Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell Are Waiting For You

The Gates of Hell is a male chastity device that makes erections deliciously uncomfortable for the wearer.  The Spartacus Metal Gates of Hell come in your choice of 5 metal rings or 7 metal rings.

The welded nickel-plated steel rings are held together by a black leather strap with metal rivets separating each ring.  The largest metal ring, which is 2 inches in circumference,  goes over the balls and cock, while the cock alone goes into the other rings.  The remaining rings vary in size from 1.75 inches with the smallest ring measuring 1.25 inches.

It is easier to slip the Gates over a penis before it is erect.

The 7 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by two-1.75 inch rings, three-1.50 inch rings and lastly a 1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 7 ring Gates of Hell is 5 inches.

The 5 ring version has one-2 inch ring followed by three 1.50 inch rings and one-1.25 inch ring.  The length of the 5 ring version is 4.50 inches.

On sale for $18.95, regularly $26.95

Learn the pleasure of Cock and Ball Torture during bdsm play with the Metal Gates of Hell.

How Can Torture Be Pleasurable?

Restricting the penis makes ejaculation difficult; keeping the penis in a state of pleasure with no release.  The rings limit how big the penis can grow.

The look of a penis surrounded by all the rings can be visually stimulating.  It is a naughty addition to your bdsm gear.

Oral Sex while wearing the Gates of Hell can create a whole new level of pleasure.

The Starting Gate

Gates of Hell are for those experienced with CBT bondage play.  If you are a newcomer and want to try one, it is recommended that you begin with a rubber one.  Gates of Hell come equipped with metal or rubber rings.  The rubber rings are softer.  The Gates can have anywhere from 2 to 7 rings on them.  Some varieties are interchangeable and have snaps instead of rivets, so you can change the size or color of the rings.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries metal, rubber and interchangeable Gates of Hell in addition to rings in metal, rubber and nitrile. Check out the full line of Spartacus Leather’s sex toys and bondage gear.

Electro Sex Penis Sheath

The Rimba electro sex penis sheath is used for prolonging erections, restraint and discipline.  This black leather lace up sheath design has quality stitched edges.  Imagine your penis wrapped up in a soft leather sheath and then slowly the electro power starts to climb from low to high.  The electro sex penis tube is fitted with a 2.5 millimeter male plug.  Adaptors are available at the Bondage Fetish Store to make the penis sheath compatible with your power box.  The lacing can be loosened or tightened to accommodate most girths.  Men with heart problems should not use electro sex products.

On sale for: $42.95, regularly $65.95

What Is A Penis Sheath?

A penis sheath, also known as penis tube is a sex toy that is used in CBT play.  It keeps the penis in an erect position by compressing the cock’s blood vessels.  A sheath, like the Electro Sex Penis Sheath, is longer than a standard cock ring.  Another product, also known as a penis sheath, is used to add length and girth to a penis, or to aide with erectile dysfunction.  Be sure to read the product’s description carefully to ensure you are getting the type of sheath you want.

What Is Electro Sex?

Electro Sex is the application of electrical impulses to the genitals for sexual stimulation. Electro Sex can be gentle and erotic or intense and painful.  The level of stimulation is up to the user.  Toys like the Electro Sex Penis Sheath work in conjunction with a power box.

The Bondage Fetish Store is the place for all your electro sex needs.  We sell electro sex toys, power boxes, stim pads, gels and more.

We also stock both types of penis sheaths and a variety of cock rings sure to satisfy you and your partner.

Rimba was founded in The Netherlands in 1971.   Rimba is a leading manufacturer of electro sex toys,  leather, lingerie and rubber fetish ware.

Steel Ball Crusher for cock and ball torture

ON SALE: $24.95 was $42.95!

This is a marvelously effective steel ball crusher is easy to use, but hard to forget.  With its raw,  industrial look, every turn of the screw tightens it a little bit more.  Once,  it’s on tight,  the ring at the end of the screw can be used to hang weights from for even more delicious pain.  The silver crusher is 4.5 inches high and 4 inches wide.   The inner opening is  2.75 inches by 2.75 inches.  Clamp down, tonight.

The Bondage Fetish Store has a large selection of the latest cock and ball toys on the market. CBT is an integral part of BDSM play with a male submissive.