Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound

The Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound is strictly for the boys with experience under their belt.  Also known as a Urethra Rod, this aluminum rod is .315 inches in diameter and 7.25 inches long to make your E Stim fantasies cum to life..  Some men insert the full length of the sound to stimulate their prostate.

When the unit is attached to a power box, the penis dialator delivers tiny electric shocks.

The  Electro Sex Hegar Sound comes with a hinged storage case.

Clean immediately after use with warm soapy water or alcohol only.

On sale for $74.95, regularly $85.95


Sound The Alarm!

Sounds were originally used to open the urinary track in men with enlarged prostates.

In sexual terms, it can be used as a penetrative device or in masturbation by penis fucking;  moving the sound in and out of the opening to the penis.  Some men find this intensely exciting.   Others find penis penetration a means of replicating vaginal penetration, and enjoy sounding for that reason.

Some Sound Advice

When you use a sound, it is important to use plenty of lubricant. Lubricate the first several inches of the Electro Sex Hegar Sound as well as the opening to the penis.

Guide the sound slowly and gently into the urethra.  Support the weight of the sound with one hand and stop when resistance is met.

Sounding must be done cautiously so you do not puncture the urethral wall or bladder if done incorrectly.  We recommend having someone experienced in sounding teach you  proper techniques.

We do not recommend sounding if you are prone to urinary tract infections

The Bondage Fetish Store carries a complete line of medical grade sound/dilator sets. Our sets include  Hegar, Dittle, Van Buren, Pratt, Rosebud and vibrating styles in addition to the Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound.  The Bondage Fetish Store also carries a wide variety of lubricants including the popular medical grade Surgilube.