Zeus Palm Power Box

Zeus Palm Power Box Puts Electro Sex In The Palm of Your Hand

The Zeus Palm Power Box electro sex stimulation system lets you stimulate 2 body parts at the same time.  It comes with 4 reusable pads, 2 for each channel.
The oval Palm Power Box is 3 inches long; small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket for stimulation on the go.  The easy to read digital LCD screen allows you to see which mode you are on and the intensity of the settings.
This e-stim unit runs on 2 AA batteries, which are not included.
The Power Box is compatible with all of Zeus’ electro sex accessories.
 Zeus Electro Sex has a full line of electro stimulation probes, plugs, vibrating  wands, C&B straps, clamps, gel and more.
 On sale for $21.95, regularly $34.95

 What Is Electro Sex?

Electro sex works by running a gentle current through the body, exciting nerves and muscles along the way.  Power Boxes are where the intensity and modulation for electro sex toys are set.  Almost all electro sex toys hook up to power boxes.  Just about every type of sex toy has an electro version.

Placing pads over sore backs, shoulders and knees can help in restoring pain free range of motion.  If the pads do not make good contact with the skin, you may have to shave the area.

It is important to note that electro stimulation should not be used by pregnant women  or people with heart issues.

The Bondage Fetish Store is the place for all your electro sex needs.  We sell electro sex toys, power boxes, stim pads, gels and more.

Are Other Electro Sex Toys Compatible with the Zeus Palm Power Box?

Most electro sex toys will be interchangable with various power boxes.  You may need to purchase adaptors to make them fit in the channels.  The staff at the Bondage Fetish Store will be happy to help you find right ones.


What’s New May/June

The Bondage Fetish Store has added about 200 new items  to our  new sex toys, new bondage gear and new clothing categories.  Click here to see all our new bondage and fetish products. Remember to sort by newest to see all our latest additions.

spl-slu225-bpuWe have added the Demonia brand of shoes and boots. The Demonia line is a collection of edgy footwear for both sexes which caters to a wide variety of subcultures including gothic and steampunk. They are offered in a variety of styles including sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes to creepers to platform boots for both men and women.  Demonia defines the alternative lifestyle.

We also added some shoes to some of our other brands including Funtasma which caters to specifically themed events and to costume parties and Bordello which celebrates being a woman and tries to replicate the old time glamour and lavishness of a bygone era. The shoes are designed with ornate detailing and accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones and  luscious laces.

We completed adding the Ox Balls line of male sex toys.  In March, we added the anal toys and in May we added the Cock and Ball Toys.

Sex Men's Wet Look T-shirt and thongThe Bondage Fetish Store is constantly looking for the latest fetish fashion styles for Men and Women.  This month we added the Zeus line of Men’s lingerie just in time for Father’s Day.  They specialize in the sexy wet look in vinyl. They have several styles of shorts and thongs to entice your lover. The women are not to be left out we have added some wet look lingerie for you,  too. Included in the latest women’s clothing is wet look dresses, leggings,  skirts and tops. Many of the styles fit the plus size lady.

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