Product Review-Spartacus Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps

nspf-400From My Erotic Closet:

Why should ears have all the fun? I really liked the Spartacus Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps (NSPF-400) as soon as I saw them. They are made with glass beads which play beautifully in the light. I swear I am part magpie, because I am drawn to all things sparkly. I had never seen nipple clamps that had a full beaded chain before, so I had to have them. They were very light, which worked for me. I am all about the pleasure and not into the pain. I was torn between the pink and the red, so I ended up getting both. They have alternating colored beads with an occasional opally looking clear one. There are 3 larger drop down beads-one at the center and one at either end where the clamps attach to the chain. My lover was so turned on, that I think I will end up getting the purple ones, too, now that they are on sale.

These beautiful clamps are made by Spartacus Leather and can be found at the Bondage Fetish Store.

Fetish LingerieFetish Lingerie


What are some famous lingerie fueled, fetish fantasies?

Sex is an amazing experience. Add costumes and role playing into the mix and it becomes something much more exciting and remarkable.

It’s no secret, couples role play. Here are the steamiest situations.



Have the “repairman” arrive to fix the cable, the plumbing, or the electricity. When you answer the door in a nasty little piece of erotic clothing, he’ll realize what he’s really there to work on – you.

Doctor and Patient

“You don’t look so good, why don’t you lie down,” or so you tell her. Check on her with a doctor’s robe and shifty hands, inspecting every inch of her body. Then give her some medicine.


Male or female, doesn’t matter. Make sure the “client” stays put as you seductively dance, removing your thigh high boots and leather clothing. If only you could go home with him or her…

If you’re looking to ignite your sex life with role play, look no further than the Bondage Fetish Store for everything you need.

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3 Tips for Nipple Stimulation


  1. Relax: Nipple stimulation works best when initiated slowly. Graze the nipple with soft, subtle strokes, building sensation methodically for maximum pleasure.
  2. Inside Out: A great tip to remember about nipple stimulation is work from the inside outwards. This track helps pleasure radiate from the nipple’s central nerve endings out toward the rest of the chest, increasing pleasurable surface area.
  3. Clamps: Would you like to step up your nipple stimulation game? Nipple clamps place increased pressure on the nipples, for a more intense sensation.

Would you like to try using nipple clamps? Bondage Fetish Store offers a fabulous selection of nipple clamps for increased pleasure.


Bondage Tips and Tricks for Beginners

When it comes to bondage, first things first – make sure what you’re doing is safe, sane and consensual. Next, read on for some tips and tricks to help you get started making your bondage fantasy a reality.


Safe Word

Before you begin, be sure to agree on a safe word. That way, if anything becomes too painful or too much to handle, it’s possible for the submissive to say stop in a way that’s clearly not part of the activity. If a partner decides to be gagged as well as restrained, make sure you come up with another safety signal that can be easily recognized.


Make sure ropes or cuffs are not too tight by checking circulation often and looking for areas that might be turning blue or white. Also be sure that you never restrain someone so tight they can’t breathe, and keep a pair of flat edged medical safety scissors nearby in case someone needs to be released quickly.

Beginner’s Tools

For first timers, it’s recommended that you restrain with soft material like a suit tie, a scarf or rope that won’t give you splinters. If you don’t want to start with physical bondage, you can use a blindfold to deprive one partner of a sense, sight, which will in turn enhance other senses, such as smell and touch.

Once you act on your bondage fetish, you may never go back. Really anything goes as long it’s consensual and partners respect each other’s boundaries. Once you start experimenting, you never know what you’ll discover!

Benefits of Sex


We all know sex feels good… but did you know it’s also good for you? A healthy sex life can result in many overall health and life benefits.

Boost Your Immune System

Having sex just once or twice a week can help keep your immune system in tip top shape. Sexually active people tend to take fewer sick days and a Wilkes University study found sexually active people tend to have higher levels of a certain antibody (immunoglobulin A) than those who had sex less frequently.

Stress Relief

Sex triggers the release of your body’s natural, feel good chemicals that help reduce stress and boost your mood. Plus, simply being close to your partner can help soothe anxiety.

Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found men who ejaculated frequently were less likely to end up with prostate cancer. You don’t even need a partner to reap this benefit!

Additionally, a healthy sex life can lead to reduced pain, improved sleep and more. At Bondage Fetish, we’re here to serve your bondage needs and desires in order to help you create a healthy sex life, so you and your partner(s) can reap all the benefits.

Review: Doc Johnson Realistic Dildo

From My Naughty Nite Table:


When it comes to dildos, finding a suction cup that really works, can be a challenge.  In a strap-on, maybe it doesn’t make a difference, but standing on its own is a different story.  I have tried to stick dildos to the counter, only to have them flop over in death, or watch them fall off the wall without staying put for a millisecond.  “The Original Realistic Cock Dildo” is AMAZING!  There is nothing not to like about this fellow.  It comes in 2 sizes: 6 or 8 inch, and 3 colors – flesh, black or brown.  I have the 6 inch, flesh.  This dildo stays put, be it on a wall, door, counter; even the ceiling!   It takes no effort for it to adhere or come off when you’re through.   That’s not all!  The UR3 material it is made of is soft, and velvety; quite pleasant to the touch, not sticky or unnatural  as some dildos can feel.  The size and shape is very true to life.   I LOVE this dildo, and so will you.  It’s a little pricey at $54.95, but worth every penny.  Doc Johnson hit a  home run-I give it 5  out of 5 stars.  See for yourself,  the URL is: you have  the Doc Johnson Realistic Dildo  or get one, I want to know what you think of yours.

Check out the rest of the Doc Johnson line at the Bondage Fetish Store.

The Bondage Fetish Store is now an official Spartacus Distributor


The Bondage Fetish Store has become an official distributor of Spartacus Leather.  Spartacus specializes in fine crafted leather gear including hoods, blindfolds, cock and ball toys, gags and much more. They are also the premier maker of nipple clamps. We have created a page in honor of our distributorship. You can find it at

Over the next 2 months,  we will be adding the rest of the Spartacus Line as we receive the new items in as stock.