Steel X-Bars with Bondage Cuffs

Steel X-Bars with Bondage Cuffs
Steel X-Bars with Bondage Cuffs BSR-J033

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X marks the pleasure spot with this nefarious restraint. Easy to use, the X-Bars offer an instant four-way spread complete with swivel-mounted leather cuffs. Wrists and ankles can be secured in a variety of perfectly compromising positions. Available in black steel or chrome, one of the most winning attributes of the X design, is that it offers the full-body bondage of a more complex wall system, without compromising mobility. Use it in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen. Think of the X-Bars as a hardcore Hog Tie. 

Bar Length: 20.5 inch;
Ankle Straps: 6 inch-10 inch;
Wrist Straps: 5 inch-9.5 inch.
Colors: black