The Jawbreaker Gag

The Jawbreaker Gag
The Jawbreaker Gag GSR-KL913

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Product Details

This new and improved version of our Patent Pending Jawbreaker Gag is simpler and more colorful than its leather predecessor. Rather than a metal bit and leather straps, this gag consists of the PVC strap threaded through a plastic tube directly through the candy.

This makes cleaning of the gag easier than ever before. Perfect for the BDSM beginner, or for more experienced hands who want a change from the same old bitter, rubber ball, this gag makes everything in the bedroom sweeter.

Product Details:
  • Available in pink, red, and black.
  • Straps are PVC plastic with an aluminum buckle.
  • Candy Diameter 1.75 inch /4.4cm.
  • Candy Circumference 5.5 inch /13.8cm 
  • One size fits most. Strap measures from 13.25-22.5 inches (33.4-57.2cm)
Size: One Size
Colors: Pink, Red, Black