Review: Bodystockings

From My Erotic Closet:  The Wonderful World of Bodystockings

Erotic Scrolling Vine Bodystocking for your sexual fantasiesIf you are tall like me, you despise having to put on a pair of nylons ’cause they never fit correctly.  The crotch is too low, the waistband too high, they puddle at the ankle; leaving you spending half the night tugging and adjusting.  Then, there is the dreaded trip to the restroom where it takes so much time to lower and raise them, all the while hoping they won’t snag, or worse-get a hole.

I much prefer bodystockings.   The full length design means when you put your arms in, the leg portion stays put.  They are crotchless, so with a g-string or thong underneath, all you have to do is pull the undies to a side and use the toilet.  No fuss, no worry.

Bodystockings come in all different patterns and colors,  The  most popular colors include  black, white,  pink, purple and red .    Some have beautiful detailing like scrolls or flowers, but there are a variety of plain,  simple ones, too.   Some bodystockings,  come in plus size for the full figured woman.

A few helpful hints: if you are tall, get the queen size when possible, it gives you a little more length, and for the nylon ones  (for any nylons in fact) put them in the freezer for a few hours before you put them on to cut down on  snags.

You can view the complete collection of bodystockings at the Bondage Fetish Store.