Shower Shot Enema Kit by Colt Gear

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Enema play is good, clean, sexual fun. The Colt Gear Shower Shot is a complete water enema kit system. The Colt enema kit features hydro-power to clean your bowels for your next anal encounter. The grey 6.5 inch penis shaped dildo head easily attaches to any faucet. The dildo is a perforated, PVC dong and is soft for maximum pleasure. The shower shot penis attachment is fully removable for easy cleaning. The flexible hose is over 3.75 feet long and made of nickel-free chromed steel that keeps its shine and won’t tarnish. Three washers are included for easy faucet hookup. The Colt Gear Shower Shot is compatible with all of your favorite water based lubricants.

A person should use an enema kit before inserting a butt plug to minimize germs.

What Is An Enema?

Enemas introduce liquid into the rectum.

Enemas are used prior to anal sex to clear the bowels of excrement. This practice reduces the risk of infection. It is a good practice to clean yourself out prior to engaging in any type of anal play.

The Enema Kits section at the Bondage Fetish Store has a wide variety of douches, enema bulbs and kits. Choose the right enema kit for you.

Why Use An Enema Kit?

People use enema kits for pleasure because it can increase sensation during sex.   The Colt Gear Shower Shot Enema Kit eliminates the need for a bag or pouch as water flows directly from the tap to the perforated penis and into you through the dildo’s many holes.

During BDSM Play an enema can be used as a form of humiliation  The submissive is given an enema and told to hold it  as the water or liquid of choice is inserted into the rectum and works its magic.  The submissive will have the urge to expel the liquid and is forced to hold it inside until the dominant gives them permission to expel the liquid. Sometimes a butt plug is used to help hold the liquid in.

Enemas can stimulate the prostate gland in men, greatly increasing their sexual arousal.

Colt Gear from California Exotic Novelties

The Bondage Fetish Store stocks the complete sex toy line of  Colt Gear. Colt manufactured by California Exotic Novelties is designed for gay men. The Colt Gear line includes dildos, butt plugs, anal training kits, cock rings, strokers, penis pumps and lubricants in addition to a variety of enema kits.

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