Mystim Tension Lover

Mystim Tension Lover
Mystim Tension Lover EMY-46000

Product Details

The Mystim Tension Lover is an electrical nerve stimulator unit that can be easily controlled to create a pulsing rhythmic sensation, gentle prickling or a more intense muscle spasm. The Tension Lover has two individually adjustable channels, 7 different programs and a timer. The large digital display is easy to read and the device can be preset and locked for uninterrupted play.

Weight 0.37 lbs including battery (6oz)
asymmetrical biphasic square pulse
Intensity 0-80 mA
Frequency 1-160 Hz
Impulse width 50 - 260 s
Measures: appr. 128 x 70,4 x 25,5 mm (l x w x h)
Battery: 9V battery
certified according to the medical device law with CE 0483 24 months manufacturer warranty
1 digital Mystim stimulation current device
1 solid plastic suit case
4 self-adhesive electrodes
2 wires for self-adhesive electrodes
1 battery 9V
1 instruction manual in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French

Safety, Care and Usage
Always read the instructions carefully before playing with any electrical play devices.