The Fetish Leather Bustier, Biker Chick, is of the form fitting shirt variety.


What Is Fetish Wear?

Fetish Wear refers to sexually attractive clothing. Many men have an attraction to women wearing leather. Fetish Wear is intended to draw a sexual desire.  A woman’s fetish fashion in leather conveys a sense of danger; like the bad girl next door. In can also show a dominance aspect and that the women is in control. Many dominate women wear leather because it conveys power, yet elegance.

Leather fashion has a whole subculture.  The erotic, sexual yet elegance makes a powerful statement.  Leather clothing is popular in other places besides the BDSM community. Heavy Metal bands are often associated with leather. It gives a badass look to the bands. Many bikers also wear it for this and to protect themselves on the road.


Leather clothing in the world of BDSM is worn as both outer and under garments.  Teddies, corsets, bustiers, bras, panties, pants, shirts, gloves, hats and chokers all come in soft, supple leather.  The smell, fit and swishing sound leather makes when a person is wearing it, provides sexual stimulation for people with a leather clothing fetish. The feel of tight leather garments, like corsets can arouse the wearer as well.

Satisfy your leather fetish with some leather clothing from The Bondage Fetish Store. We carries many styles of sexy women’s leather clothing and women’s leather lingerie from popular brands like Allure Lingerie and Elegant Moments.

Leather Corset – The Peasant Girl by Allure Lingerie

Slip into this sexy, constricting bondage corset from Allure Lingerie. The peasant girl leather corset is a mix of sweet innocence and naughty temptress.  This black leather fetish corset has wider leather shoulder straps that tie in the front for a feminine touch.  The lacing where the body of the corset attaches to the shoulder straps, as well as the front and the back of the black leather is the same. The lace up front meets a silver zipper at the halfway point.  That zipper continues to the bottom of the corset.
The leather fetish corset features soft boning.  The corset comes with detachable garters.  One end attaches to the corset and the other end has grips to hold your favorite thigh high stockings up.  If you are wearing the corset with pants, simply remove the garter portion.   The Peasant Girl leather corset comes with a free, matching black leather G-string.  This sexy leather corset is available in  4 sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large.
On sale for: $129.95, regularly $159.95

What Is Boning and Why Is It In Leather Corsets?

Boning refers to thin strips of plastic or metal that are sewn into casings fitted into the fabric.  The casings act the same way pillowcases holds pillows. These stiffening strips are used to support the leather corset and stabilize it.  The boning also helps the corset to hold its shape.

What Is A Corset, Exactly?

A corset is a type of woman’s top that slims and shapes the body through the use of boning and laces.  The lacing pushes excess fat inwards and up, which helps to lift and exaggerate the bust line and accentuate her curves.  Because the boning is slightly stiff, the corset also helps the wearer keep her posture. Corsets were made popular during the Victorian Era.

Purchase a sexy constricting bondage leather corsets from the Bondage Fetish Store. The have many styles to choose from with several styles on sale.

Allure Classic Black Leather Thong

On sale for $24.95, regularly $29.95

The Allure Classic Black Leather Thong lets you add some edge and sexiness to the underwear drawer.  A thong is the best panty style to avoid panty lines under clothing.  The back has a narrow strip of fabric that is wider than that of a G-String, which makes it more comfortable to wear.  The soft, black, latigo leather feels great against your skin and shows off your booty when the clothes come off.  The Allure Classic Black Leather Thong comes in two sizes;  regular and queen.


Why A Leather Thong?

Leather is a fabric that is synonymous with sex.  A leather thong is erotic and sexy.  A leather thong will hide those unwanted panty lines to give you a smooth look. Make yourself feel sexy and even a little naughty with some leather underwear.

Allure Lingerie

Allure Lingerie has manufactured high quality leather, faux-leather and vinyl clothing for women and men since 1993.  Allure’s cutting edge designs have made them an industry leader in North America for fetish wear, biker chic and rock concert clothing.  Two of Allure Lingerie’s most popular product lines include Kitten Collection for women and Zeus for men.

Leather Clothing

Leather clothing defines Fetish. It make a woman feel sexy, edgy and rebellious.  How can you not notice a woman wearing  leather clothing?  It makes you feel a little naughty because it feels so good to be a bad girl.  So, treat yourself to some leather clothing.

Where to buy Allure Lingerie

The Bondage Fetish Store is an authorized retailer for Allure Lingerie. We sell the complete line of Allure Lingerie including corsets,  pants,  harnesses, dresses, bras, panties and pouches. The Bondage Fetish Store is a premier seller of women’s fetish clothing in the United States.

What’s New this week; Part 1

This month we have added about 300 new items to our website. They can be found in many different places but the easiest way to find them is to go to the new page and choose sort by newest.

Spartacus leather Masters Half mask.We have completed adding all the items from Spartacus Leather.  The Bondage Fetish Store is a proud distributor of Spartacus Leather and now have their complete line on our website.  We have added their leather hoods,  cock and ball toys, paddles, body harnesses and much more.

Elegant Moments Vinyl Lingerie from the 2014 collection


We also added the 2014 Elegant Moments Line of Vinyl Lingerie. Elegant Moments is one of the first fetish clothing lines of the Bondage Fetish Store.  Elegant Moments also supplies us out hosiery and lingerie mini dresses.


2014 Line from Allure Leather Faux Leather.Allure Lingerie has also come out with  several lines of new fetish clothing for 2014 including a faux leather line.  This line of new sexy leather clothing is sure to get peoples attention with the Faux Leather Corsets, Skirts, and Dresses.

Be sure to check back often to see all the latest updates. We have also added many other new items and will announce them in a few days.

Look for our 2014 line of costumes within 2 weeks just in time for Halloween.