Butt Hole Silicone Fuckplug

Butt Hole Silicone Fuckplug
Butt Hole Silicone Fuckplug AOXB-9286

Product Details

Hole play is a blast...we love buttplugs, dildos, fingering, fisting and fucking...opening a hole, stretching it wide with with tons sloppy lube is our idea of good dirty fun...BUTT-HOLE opens you up for all sorts of hole exploring...

The ridges on this thing keeps it in your hole til you want it out, and its got a ergo bend to it so it's shapes to fit inside you...angles up inside your gut or slopes down if holes BENT that way...

Grease it up, (works with any lube), smear it inside and out with your favorite buttlube...put your fingers inside the tunnel and work it in...you are gonna feel every ridge slide past your pucker...your hole will grip on every ripple - feel stretched and full...but you cant push it out and unlike many fuckplugs you don't have to hold it in in place to use it...we designed this plug for real hole play...

- Total length: 3.5 inch;
- Total circumference: 9.5 inch;
- Usable length: 3 inch;
- Smallest usable circumference: 4.5 inch;
- Largest usable circumference: 7 inch;
- Inside diameter: 1 inch

- Total length: 4.5 inch;
- Total circumference: 11 inch;
- Usable length: 4 inch;
- Smallest usable circumference: 5.5 inch

- Total length: 5.5 inch;
- Total circumference: 13 inch;
- Usable length: 4.75 inch
- Smallest usable circumference: 6.25 inch
- Largest usable circumference: 9.5 inch
- Inside diameter: 1.5 inch
- Largest Usable Circumference: 8 inch
- Inside Diameter: 1.25 inch
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Colors: Black