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Alligator Tip Clamp With Beaded Chain



On sale for: $13.46

Medium Alligator Tip Clamp with Black beaded Golden Chain.

Butterfly Clamp with Beaded Chain



On sale for: $17.21

Black Butterfly clamp with Black Beaded Golden Chain.

Broad Tip Clamp with a Pendant



On sale for: $13.46

Black Broad Tip Clamp with Gold Accent Tear Drop Pendant. 

Micro Plier Clamp with Razor Blade Pendant.



On sale for: $20.21

Adjustable Micro-Plier Clamp with Razor Blade Pendant.

Alligator Tip Nipple Clamps with Leatherette Tassels



On sale for: $18.71

Black Adjustable Alligator Nipple clamps with Leatherette Tassels.

Broad Tip Clamp with Pendants



On sale for: $18.71

Black Broad Tip Nipple Clamp with Black Gem Pendants.

Broad Tip Clamp with Star Pendant



On sale for: $18.71

Black Adjustable Broad Tip Clamp with Black Star Pendant.

Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Pearl Drop Pendant



On sale for: $15.71

Golden Tweezer Adjustable Nipple Clamp with Pearl Gem Drop Pendant.

Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Heart Pendant



On sale for: $15.71

Golden Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Gold Accent Heart Pendant.

Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Clock Pendant



On sale for: $15.71

Golden Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Gold Accent Clock Pendant.

Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Crown Pendant



On sale for: $20.21

Golden Adjustable Nipple Clamp with Gold Accent.

Passion Heart Gift Set



On sale for: $26.96


Gift yourself and your lover with this Passionate set of delights! Everything you need for a night of passion is included in this heart shaped box: nipple clamps with heart shaped weights, a powerful multi-speed vibrator, a buzzing cock ring, and a silicone butt plug are waiting for you and a lover to explore and enjoy! Perfect for gifting and sexual exploration for Valentine's day, birthdays or any other special occassion with your lover!

Explore backdoor pleasure and decorate your lovers booty with the silky smooth Heart Gem Butt Plug. The narrow neck and tapered tip make it easy to insert and comfortable to wear for extended sessions - perfect for warming up the backdoor for further fun!

The powerful multi-speed vibe is sleek, smooth, and versatile! Use solo or with a partner, this travel-ready vibrator is an essential everyone needs in their bedroom. Perfect for all skill levels and most situations that call for some extra stimulation!

The included cock ring is made with stretchy and soft TPR to fit most shaft sizes, while the tantalizing vibrating ring stimulates both partners. Designed for one time use, with a 25-30 minute vibration time - perfect for beginners looking to add an extra buzz to their intercourse without breaking the bank!

The included nipple clamps feature heart locket danglers, providing a subtle weight and downward pull to your nipples when clamped on. Adjust the intensity from a gentle squeeze to an intense pinch with the easy-to-use adjustment screws! Nipple play lovers will love the vinyl tips and durable nickel-free metal build - Clamp on during foreplay and feel the weights pull with every movement!

Use with water based lubricants only.

Vibrator Measurements: Total length 5.25 inches, 4 inches insertable length, 1 inch widest diameter

Heart Silicone Anal Plug Measurements: Total length 3 inches, 2.5 inches insertable length, 1 inch at widest diameter

Vibrating Cock Ring Measurements: 1.3 inches in diameter

Nipple Clamp Measurements: 4 inches in length, opens to 0.5 inches wide

Materials: Silicone, vinyl, ABS Plastic, TPR and metal

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Nipple Play Advanced Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers



On sale for: $24.71

Experience the ultimate stimulating satisfaction with the Nipple Play Advanced Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers. The multi-use nipple teasers are designed for extended erotic nipple play and are perfect for first time and experienced users who like to turn up the heat. The fully adjustable mini clamps are comfortable and intensely pleasurable to wear. The discreet non-piercing nipple clamps measure 2 inches x 1.25 inches/5cm x 3.25cm and are made from silky smooth ABS with PU Cote. When activated, via the ABS controller, the nipple teasers warm up as they vibrate, for intense orgasmic play. To adjust the fit of the warming vibrators simply twist the nylon screws. The teasers are suitable for use directly on the nipples, and on other super sensitive areas of the body. They also boast a high-intensity motor, and 2-speed action that delivers sensual tingles and unforgettable sensations. Share the pleasure /pain satisfaction with heat vibrating clamps that are ideal for him and her. Before and after use, clean the teasers with a toy cleaner spray.

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Entice Accessories Feather Nipplettes Nipple Clamps



On sale for: $11.96

The Entice - Feather Nipplettes are designer feather nipple clamps with soft, comfortable pads. Two fully adjustable multi-use clamps are included for pure pleasure time and again. And the tickling feathers - well, let’s just say they’re tons of feathery fun. Use them to tease and entice your lover before adorning your most voluptuous assets. Non-tarnishing, and nickel-free iron clamps, feathers, and phthalate free PVC pads adds up to the ultimate in comfort and safety - and a delicious bedroom adventure awaits. Beautifully crafted for sensual enjoyment, these nipplettes will stimulate and excite. Each clamp also features customizable tension. Just twist the screws to create a more gentle or intense experience as you desire.

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Entice Accessories Tiered Intimate Clamps



On sale for: $15.71

Get ready to heat up the night. Our exciting and beautiful Entice - Tiered Intimate Clamps are designer adornments with sensual style. This set of 2 multi-use designer clamps features a high-quality glittery tiered chain for added appeal. They’re fully adjustable by an easy turn of the screw and are accentuated with soft, comfortable pads. Non-tarnishing and nickel-free, these tiered clamps offer the ultimate in bondage styling. You’ll experience elegant and playful sensuality that will take your fantasies to the next thrilling level with this private jewelry. The clamps and chain are crafted from a clip of nickel-free iron and the pads are phthalate-free PVC. You’ll love the sexy exciting look that will offer some extra personal shine.

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Entice Accessories Triple Intimate Clamps



On sale for: $23.21

Get ready for excitement with our positively enticing Entice - Triple Intimate Clamps. This set of 3 multi-use, fully adjustable designer clamps offer infinite pleasure possibilities. The sturdy high-quality chain shines and appeals. Enjoy a gorgeous gold accessory that attracts the eye and draws the hands. Non-tarnishing and nickel-free, these triple clamps offer the ultimate in bondage styling. With this private jewelry, you’ll experience supremely elegant and playful sensuality to raise your fantasies to the next thrilling level.

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Titty Taunter Nipple Clamps with Weighted Bead



On sale for: $17.21

Master Series

Clamp onto your partners nipples and give it a good tug with the included weight bead! This Titty Taunter is best for couples who love their nipple play - the rubber tipped clamps provide a satisfying pinch without discomfort and the added pull of the weighted bead satisfies you sensitive nipples with every little movement!

Adjust the pinch pressure with a twist of the screws! Tighten enough to keep these clamps on the nipple while the included 2.1 ounce bead pulls them downward - perfect for BDSM and bondage enthusiasts of all skill levels. The slim and smooth chain adds a flash of dungeon aesthetic, perfectly at home with other bondage accessories.

Made with nickel free materials for a body safe experience!

Measurements: Overall length 15.3 inches, each nipple clamp chain is 5 inches long. Clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide. Bead weighs 2.1 ounces

Materials: Chain and nipple clamps are made with Iron and Steel; Weighted Bead is made with Zinc Alloy.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Adjustable Nipple Vises



On sale for: $14.96

Get just the right squeeze and make your nipples perk with pleasure with these Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Vises! These classic metal nipple presses feature adjustable vise-screws that gently apply pressure to your nipples, keeping them erect and increasing sensitivity. Remove the bottom bar, place the clamps over your nipple, close the clamp, and adjust the screw until you reach your desired pressure. What happens next is up to you!

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Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps


  • COMFORT - Adjust Clamp Tightness with Twist Screw
  • SENSATION - Soft Furry Poms Provide Stimulation Without Extra Weight
  • VERSATILE - Removable Covers on Clamp Tips for Gentle or Biting Grip
  • PEACE OF MIND - Faux Fur Poms with Nickel-Free Clamps
Length: 4.5 in.
Clamps Open 0.5 in.

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