Shakti Glass Dildo – The Best Glass Sex Toys

The Shakti Glass Dildo Delivers Bliss with a Twist

Experience bliss with a wraparound twist. The pink glass dildo “Shakti” is a uniquely handcrafted glass sex toy.  The glass dildo is slightly over 6.50 inches long with a diameter of 1.50 inches.  The raised spiral coiling down the length of the shaft  provides subtle sensations with each thrust.  The shaft has a slight curve for added realism.  The Shakti glass dildo, with its flared base, is compatible with most strap-on harnesses.
On sale for $44.05, regularly $48.95

Glass Sex Toys Are Tougher Than You Think

Glass toys may look high maintenance but they are the easiest and hardiest of all the plugs, probes, massagers, dildos and vibrators to care for.

Unlike rubber, they do not discolor or tear as they age.

Unlike plastic they do not splinter or melt.  It takes a lot of abuse to break a glass sex toy.

They are made to endure bumping, banging, grinding and even falling from short heights.  Glass sex toys work well with any type of lubricant or toy cleaner, unlike silicone which can break down if used with a silicone based lubricant.

Try chilling or warming your Shakti dildo for new and exciting sensations.


Start An Erotic Glass Collection

Combining form with function, glass erotic toys can be proudly displayed on your night table or shelf.  In addition to the Shakti Glass Dildo, glass sex toys come in an array of colors like black, blue, purple, clear, pink, green, gold and multi-color.  Some glass toys have flowers hand blown into them, while others may contain pieces of metallic, iridescent or opalescent plastic swirled inside.  Others form handles for floggers with the glass end doubling as a dildo.  The Shakti Glass Dildo is part of the Prisms collection.

Exotic, erotic and economic-start your glass collection, today with a gleaming piece from the Bondage Fetish Store.