Men's Wet Look Vinyl Briefs Quick View

Men's Wet Look Vinyl Briefs



Add these wet look briefs to your sexy fetish underwear collection. Our wet look clothing is sure to break a few hearts. Pull on and off. Make your bdsm role-play fantasies more intense by dressing the part. One size fits most.

Classic Vinyl Thong Quick View

Classic Vinyl Thong



This vinyl smooth, sleek, shiny black vinyl thong will highlight your assets with the contoured jock front. Comfortable, sleek & sexy, this hand-cut & sewn vinyl jock fits perfectly under under clothes & is bedroom ready. Easily tears away at the sides for easy on/off. Imported. Comes in black.

Snap To It Thong Quick View

Snap To It Thong



This black patent leather thong has a row of flat circular studs going up the front of the pouch. The sides are attached by criss-crossing ties. The lycra back ensures one size will fit most.

Deadly Men's Patent Leather Thong Quick View

Deadly Men's Patent Leather Thong



The Deadly Men's Paten Leather Thong will leave people dead in their tracks with styling. This stylish thong with red stitching has a lycra back to stretch to fit. One size fits most.

Studded Vinyl Jock Quick View

Studded Vinyl Jock



Yes you are hot, ready to rock & roll,This vinyl & studded jock is fantasic! You know this Vinyl studded Jock is a extension of the way you feel. you are ready to rock & roll. This imported, soft & supple vinyl studded jock hugs your package to give it the perfect fit, high waisted to accent your body, studs in the front to accent package. One Size.

Wet Look Zipper Thong Quick View

Wet Look Zipper Thong



You will look great in this wet look zipper thong. Your lover will want to rip them off you and attack your manhood. One size fits most.

Wet Look Jock Strap Quick View

Wet Look Jock Strap



Add to your fetish wardrobe with the Wet Look Jock Strap. One size fits most.

Wet Look Thong Quick View

Wet Look Thong



It's getting hot in here. This shiny black thong highlights your best assets. Elastic backing ensures one size fits most.

Red Hot Racer Thong Quick View

Red Hot Racer Thong



Gentlemen, start your engines. You ll have them all geared up in this hot racer thong. Lycra back. Colors: Red/Black, White/Black. Sizes: S/M-L/XL.

Soft Touch Vinyl Men'S "69" G-String Quick View

Soft Touch Vinyl Men'S "69" G-String



Lock the doors, throw out the keys and set the tone of the night in this sexy suggestive g-string. Available in colors black or white. Comes in sizes S/M or L/XL.

Patent & Fishnet Thong Quick View

Patent & Fishnet Thong



These hand-cut and seamed vinyl thong mens briefs will make anyone want to touch you! High waisted, smooth & glossy. One size fits most.

Roman God Vinyl Short Shorts Quick View

Roman God Vinyl Short Shorts



You will be worshipped as a god in the Roman God Vinyl Short Shorts. From Ancient Roman civilization, statutes of Roman God were worshipped, these vinyl boys shorts shorts you will be too. They just hug under you ass checks, have low waisted to show off your great body and have a detachable front break away pouch so when you is ready for action, you are ready to go, just unsnap the snaps and you are ready for a night to remember in these . vinyl and lycra shorts. Available in sizes; small, medium, large, extra-large.

Wet Look Shorts Quick View

Wet Look Shorts



These sexy erotic shorts are great out in the club or in the bedroom to surprise your lover. One size fits most.

Rick Vinyl Pouch Quick View

Rick Vinyl Pouch



Black vinyl pouch with chain detail. One size fits most.

Mercury Vinyl Shorts Quick View

Mercury Vinyl Shorts



The winged god, Mercury, was known for his eloquence in messages and his speed of travel. You will marvel at the speed you can break out of these sexy black vinyl shorts. The front features a pouch of snap closures, which when undone, reveal you in all your glory. Stretch back and an extra row of snaps along the top of the front for added style. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

The Pointer Vinyl Thong Quick View

The Pointer Vinyl Thong



Black vinyl thong. Available in regular and extra large.

Zip Up Vinyl Thong Quick View

Zip Up Vinyl Thong



One of our most popular mens thongs. The Vinyl Zip Up Thong is great for those times when you need access to your family jewels quickly.

Men's Vinyl Thing Thong Pouch Quick View

Men's Vinyl Thing Thong Pouch



Black vinyl g-string pouch. One size fits most.

Vinyl And Fishnet Vinyl Mens Shorts Quick View

Vinyl And Fishnet Vinyl Mens Shorts



Fishnet shorts with vinyl front. Your lover will love you in these Vinyl and Fishnet Men's Shorts.

Skullallou Black Vinyl Thong Quick View

Skullallou Black Vinyl Thong



Black vinyl thong with skull applique. One size fits most.

The Penguin Vinyl Pouch Quick View

The Penguin Vinyl Pouch



Its march of the penguin in this black and white vinyl pouch. One size fits most.

Fetish Fantasy Jockstrap With Wrist Restraints Quick View

Fetish Fantasy Jockstrap With Wrist Restraints



Your sexy slave will look like mighty Hercules but will be as helpless as a lamb in this jockstrap and restraint combo. The studded stretchable jockstrap is made from padded black vinyl, with two tethers encircling the strap and connecting to adjustable neoprene wrist cuffs. The waist belt adjusts to accommodate up to 40 inches in diameter.

Adonis - Mesh Pouch Quick View

Adonis - Mesh Pouch



100% Nylon. Comes in colors leopard, black or purple. One size fits most.

Adonis - Mesh Thong Quick View

Adonis - Mesh Thong



100% Nylon. Comes in colors black, red or purple. One size fits most.