Rimba Electro Sex Parachute

The Rimba Electro Sex Parachute fastens securely around the entire scrotal area with a pair of buckle closures. You can experience the sensation of electrical currents pulsating through your penis while simultaneously stretching your balls.  This black rubber one can be used in conjunction with the Penis Strap and Butt Plug.  This bi-polar accessory comes with a 2.50 millimeter male plug for use with Rimba power boxes.  Adaptors are available to make it compatible with other Tens units.


On sale for $32.95, regularly $41.95

Power Box, Tens Unit However you say it- you need it!

Most electro sex toys require a power box to deliver e-stim also known as electrical stimulation.  This cock and ball device is no exception.  Rimba makes 2 models that are compatible with all their toys.

The Rimba ERB-7880 runs on 3-AAA batteries, the first set is included.  It has an LCD screen and 2 channels.  It can perform in 7 different modes, each with its own feel, at 16 intensity levels from weak to powerful.

The ERB-7890 is a 4 channel box that can run on batteries or the included AC adaptor.  The ERB-7890 is a stronger unit than the ERB-7880.

Both are available at the Bondage Fetish Store.


This ball stretcher got its name because it resembles the parachute skydivers use when jumping out of a plane.  The chains attached to it are ideal for hanging weights onto.

Why Use A Ball Stretcher?

Some men enjoy the sensation of having their testicles tugged on.  This cock and ball toy gives him that feeling without the need for a partner.

By hanging specially designed weights from the attached chains a man can stretch his testicles to hang lower.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete Rimba line in addition to ball weights to hang from the Electro Sex Parachute.

Founded in The Netherlands in 1971, Rimba is a leading manufacturer of electro sex toys, leather, lingerie and rubber fetish ware.


Electro Sex Vaginal Dildo By Rimba

Electro Sex Vaginal Dildo Puts Mastrubation Under Contract

The Rimba Electro Sex Vaginal Dildo creates an electrical current which causes the muscles inside the vagina to contract for a unique type of stimulation. This is 6.5 inches long dildo with a circumference of 1.38 inches weighs about a pound.

Just plug the electro sex vaginal dildo in to your favorite power box and you are ready for a very pleasurable experience or a very nasty torture session depending on the amplitude.  You can also use this aluminum dildo in temperature play.

On sale for $89.95, regularly $139.95


How To Care For Your Electo Sex Vaginal Dildo

It is recommended that aluminum electro sex toys are cleaned with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol immediately after use.

This product is not recommended for those who have a heart condition or are pregnant.

Don’t Forget The Power Box!

Most Electro Sex Toys require a separate power box or tens unit for stimulation.   We sell power boxes from 2 to 10 channels. Each channel is one circuit and controls how many devices you can run at once depending on whether is it a dual contact device or single contact device.   A single contact device needs another device to complete the circuit. Some boxes allow you to control the wave length and frequency in addition to the intensity.

 Many Power Boxes or tens units need adapters. If you are unsure if an Electro Sex toy will work with your box, our knowledgable staff at the Bondage Fetish Store is here to help.

The Bondage Fetish Store has a variety of Power Boxes by manufacturers such as Rimba, Zeus, Mystim and PES.

Rimba has been manufacturing sex toys for more than 35 years.  Based in the Netherlands, Rimba is the leading supplier of adult products.  The Bondage Fetish Store carries their complete line of Electro Sex Toys, leather hoods, blindfolds, paddles, whips and riding crops.