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Electro Sex Toys (Sale)

Silicone Electrosex Plugs

Silicone Electrosex Plugs

Item Number: ELM-660045

65.95 On Sale 49.95

New Silicone Electrosex Vaginal or Anal Plugs These cucumber shaped plugs are simply electrifying. Their simple design makes them affordable and versatile. Works with all our power boxes. The Folsom and Erostek units will need the AE150 adapter. Bi-polar design makes use easy, just plug and play.

Comes in 2 sizes;
Small: 3 inches long, 1 inch wide.
Large: 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide.

Silicone is a great material for dildos because it feels warm to the touch. These smooth, flexible dildos are resilient and durable. The texture is similar to the softness of skin, giving them a sensual feel. The non-porous silicone cleans easily with soap and water, and unlike some latex materials, doesn't get sticky after being used. Silicone products are also the only way to go for people who have latex allergies."

Power Boxes Sold Separately.


Rimba Electro Breast Clamps

Rimba Electro Breast Clamps

Item Number: ERM-851

26.95 On Sale 17.95

These Electro Clamps will have your slave begging for mercy. Use you imagination and to clamp these where you will inflict the most erotic pain. Can also stimulate great pleasure. Tens Unit sold separately.

Power Boxes Sold Separately.


TX6 E-Stim  Electro Sex Power Box

TX6 E-Stim Electro Sex Power Box

Item Number: ELM-660003

249.95 On Sale 224.95

6 Channel Mega Nerve and Muscle Stimulator This device is a 6 channel Chinese e-stim unit that comes with a variety of leads and clamps, a best value purchase! The settings are simple and nicely displayed making this estim unit easy to use. This electric kit is ideal for the beginner or intermediate electrosex player. It's compatible with all of our electrosex accessories. This is a rare, affordable e-stim unit that has a total of 6 whopping channels. That means you can hook up a pair of tens pads, a set of penis bands, a bi-polar anal plug, the electro cock rings, and electro clamps and still have 1 complete channel left over.

Electrosex Kit Includes these Features and Accessories:
3 E-Stim programmed settings Main frequency control knob for all channels Intensity controls for each individual channel
A 30 minute shut off timer that can be used to limit use.
6 pairs of electro pads 6 pairs of lead wires
Portable: uses 6 C batteries (not included)
Offers a AC/DC adapter jack for outside power (adapter not included) To use standard toys each channel needs (2) EXR-AE100 adapters. Unit comes with "TENS" lead wires.

This Unit take 35 mm input jacks. You will need adapters to plug in the Rimba accessories.


Electro Sex Power Box with LCD Display

Electro Sex Power Box with LCD Display

Item Number: ERM-880

129.95 On Sale 89.95

The Rimba electro sex stimulator sex toy works with all the Rimba Accessories! A new, battery operated, pulse generator that sends electrical impulses to the electro parts/toys which can be connected to this power box and placed on any body part. Pressing the different keys can change the pulse width so that the treatment goes deep into the skin and into muscles. This electrical therapy will have a positive influence on your sex life. The power box can run 7 different programs. Each program can be adjusted over 16 levels of intensity.

This Rimba unit includes: - 1 Dual-Channel power box with LCD display- 2 Adhesive pads - 2 Piece lead wires- 3 X 1.5 volt AAA battery- A Manual in to explain all the Rimba Electro Unit

Added features:
Time Display key: you can select the time of use. Deep-Cure key: (Higher Intensity) changes width of pulse, causing a therapeutic effect deep into skin and muscles. Manual Mode Key: the Rimba unit offers 7 kinds of modes, acupuncture, massage, slow stroke, scrapping and so on, when pressing this key one time, the mode will sequence. The 7 modes are chosen sequentially. When the unit is powered on, it's in the mode of acupuncture. Automatic mode key: press this key and the Rimba unit will sequentially pleasure you with all 7 modes over a period of about 20 minutes. Intensity adjust key: (Strong/Weak) there are 16 levels of intensity, once you press the boost up key, the intensity will raise to next level. Once you press the decrease key, the intensity will decrease one level.

Disclaimer: These products as with all products on this site are supplied AS IS. No warranty is given either implied or expressed. Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse.


Rimba Silicone Cock Rings (Bi-Polar)

Rimba Silicone Cock Rings (Bi-Polar)

Item Number: ERM-870

47.95 On Sale $47.95

Electrical SEX Stimulation, from Rimba, these Electrical Bi Polar, Silicone cock rings are easy to use, as you do not need to use them with any other Electro accessory, you can just plug in the Electro Bi Polar cock ring to the Rimba box & you are ready for Electro play! The Electro current spreads evenly along the rings, the inner diameter is 40 mm & 50 mm , two Electro cock rings come together in this Electro set. They are silicone so they are easy to clean & feel great!

1 - 2 Inch (inside) Diameter Ring
1 - 1.5 inch (inside) Diameter Ring
1 - 2.5mm to .8 pins wire

Power box sold separately.


PES Corona Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier

PES Corona Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier

Item Number: ESR-C084

95.95 On Sale $95.95

The Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier is the third and most unique of the Corona family generating a new type of electrode for urethral stimulation in conjunction with Cockhead stimulation.

The adjustable Secondary body of the Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier covers the Cockhead (the Glans of the Penis) and separates into a third body, the Urethral Amplifier (.15 inch in diameter and 1.60 inch in length). The Primary and Secondary bodies of the electrode connect and lay at a strategic point of the male G-spot (Frenulum) while the Secondary body stimulates the outer portion of the Glans allowing the stimuli to cover the external area of the Cockhead.

The Urethral Amplifier, once inserted into the Urethral cavity, transmits Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) outward toward the head of the cock. This totally focuses EES in an overall pattern, internally and externally, over the Glans of the Penis (The Cockhead) to create what P.E.S. is known for world-wide, the best Erotic Electro Stimulation. The junction at the Urethral Amplifier on the Secondary body is easily adjustable, allowing the user to configure it to fit their urethral opening. This allows for proper anatomical placement for the overall effect of focusing the electrode. The amplifier extends only a short way down the urethral cavity to ensure heightened concentration of EES. This unique construction allows for a very different sensation than what the Basic Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator and the Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Focusing Pods can provide. All three have unique patterns of EES in their own right.

The PES Corona Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier is now available in 3 sizes; 1 Inch Diameter, 1.25 Inch Diameter or a 1.5 Inch Diameter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a single-electrode device (monopolar). Another single-electrode device (or dual-electrode type with "Y" adapter) is required for use.

Power Box Sold Separately


Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex Kit

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex Kit

Item Number: EPD-3723-00

59.95 On Sale 34.95

Supercharge your sex life with this beginner electro-sex kit! The Shock Therapy set has everything you need to introduce you to the titillating sensations of e-stimulation, whether used for muscle stimulation, neural stimulation, or all-over electro massage--often leading to incredible orgasms! An easy-to-read LCD screen on the digital power box displays the function and intensity level, allowing you to easily chose the combination of pulsation pattern and frequency that you enjoy most. A self-timer function ensures safe shut off when needed. Self-adhesive pads, connecting wires, instructions, and blindfold are also included. Go ahead and explore the benefits of electro-sex, wither solo or with a partner, you will not be disappointed!

Material: Polyester.

Note: Uses two AAA batteries, not included.

Disclaimer: These products as with all products on this site are supplied AS IS. No warranty is given either implied or expressed. Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse.


Rimba Electro Hegar Sound

Rimba Electro Hegar Sound

Item Number: ERM-865

85.00 On Sale 74.95

Introduced exclusively for our urethra-play enthusiasts (who claim the sensation produced is incredible),this super conductive, hypo-allergenic sound is an awe-inspiring tool that is completely compatible with our TENS model.

Size: 8 mm X 100 mm


TX4 - TX6 AC Adapter

TX4 - TX6 AC Adapter

Item Number: EFP-ETX4AC


Our AC Adapter for our TX4 and TX6 Electro Power Boxes


Rimba - Electro Anal Dildo

Rimba - Electro Anal Dildo

Item Number: ERM-853

145.00 On Sale 119.95

The electro anal dildo is for some truly shocking anal penetration. Jolts of electricity shoot through your anal muscle causing contractions. Thet tappered center lets your sphincter muscle close in tightly around the device. (Tens unit sold seperately)


Double Bullet Electro Plug

Double Bullet Electro Plug

Item Number: ERM-877

120.00 On Sale 99.95

Anyone that has experimented with electro play, understands the feeling, the urge, the pulsation, the need, for more electro surges. Electro Sex Play is simply one of the most erotic forms of S&M Sex Play there. It is something everyone should experience. The heavy stainless steel weight inside you anally with your master/dominant or lover at the controls giving you more and more or less and less as you beg for them to keep the surging, pulsating & electro flowing, this 10 cm double bullet has a contact rubber ring right below the first bullet so your sphincter muscle will grab hold of each ridge as the contact rubber ring gives you incredible electro sensations.

Size: 35 mm X 100 mm

Power box sold separately.


PES Sparkler

PES Sparkler

Item Number: ESR-C067

Big Boy
On Sale 69.95

The Sparkler and Big Boy Sparkler are aptly named due to the more concentrated form of Erotic Electro Stimulation they produce. The original Sparkler is available in 1/8" diameter and the Big Boy has an increased diameter of 1/4". The Sparklers conform closely to the genital target area greatly increasing the amazing effectiveness of PES Erotic Electro Stimulation. To ensure a secure connection point, the Sparklers have a newly designed top cap and connector terminal. The Sparklers are a must have for those seeking the ultimate in electro stimulation. The Big Boy Sparkler and the Sparkler incorporate Electro Flex Technology allowing for multi configuration penile, urethral and anal use. The Sparklers are easy to disassemble and reassemble in many new and exciting configurations.

An example of the flexibility provided by the Big Boy Sparkler and the Sparkler is the double electrode configuration. To develop a double electrode (using two Sparklers or Big Boy Sparklers or a combination of 1 of each) that will create an electro stimulus to the corpus cavernosa on each side, apply a non lubricated prophylactic holding the electrodes in place along the length of the penile shaft.

By using both a Big Boy Sparkler and a regular Sparkler you can create a new and totally unique sensation caused by the difference in surface area between the different sparklers. Yet another very unique configuration uses 4 Sparklers of any type, these can be held along the corpus cavernosa by a non lubricated prophylactic. This configuration will stimulate the full shaft of the penis and you can easily achieve a hands free orgasm. An additional configuration is the HIGH HAT, This configuration uses a common non lubricated prophylactic in conjunction with a single sparkler or Big Boy Sparkler for urethral insertion.


Rimba Electro Bulb

Rimba Electro Bulb

Item Number: ERM-864

145.00 On Sale 109.95

The Rimba Electro Bulb is of unique design to give you a different sort of buzz. You'll find our electro plug can be inserted suppository style anally or vaginally. Its heavy weight and easy to grip base with smooth rounded edges, is small enough for beginners and still powerful enough to be used by advanced electric-enthusiasts.


Rimba Aluminum Sex Dildo Electro Sex

Rimba Aluminum Sex Dildo Electro Sex

Item Number: ERM-874

99.95 On Sale 84.95

Perfect for the Electro Sex. This Rimba Aluminum Electro Sex Dildo is perfect for the Electro SEX person, it's lightweight because of it's material Aluminum, but it will give you shocking, electro stimuli jolts & penetrations either vaginally or anally causing your anal or vaginal muscles to give you mind blowing contractions. It is bi polar you can easily just attach it to your Rimba Unit and enjoy the feeling of your muscles contracting over & over. The slim line feature & the and long measurements make it perfect for anal or vaginal electro sex play. This measures 016 mm. and is 165 mm long.

Power box sold separately.


electro sex dildo multi bullet

electro sex dildo multi bullet

Item Number: ERM-878

129.95 On Sale 119.95

This Estim Electro sex bullet from Rimba will give you many hours of pleasure. This bi-polar device can be used alone or with any of our many our electro sex toys.

Power box sold separately.


PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode

PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode

Item Number: ESR-C092

149.95 On Sale 139.95

This unique electrode, like most of the P.E.S. line of electro stimulation products, was designed from the ground up. The new Prostate Stimulator is designed with comfort and safety in mind and fulfills the 3rd principle of EES, which is proper focusing of the electro stimuli. By bending the vertical flexible shaft of the Prostate Stimulator, you can direct the chrome plated electro conductive ball and there by focusing the EES toward the prostate. When combining this single conductor electrode with another PES single conductor electrode, the focus of the current flows through the prostate and is one of the best configurations to achieve "hands free" ejaculation. The Prostate Stimulator is made up of two basic components: -Chrome plated electro conductive sphere and -The unique flexible T-base platform The electro conductive sphere measures approximately 1" in diameter. The conductive sphere gives this electrode the unique capability of focusing the electro stimuli very precisely in the region of the male prostate gland. The flexible T-base platform is made up of a highly specialized wire to withstand metal fatigue, but flexible enough to mold comfortably within the anal cavity. In many aspects the flexible T-base platform is as important as the 24kt gold plated electro conductive sphere. The T-base platform is designed to enter the anal cavity, and stop at the T-Junction on the outside of the anus. Thus, ensuring proper penetration to palpitate the prostate region (approximately eight to ten centimeters) and also allowing a safety stop, so the electrode cannot travel farther up the rectal cavity. This is a very important safety factor for this type of electrode. Ready for use with The PES Powerbox Requires a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX Requires both a set of Pins-to-Bananas Plugs and a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with The Rimba Unit
Not for use with The Digital Rimba Powerbox


PES Deep Throat estim electro sex probe.

PES Deep Throat estim electro sex probe.

Item Number: ESR-C091

199.95 On Sale 189.95

The PES Deep Throat is a double pole electrode with a few twists. The Deep Throat electrode allows for numerous configuration possibilities. One of the unique features of Deep Throat is its ability to adjust to the male anatomy to insure a constant and proper fit for effective Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES).

Deep Throat consists of a Main Body and a urethral probe. You can choose from two thicknesses of probes, either the "Slim Jim" or the "Big Jim", depending on what thickness you prefer. The Main Body is a ring of highly conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex, with an ability to adjust to the corona at its varying stages of arousal. The Main Body has a self-adjusting expansion joint built into the primary body permit the perfect fit for almost every man.

You can personalize the Deep Throat electrode to your anatomy by adjusting the neck of Deep Throat. At the bottom of the neck there is a collapsible insulated sheath that will separate from the conductive tubing it surrounds, allowing for either a lengthening or shortening of the neck for individual fit, dependent up your individual anatomy.

The "Slim Jim" or "Big Jim" is the probe portion of Deep Throat. It is a highly flexible probe constructed of surgical grade silicone. Unlike our Sparklers or the Amplifier on the Corona Stimulator, the "Slim Jim" or the "Big Jim" is not a completely conductive length of silicone. Using a microfilament conduit, it connects two different lengths of conductive silicone on either end with a portion of non-conductive silicone dividing Electrode A from Electrode B. Slim Jim is 1/8" in diameter and 6" long. Big Jim is 1/4" in diameter and 6" long. Electrode (A) is 1 inch of ElectroFlex conductive cord, Electrode (B) is 1 inch of ElectroFlex conductive cord, and the center is 3 " of non-conductive tubing.

The "Jims" are marvels in engineering for this style of electrode. Unlike other probes which use materials that are stiff and rigid, the Jims are highly flexible, and when inserted, they tend to mold themselves to the path of least resistance, making this electrode one of the most comfortable on the market.

Also due to its lightweight construction, the Jims are not top heavy like other probes that tend to expel themselves out of the orifice. With other probes, many users need to find a mechanical means of holding the probe in place - a cumbersome and time consuming task. The Jim solves these problems ingeniously. With lightweight, flexible design, the Jim is inserted with ease and comfort and stays put without expelling itself. Unlike the "Slim Jim" on the original Deep Throat, the "Big Jim' has a removable brass low profile connection. This piece slides on and off whichever end of the "Big Jim" you connect your low profile lead to. One of the remarkable aspects of Deep Throat is that it feels like a triple pole electrode, although in fact it is only a double pole electrode. The Slim Jim incorporates two different lengths of conductive tubing at each end of the electrode. These electrodes are known as Electrode A and Electrode B. Depending on which end of the Jim is inserted, you will have a double pole electrode with the insertion of Electrode B or the feel of a triple pole electrode with the insertion of Electrode A and partial insertion of Electrode B. Note: The second half of this circuit is the Main Body.

Another benefit of Deep Throat is that it can be used as a single pole electrode around the corona connected in circuit with the Tubular Mid-Ring Electrode or the Tubular Base Ring Electrode or the Testicle Tubular.

Slim Jim is 1/8" in diameter and 6" long

Big Jim is 1/4" in diameter and 6" long

Ready for use with The PES Powerbox

Requires PES Low Profile Leads for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-Max

ot recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s).


Aluminum Electro Sex Butt

Aluminum Electro Sex Butt

Item Number: ERM-7879

114.95 On Sale 104.95

A shocking new attachment for your electrosex pleasure. The Rimba Aluminum Bipolar Electro Sex Butt Plug is a solid plug 30 mm X 90 mm.


Electrosex Leather Cock and Ball Harness

Electrosex Leather Cock and Ball Harness

Item Number: EXR-ZE203

39.95 On Sale 34.95

For the ultimate in electro cock and ball stimulation, we introduce the Electrosex Leather Cock and Ball Harness! Made for stimulating fun, this cock and ball harness will send you partner into an electrifying orgasm! Made to be compatible with any of our Electrosex Powerboxes, just hook it up, place on your partner and enjoy. Stimulating currents will be sent through the ring that goes around the base of his cock as his balls are compressed towards his cock while being split apart by another leather strap going down the middle of them! This combination will make for an "explosive" night!


Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

Item Number: EXR-AB120

109.95 On Sale 99.95

For a long time sex toys have been designed to stimulate those spots that send waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Thousands of devices have been made to rub, vibrate and massage those spots. Here at Zeus Electrosex, we believe there is a better way.

Rather than rub those pleasure centers from the outside, our toys send a small current right through them, directly stimulating them. Unlike the electric current that most people are familiar with, ours stimulates the nerves, creating what can be pleasant sensations. Essentially, Zeus Electrosex products make you vibrate from the inside out. Not only can this be incredibly arousing, but many users have been able to achieve hands free orgasms.

Stimulate your partner with a deep thrust and electrical sensation. The Deep Intruder invades with its 9 inches of penetrating action and a convenient accessible handle. This toy works with all of our Zeus Power Units.

Measurements: Approximately 14.5 inches in total length, 9 inches are insertable, and circumferences of 4.25 inches (Mid Shaft) and 5.125 inches (Head).


Rimba - Electro Penis Strap

Rimba - Electro Penis Strap

Item Number: ERM-855

50.00 On Sale 39.95

The electro penis strap snaps on just like a cock and ball strap to hold an erection. But, the electro penis strap gives a little to a lot of extra charge. Try it during sex or in conjunction with some of the other attachments. This is our best selling electo accessory.


Rimba - Electro Parachute

Rimba - Electro Parachute

Item Number: ERM-856

41.00 On Sale 32.95

The Electro Parachute fastens securely around the entire scrotal area. Feel the sensation of electrical current pulsating through your penis. The wearer can feel intense erotic pleasure of intense pain depending on whether he was a good submissive. Use in conjunction with the Penis Strap and Butt Plug.


Rimba Electro Egg

Rimba Electro Egg

Item Number: ERM-859

110.00 On Sale 89.95

The Rimba electro egg comes in 2 sizes; either small (25 mm diameter) or large (35 mm diameter) so you get the right fit. Use the Rimba electro egg anywhere you would use a regular vibrating egg. This erotic sex toy sends electric impulses to the muscles surrounding the Rimba egg to make the muscles contract. If done at a proper setting these Rimba electro eggs can stimulate intense pleasure, or, if the submissive has been naughty excruciating pain!


Electro Vaginal Shield

Electro Vaginal Shield

Item Number: EFP-E211

89.95 On Sale 79.95

Dual Contact Vaginal Shield with Clitoral Stimulation, the perfect crotch ride. Has adjustment holes on each side for your favorite rope, chain or tie. Has electrodes up and down each side of the dildo and two strips on the the shield.


PES Anal Tubular Electrode

PES Anal Tubular Electrode

Item Number: ESR-C070

79.95 On Sale 74.95

There has never been an anal electrode developed to do this specific type of stimulation so precisely in the male anatomy. The Anal Tubular Electrode can also be used on women because the sphincter muscle is an extremely erotic area in both sexes. The smooth nerve portions of the outer sphincter are not as receptive to Erotic Electro Stimulation response as the the interior walls and interior base of the sphincter muscle platform. The unique bow expands out thus making good contact at the very inner base of the sphincter. Proper Placement Of The Anal Tubular Electrode Within The Anal Cavity.

Prior to inserting this electrode you must first, thoroughly, lubricate the conductive bow and the surrounding area of the anus.

Make sure that the connecting contact on the electrode is facing forward.

Connect your leads prior to insertion.

Pinch the conductive bow about 1 inch below the top.
Gently push and feed the conductive bow into the rectum until the silicone tubular platform comes into contact with the exterior portion of the anus.

At this time, you must properly orient the electrode by slowly moving the conductive portion in and out of the anus two or three times.

On the final orientation of the electrode, make sure that the silicone tubular platform makes full contact with the exterior portions of the anus.

Choosing The Proper Electrode For Proper Erotic Electro Stimulation. The Anal Tubular Electrode is for use only in the anal rectum regions. This is a singular Electrode which must be used in conjunction with another PES Electrode to complete the erotic electro circuit. Choosing another Electrode to complement the Anal Tubular Electrode depends on what sex is going to use this device.

Ready for use with The PES Powerbox

Requires a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX

Requires both a set of Pins-to-Bananas Plugs and a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with The Rimba Unit

Not for use with The Digital Rimba Powerbox


PES Corona Stimulator

PES Corona Stimulator

Item Number: ESR-C082

95.95 On Sale 89.95

The Basic Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator is the first of a family of three providing Erotic ElectroStimulation (EES) in a simple, yet effective, manner. The adjustable Secondary body of the Basic Corona covers the Cockhead (Glans of the Penis) and lays over the Urethral opening for centralized coverage or may be focused elsewhere on the Glans. The Primary and Secondary body of the electrode connect and lay at a strategic point,the male G-spot (Frenulum) while the Primary body stimulates the Cockhead area allowing the stimuli to cover the entire external area of the Cockhead. The PES Basic Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator is usable with any of the many different PES electrodes to complete the circuit of one channel, and another electrode is usable on the second channel to create a three-electrode configuration. The Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator should always be installed on the penis when the penis is in a semi-erectstate and then allow the penis to "grow into it." PES has found the most successful configurations for hands free orgasms with the Basic Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator are those that combine the stimulation of both the Cockhead and another erogenous zone of the male anatomy. The first incorporates the Electro-Flex Penile Ring , using the 5/8", 1" and 1 " width, at the very base of the penile shaft. This will target the Superior Dorsal nerve that will carry the stimulation through the entire shaft of the Penis, up through the Cockhead to the Corona Stimulator. Another preferred electrode to use in conjunction with the Basic Corona Stimulator is the Testicle Tubular, which can, in turn, stimulate the area of the Perennial Tissues and the sensitivenerves of the testicle region. The sensation that this provides is an overall stimulation that will terminate at the male G-spot, and follows the length of the penile shaft. Some of our subjects have experienced "hands free" orgasms using these configurations. However, you might find that a different configuration works better for you. Be patient and use your imagination. You will find the same pleasure that others find with Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) Ready for use with The PES Powerbox Requires a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX Requires both a set of Pins-to-Bananas Plugs and a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with The Rimba Unit Not for use with The Digital Rimba Powerbox IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a single-electrode device (monopolar). Another single-electrode device (or dual-electrode type with "Y" adapter) is required for use.


Electro Round Miniplug

Electro Round Miniplug

Item Number: ERM-7882

89.95 On Sale 79.95

Great new addition to our Electrosex line! 60 x 24 mm rounded mini plug. Shiny stainless steel cover for easy soap and water clean up!


Mighty Merlin Dagger Dildo

Mighty Merlin Dagger Dildo

Item Number: EMY-46160

199.95 On Sale 179.95

The especially smooth and soft forms of this slim dildo do not only invite to fanciful games, but is also ideal in order to satisfy ones partner vaginal or anal, due to the fact, that the own hand is protected from the stimulation current by a plastics grip.

The only a little bit arched aluminium can be inserted especially easy and deep and, as the separation between both poles is made already after a few centimetres, so that depending on the settings a soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating or sensuous pushing can be felt very soon after inserting the dildo.

This feeling can be enjoyed for hours or lead to unexpected most intense orgasms. If one is stressing his or her muscles now, the stimulation is getting more intense at once, and one can without using ones hands increase, control and come to an unforgettable climax.

Made of aluminium and accurately polished by hand. It can be warmed by the heater or cooled in the refrigerator. The temperature is long running and top level feelings can be guaranteed.

- length: approx. 25,0 cm
- diameter: approx. 3,0 cm
- weight: approx. 240 g
- material: polished medical aluminum
- CE-sign
- 24 months warranty


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