Sportsheets Five Piece Hog Tie And Cuff Set

A timeless bondage classic, the Sportseets Five Piece Hog Tie And Cuff Set, creates quick and easy ways to restrain your partner.  The bondage set includes 4 adjustable black cuffs with velcro closures.  The cuffs are a thin, soft, faux fur, and feature a nylon strip the nickel-free metal hardware is attached to.  The sturdy hog tie features a heavy duty nickel-free metal O-ring.  The cuffs clip onto the 4 smaller rings of the hog tie.  You can also clip the cuffs together without using the hog tie to create even more quick and easy sexual positions to try.

On sale for: $26.95, regularly $34.95

When you tie your partner in any of the hog tie positions, you limit their ability to move.  This leaves them vulnerable to your whims.  You can effectively expose the front or backside of your play thing.  This is great for teasing with a massage, blindfold or dildo.

Unlike a spread eagle position, the hog tie keeps arms and legs close to the body.  It can be very arousing to be the play thing, never knowing what will happen next, and being in no position to stop it.

It is important to note if you are hog tying your partner on their stomach, do so on a hard surface like the floor.  On a bed or a surface that has give, their face may get buried in the fabric making breathing difficult.

Keep The Spark Igniting  Flames Of Desire

Sportsheets has been keeping couples connected for over 20 years through products like the Five Piece Hog Tie And Cuff Set.  Explore new positions together using Sportsheets’ soft bondage and sexual positioning accessories.  Their bondage restraints are designed for durability and designed for people who wish to explore beginner bondage.

A unique feature on Sportsheets‘ packaging are erotic stories to inspire your own.  Each product has its own sexy storyline.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries the entire line of Sportsheets products which includes bondage bed sheets, strap-ons, spreader bars, door jam cuffs, tethers, cuffs, sex swings, floggers and blindfolds.


Bondage Fetish Store is now an authorized Sportsheets dealer.

Sportsheets Keeping couples together

The Bondage Fetish Store is now an authorized Sportsheets dealer. We carry their complete line of sex toys and beginner bondage gear.

Sportsheets was founded in 1993 by Tom Stewart. He was inspired by David Letterman jumping off a trampoline  onto a velcro wall. That gave him the idea to make velcro bondage restraints. The idea soon took off because they were safe and easy to use and were not scary looking to the novice.

Sportsheets has expanded into other areas of sex play including strap on dildo harnesses. They now have a couple other product lines under the sportsheets banner, including; Sex & Mischief and Sex in the Shower.

Our best selling item is the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints. They are light and easy to pack and travel with and can be used with any bed to restrain your lover.  The Under Bed Restraints is a great place to start to spice up your sex life.