Micro Butterfly Vibrator

This cute gold butterfly is powered by a micro bullet and can be worn during lovemaking or solo sessions to bring you to fulfillment.  The Micro Butterfly Vibrator is soft, flexible and tiny, measuring 2.50 inches by 2 inches.  The butterfly vibrator’s jelly, soft body holds the micro bullet in place, while the butterfly’s fluttering wings and antennae, excite your clitoris.
The thong inspired harness is fully adjustable and is completely removable if you want to use the butterfly without it.  Just attach the butterfly to the harness once you want hands free enjoyment.
The battery pack has a slide bar on the side to control the speed.  The Micro Butterfly Vibrator takes 3-AA batteries, which are not included with the unit.  The clip on the back of the battery pack can attach to the harness strap or a pair of panties.
Be sure to use a water based lubricant with this product.

On sale for $32.95, regularly $44.95

Micro Butterfly Vibrator Kisses

 Butterflies are a popular, external clitoral stimulator.  They allow  hands to be free to explore other areas while the little butterfly is busy arousing the clit.  On the erotic animals timeline, butterflies preceded rabbits and dolphins.

Do All Butterflies Attach To Harnesses?

No, while there are numerous butterfly harnesses available at the Bondage Fetish Store, you can find butterflies on rabbit vibrators (in place of the rabbit) as well as on cock rings.    The harnesses, cock rings and vibrators come in a variety of colors and sizes.
There are also butterflies gracing nipple clamps (some vibrate and some do not), crops, boots and lingerie. Even stim pads for electro sex boxes come in the shape of butterfly wings.  Just type “butterfly” in the Bondage Fetish Store’s search box.
Some butterflies have nothing in common with the winged insect’s delicate appearance. For instance, Japanese Clover Clamps are also known as Butterfly Clamps.  We sell those, too.