Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs

Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs
Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs MXR-AE497

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Built for comfort and as easy to wear as a pair of boxers, this set of cotton packing briefs will let you sport a bulge in style. With a wide elastic waistband and breathable, stretchy fabric, these black packing briefs are specially designed with a Y-front, into which a ring is sewn. Just slip your favorite dildo or packer in, and the firm ring will hold it in place. There is also an internal strap designed to keep your toy in place. When you want to get it up, it doubles as a strap on harness too. Just add your favorite compatible toy. The rubber O-ring stretches to accommodate dildos and packers, up to 1.5 inches in diameter 

Fits hips up to 36 inches in circumference. 

Note: Packer or dildo sold separately
Size: M/L
Colors: Black