Butterfly Nipple Clamps – BDSM Nipple Torture

Butterfly Nipple Clamps Have Two Names

Butterfly Nipple Clamps are also known as Clover Clamps, but unlike the delicately winged creature, these metal nipple clamps provide a high level of pain to the wearer.

The origins of butterfly clamps are in Japan.  There, these clamps were used for keeping fabrics taut while sewing them.  The 4 chambers loosely resemble a clover or butterfly, hence the name.


How Do Butterfly Clamps Work?

The clamp uses spring tension to hold it securely in place.  Unlike most varieties of nipple clamps, which tighten and loosen with the aid of a screw, the Butterfly Clamps open by squeezing the clamp, itself.  Its closes on its own, when you let go.  There are silicone tips on the clamps to prevent the skin from tearing, but they do not ease the discomfort.

The more its chain is pulled, the tighter it gets.  Because the pain level is so high, clover clamps are recommended for intermediate and advanced nipple torture enthusiasts, only.

Are There Various Types of Butterfly Nipple Clamps?

Not exactly.  The size and style of the actual clamp remains the same; how they are packaged have a few variables.

The most common style is the chained variety.  On these, the clamps are joined by a metal chain in either jeweled or regular links.  A jeweled link does not imply there are rhinestones embedded in the links, just that the links are a bit more elegant.  They are available in either black or silver.

Other clover clamps are sold without any chain attaching them, but have a string or metal loop on each clamp.  These are used for securing weights to make the pain more intense.

Still others are sold with removable weights attached to them.

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Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell Are Waiting For You

The Gates of Hell is a male chastity device that makes erections deliciously uncomfortable for the wearer.  The Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell come in your choice of 5 metal rings or 7 metal rings.

The welded nickel-plated steel rings are held together by a black leather strap with metal rivets separating each ring.  The largest metal ring, which is 2 inches in circumference,  goes over the balls and cock, while the cock alone goes into the other rings.  The remaining rings vary in size from 1.75 inches with the smallest ring measuring 1.25 inches.

It is easier to slip the Gates over a penis before it is erect.

The 7 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by two-1.75 inch rings, three-1.50 inch rings and lastly a 1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 7 ring Gates of Hell is 5 inches.

The 5 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by three 1.50 inch rings and one-1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 5 ring version is 4.50 inches.

On sale for $18.95, regularly $26.95

Learn the pleasure of Cock and Ball Torture during bdsm play with the Metal Gates of Hell.


How Can Torture Be Pleasurable?

Restricting the penis makes ejaculation difficult; keeping the penis in a state of pleasure with no release.  The rings limit how big the penis can grow.

The look of a penis surrounded by all the rings can be visually stimulating.  It is a naughty addition to your bdsm gear.

Oral Sex while wearing the Gates of Hell can create a whole new level of pleasure.

The Starting Gate

Gates of Hell are for those experienced with CBT bondage play.  If you are a newcomer and want to try one, it is recommended that you begin with a rubber one.  Gates of Hell come equipped with metal or rubber rings.  The rubber rings are softer.  The Gates can have anywhere from 2 to 7 rings on them.  Some varieties are interchangeable and have snaps instead of rivets, so you can change the size or color of the rings.

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