Black Leather Beaded Cat O Nine Tails with Molded Plastic Handle

Beaded Cat O Nine Tails by Fetish Fantasy

The Beaded Cat O Nine Tails features a molded plastic handle with a round bead design for an easy grip.  The black leather flogger has a handy strap for hanging on your wrist or a hook. There are 22 tresses that are 8 inches long.  The flogger’s length is 18 inches from handle to tress tips.

On sale for: $8.95, regularly $12.95

The Beaded Cat O Nine Tails Doesn’t Look Like A Cat O Nine Tails

Though, The Beaded Cat O Nine Tails is a unique and fun flogger for your collection, a traditional Cat O’ Nine Tails would have knots at the end of each tress.  The intention was to inflict maximum pain.  As the name implies, it has exactly nine tresses.

Fetish Fantasy’s Beaded Cat O Nine Tails is for the softer side of bondage.  It can be playful or deliver a heavy slap, depending on your level of desire.

What Is The Difference Between A Flogger And A Whip?

Glad you asked.  The difference between floggers and whips is easy.  Floggers have multiple tresses, so the Beaded Cat O Nine Tails is definitely a flogger.

Floggers travel outside the bedroom and are often seen at medieval and pirate festivals, as part of the costuming.

Whips are the flogger’s longer cousin.   The end of the whip does not branch off into tresses, but ends in a single tail.  There are a few exceptions, like a split tailed whip, but as the name implies it came from a single tail.

The Bondage Fetish Store sells whips, floggers, paddles and slappers in a variety of styles and colors.  Find just what you are looking for in leather, suede, vinyl, rubber, plastic or wood.

Fetish Fantasy is a leader in affordable beginner’s bondage products and sex toys.  Fetish Fantasy was even featured in all seven seasons of popular television show,  Sons of Anarchy.

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