Electro Sex Anal Dildo by Rimba

Enjoy the erotic sensations of electro sex. Prepare for truly shocking anal penetration with the electro sex anal dildo. The Rimba Electro Sex Anal Dildo is 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. When the aluminum dildo is plugged into an Estim power box, jolts of electricity shoot through your muscles causing  erotic contractions. You can adjust intensity of shocks and wave length on your power box. Many Estim boxes also give you other parameters to adjust to make your experience pleasurable or painful, if that is what you enjoy. The tapered center of the electro sex anal dildo lets your sphincter muscle close in tightly around the device.

This beautiful electro sex anal dildo comes in a black lined, hinged storage box for discreet storage. Many people have developed a fetish for electro stimulation.

The Electro Sex Anal Dildo is Bi-Polar so you can run the sex toy without any other toys attached.

How to clean your aluminum electro sex anal dildo

It is recommended that aluminum electro sex toys be cleaned with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol immediately after use. And for health reasons never share your anal toys with anyone.

On sale at the Bondage Fetish Store for: $84.95, regularly $139.95


Don’t Forget The Power Box!

Most Electro Sex Toys require a Power Box to run. Electro Sex power boxes come in many styles and  complexities. You can choose how many channels your box has. Most boxes  have 2 or 4 channels. But, we sell boxes up to 10 channels. Each channel is one circuit and controls how many devices you can run at once. Also, on some boxes you can control the wave length and frequency in addition to the intensity .

Depending on the Power Box you choose, you may need an adapter to work with your electro sex box.  All of the Rimba electro sex toys are compatible with each other and no adapters are necessary.  The Bondage Fetish Store has a variety of Power Boxes by manufacturers such as Rimba, Zeus, Mystim and PES.


Many Estim power boxes use different connectors. If you are unsure if a Electro Sex Toy will work with your box, the Bondage Fetish Store is very knowledgeable about Estim and sell adapters to make most Estim Sex Toys fit your box.

Who Is Rimba?

Rimba has been manufacturing sex toys for more than 35 years.  Based in the Netherlands, Rimba is the leading supplier of adult products.  The Bondage Fetish Store carries their complete line of Electro Sex Toys, hoods, blindfolds, paddles, whips and crops.

Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug


Small-$52.95 was $59.95
Medium-$62.95 was $69.95
Large-$72.95 was $79.95
Extra-Large-$99.95 was $106.95

Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug combines a large bulb-shaped head with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort while inserted. The weighty solid medical grade stainless steel gives the user a sense of fullness and pressure.  The stem on this sleek anal toy ends in a large ring for easy retrieval or for use with other bondage equipment.  This tactile anal toy can be used by both men and women, plus it is easy to care for.   The Njoy Pure Plug can be cleaned using mild soap and water.  No special sex toy cleaners are required.

Comes in 4 delicious sizes.

  •        Small Plug is 2.25 inches long with a diameter of 1 inch,
  • Medium Plug 2.50 inches long with a diameter of 1.25 inches,
  • Large Plug is 2.75 inches long with a diameter of 1.50 inches
  •  Extra-Large Plug is 3 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

Each Njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug comes in its own black box lined with a soft satin insert.  This beautiful box has a custom insert for your anal plug to fit into.  Take your anal play to the next level. Makes a beautiful gift for your lover.


How to insert a stainless steel butt plug?

Insertion is easy with your favorite lubricant.  You may use either a silicone based or water base lube.  Sexual lubricants are a must for any anal play. It is important to relax and do not rush into anal sex. The Bondage Fetish Store has a complete line of lubricants to choose from. Many of them were created for anal sex play in mind.

The Bondage Fetish Store is an authorized reseller of the Njoy product line. Njoy  uses the finest materials for infinite durability in each and every stainless steel butt plug. Why buy an imitation when you can have the real ‘Njoy’?