The Master Series Rubber Sex Sheet

The Rubber Sex Sheet Because Sex Is Dirty

The Rubber Sex Sheet is lube, liquid, sweat and grease proof.  This black, sleek and shiny king size fitted sheet bring erotism to an enhanced level. So, get as messy as you want, while the sheet protects your bedding.

Simply put the sheet over your mattress and climb on board.

The Sex Sheet measures 80 inches by 78 inches.

On sale for $58.95, regularly $69.95

Set The Mood For Unbridled Passion

Nothing says “I’m ready to play” like setting the tone.  Imagine, putting The Rubber Sex Sheet on your bed and wearing some provocative fetish clothing, or even nothing at all, lighting some candles, and having some of your favorite massage oils at the ready?  By the way, don’t forget the sex toys!

If you want to shine the sheet, any latex polish will do.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and polish one small area at a time.

This is the perfect gift for latex and rubber enthusiasts!

Caring For The Rubber Sex Sheet.

After the fun is done, hand wash your sheet in warm water with a liquid soap.   The rubber sheet is large, so, I recommend using a bathtub.

Dry the sheet flat if possible, otherwise, fold as minimally as possible and keep flipping.

As with clothing, never put it in the dryer, so it doesn’t melt. Also, most importantly, avoid storing your Sex Sheet in direct sunlight.

The Master Series line of sex toys and bondage gear

The engineers developed the Master Series Line for advanced sex play with an eye towards enthusiasts who enjoy dominance and submission.

Furthermore, their devious toy collection includes domination tools for both master and slave that cover the spectrum of anal and vaginal dominance, chastity, sensation play, urethral play, nipple play, cock and ball torture, gags and hoods, blindfolds as well as a variety of topical lubricants. So that there is something for every BDSM enthusiast.

As they say, it’s your domain.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries The Master Series product line.


Fondle Suede Flogger

Punish, tease or tickle a naughty submissive with the  19 string Fondle Suede. The 19.7 inch long suede flogger features a handy wrist loop for hanging the flogger from your belt or store it on a hook or hanger when not in use.

We recommend a suede flogger for people new to flogging, due to its softer feel.

On sale for $41.95, regularly $48.95

What Is The Difference Between A Flogger And A Whip?

Floggers have multiple tresses.

Floggers can travel outside the bedroom and are often seen at medieval and pirate festivals, as part of the costuming.

Whips are the flogger’s longer cousin. The end of the whip forms a single tail but does not branch off into tresses like a flogger. There are a few exceptions, like a split tailed whip, but as the name implies it came from a single tail.

What Is Flogging?

Originally, flogging, also known as, flagellation was a means of disciplinary punishment.  Often, one was whipped on their uncovered back resulting in bruising and bleeding. The military, prisons and even schools flog those who do not follow the rules.

In the BDSM world, A dominant exerts control over the submissive through flogging. Therefore, a submissive considers flogging a form of punishment and subjugation.

In the bedroom, sensory play includes whipping and flogging.  Rimba’s Fondle Suede Flogger makes the perfect device for sensory play. Run the strands gently across your blindfolded lover’s naked body to arouse them to your desires of bdsm play.  If you want to try flogging concentrate on the backside.

Always Play Safe

Never flog a person anywhere on the head or neck.  Also, fingers and toes are another no-no.  Misuse of any S&M impact device may cause injury. Concussions, fractures or broken bones develop when someone uses an impact device incorrectly. And, never flog or whip the lower back where the kidneys are located because it can cause kidney damage.

The Bondage Fetish Store sells floggers of all sizes made from leather, suede, faux leather, rubber and chain.   Find the perfect flogger to fit your needs.