Japanese Bondage Rope Doc Johnson

On sale for $13.95 and is regularly $19.95!

Play rough to your heart’s content with a full 32 feet (10 meters) of soft cotton Japanese bondage rope from Doc Johnson that won’t rub or chafe the skin.  The rope’s super long length and flexibility give you plenty of options to explore restraining techniques since it can be manipulated into any shape.  You can make your own tethers by binding up the wrists or ankles and then attaching the remaining length of rope to a headboard.  With this much Japanese bondage rope, you can create your own designs.  This Japanese style treat comes in your choice of red, purple or black.

What Is Japanese Rope Bondage?

Kinbaku or Shibari is the Japanese style of sexual and sensual rope bondage.   The rope is usually manipulated into intricate patterns that are aesthetically pleasing.  The rope was employed in the East the same way manacles were in the West, as a way of restraining prisoners.   Japanese Bondage Rope gradually made its way into the bedroom as a sexual restraint gaining popularity in the late 1800’s.   The binding process in Japanese bondage rope restraint is often said to be the most pleasurable and arousing part of rope bondage.


How Can I Learn Japanese Bondage Rope Techniques?

Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes by JD and Don is a step-by-step illustrated guide for tying 37 different sensual and decorative rope bondage . This entertaining, photo-illustrated book teaches 37 step-by-step techniques for tying sensual and beautiful rope bondage designs.  It’s designed for fun, easy, hands-on practice with more than 750 photographs and explanatory captions that enable you to create anything from the simple to the advanced.


Japanese Bondage Rope By Doc Johnson

The Bondage Fetish Store stocks the complete line of Doc Johnson products.  Doc Johnson has been manufacturing American pleasure products since 1976.  Their lines include Platinum, Black Rose, Vac-U-Lock, James Dean, American Bombshell,  and Mood.

Bondage Techniques – How Would You Like to be Restrained?

BSDM Restraints Bondage ankle and writs restraints Bondage is the act of consensually restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic or somatosensory stimulation. Because of the many forms and styles, bondage can be divided into different categories based on motivations.

Bondage for a Purpose – Best known as the “B” in BDSM, this form of bondage is motivated by a desire for one partner to be used for an ulterior purpose, such as making them more accessible for a spanking session.

Decorative Bondage – As the name states, this form of bondage is used when one partner is used as an aesthetic object, like what would be seen in erotic photography.

Torture Bondage ¬ Almost any form of bondage can be used as torture bondage. All that’s required is that the restrained partner is purposefully bound in an uncomfortable and/or painful position.

Film Bondage – Completely non-violent, this form on bondage requires the restrained partner be restrained for aesthetic purposes only and to be able to escape without great effort.

Meditative Bondage – Seldom used in Western culture, meditative bondage is used often in Japanese bondage practices where interest lies in restraining a partner’s spiritual situation rather than their corporal body.

Many people think of bondage as rough and tough, however that is not always the case. There are many types and techniques of bondage, including soft bondage, where one partner’s hands are restrained simply by the other partner’s hands, or even through verbal bondage alone. What matters most is that there is trust between partners and that everyone is enjoying themselves!