Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockade Set with Case

Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockade Set with Case
Medieval Dungeon Wood Stockade Set with Case BSR-G614

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Time to get medieval on your submissive -- in the truest sense of the word. In the old days, pillories like this were set up in the town square for the public humiliation and punishment of perjurers, con artists, fomenters of sedition, and other miscreants. We expect that you'll have very different motives for locking your submissive into this pillory, but no matter what your reasons, the experience will be one that just can't be matched by more modern equipment.

The Schlossmiester pillory is made of hand-aged New Zealand pine and comes in a handmade wooden case. Just bringing it out will add a touch of sinister beauty to the dungeon that can't help but set the mind racing. Once you have it in position, you can stand, bend, kneel, or lie down -- and keep them there. Along with the stocks comes three pairs of leather inlays to pad the holes for smaller wrists, a leather paddle with brass rivets, a blindfold and flogger, and two 1.8m lengths of chain. It's almost like an entire dungeon in a single box.

Ideal for…bondage accessories, medieval roleplay, viking roleplay, Domination and submission.

• 1 x Pillory
• 1 x BDSM Paddle
• 1 x Flogger
• 1 x Blindfold
• 2 x Ceiling Mounts
• 2 x 1.8 m Chains
• 8 x Bow Shackles
• 2 x Chain Triangles
• 1 x Canvas Box
• 2 x Canvas Sacks
• 4 x Leather Wrist Inlays
• 2 x Neck Inlays
• 1 x Security Pin
• 1 x Case

Product Details:
• Pillory: 37.8” x 10.24” x 2”
• Pillory Box: 39.8” x 16.14” x 3.94”
• Total Pillory Set Weight: 44.1 lbs
• Pillory Wrist Holes (without inlays): 8.5”
• Pillory Neck Hole (without inlays): 18.5”
• Materials: New Zealand pine, cedar, steel, real leather, PU, canvas

Size: One Size
Colors: Brown