fetish fantasy inflatable pink hot seat

Inflatable Pink Hot Seat

Squirming On This Hot Seat Is Fun

Take a pleasure ride on the Inflatable Pink Hot Seat by Fetish Fantasy .

The soft, yet sturdy, vinyl blow up cushion holds up to 300 pounds.  Inflating the cushion is easy with the air seal valve.  Hold onto the 2 built in hands as your gyrate to orgasmic bliss

Anchored in the middle of the cushion is a firm jelly dildo with multi-speed action.  The PVC dong is 5 inches long with a diameter of 1.50 inches.

The attached remote control lets you or your partner control the speed.  The Hot Seat runs on 2 AA batteries, which aren’t included.  A free love mask is included for sensory play.

Place your Hot Seat on a level surface.  Then select your desired vibration speed.

When you are through, simply squeeze the valve to release the air. The Inflatable Pink Hot Seat will be waiting for your next encounter.


The Inflatable Pink Hot Seat Has Some Interesting Friends

Bring new meaning to the phrase “rec room” with the Inflatable Pink Hot Seat and its blow up furniture friends.  Change a room in your house to the ultimate playground.  Have hot seats for two!  This hot seat also comes in black.

Furthermore, Fetish Fantasy builds all sorts of bondage furniture. Their collection includes a bondage chair with built in restraints and a love lounger with room for two with an electronic probe. They have a magnitude of beginner bondage restraints which makes sex more interesting, including position masters and other assorted sex toys.

Plan a night of sexy activities, and when finished, everything deflates.  Change the room back to its original  set-up.  Only your invited guest(s) will know how much fun staying home can be.

It’s All They Do

Fetish Fantasy, makers of the Inflatable Pink Hot Seat, is one of the top selling beginner bondage lines worldwide. They strive to make products where fetish meets fantasy, hence the product line’s name.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete Fetish Fantasy Series line of bondage products including Fetish Fantasy Elite, Fetish Fantasy Extreme, Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy and Fetish Fantasy Gold lines. Fetish Fantasy is manufactured by Pipedream Products.

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