Leather and Chain G-String Quick View

Leather and Chain G-String



Entice your lover with this erotic Leather and Chain G-String. This leather g-string has side chains to give it a fetish look.

Adjustable Female Chastity Belt Quick View

Adjustable Female Chastity Belt



This PU leather chastity belt lets you enjoy pleasure control with a lower price point. Using all man-made materials, this two strap system has many points of adjustability for a secure fit on many different body types. One strap secures around the hips, while the other runs up between the legs. Using the two small padlocks, you can strap your partner in tight, denying them access to satisfaction and unable to escape. Sitting low on the hips and with a sleek profile, this devious device can be worn out under clothes for an added element of excitement.

Measurements: Fits waits between 25 and 35 inches in circumference; Bottom strap adjustable from 11 to 21 inches in length

Material: PU Leather, metal
Note: 2 padlocks included

Leather Ringed Panty Quick View

Leather Ringed Panty



The Leather Ringed Panty is one of the most popular of our fetish underwear especially for submissive women. This leather thong buckles on the side and has O rings in the center of the thong. A great place to attach a leash.

Slave Leather Panties Quick View

Slave Leather Panties



This sexy Leather G-string will make your slave happy. This panties have 2 o-rings which you can attach a leash or chains to. One size fits most..

Dominatrix Thong Quick View

Dominatrix Thong



Nothing says fetishwear than the Dominatrix Thong. This sexy leather panty brings eroticism to a new level. Leather cut out thong teases your slave with a center cutout to show your lips but has a chain running vertically up the thong to remind your slave you are off limits. The leather underwear is accented with studs to ass to the fetish look. Add intrigue to you BDSM roleplaying games with the Dominatrix Thong.

Prisoner Of Love Leather Panties Quick View

Prisoner Of Love Leather Panties



Lock your LOVE piece up in this sexy open front leather panties with chain & lock, or lock your Lover up & keep the key for yourself. Now you are the only one with access to her sweet, Love Pot. One Size.

Buckle Thong Quick View

Buckle Thong



A dancers favorite, this sexy thong is available in leather. This erotic under garment has front buckle and elastic back for easy on and easy off even when your in a compromising position. This is a great thong for a dancer, mistress or a lover to spice up the bedroom! Black. One size fits most.

The Best Leather Thong Quick View

The Best Leather Thong



This leather lace up thong by Allure Leather is a Best Seller with The Bondage Fetish Store! The classic design is unbeatable, and the lace up front is a wonderful way to add a bit of subtle sex appeal. Don't miss out on this sexy leather thong! Available in regular or queen.

Classic Leather Thong Quick View

Classic Leather Thong



Add some edge to the underwear drawer with this soft, black, latigo leather thong. Your choice of regular and queen size.

Women's 4-Lock Chastity Belt Quick View

Women's 4-Lock Chastity Belt



This locking leather chastity belt for women is soft, but unyielding. The leather will be comfortable for however long you wear the chastity belt. Tiny padlocks lock it up tight.

Women's 5-Lock Chastity Belt Quick View

Women's 5-Lock Chastity Belt



This locking leather chastity belt for women has adjustable thigh straps to keep it firmly in place. This belt is soft, but unyielding. The leather will be comfortable for however long you wear the chastity belt. Four different padlocks lock it up tight.

Deluxe Locking Female Chastity Belt Quick View

Deluxe Locking Female Chastity Belt



This deluxe model of a locking chastity belt has a waist belt, and a second belt going between the legs which flares out in an hourglass shape around the crotch area. This gives more coverage in front and in back, while narrowing between the legs to conform to pelvic anatomy. This leather harness is similar to our Strap-In Harness, but is more of a full-fledged chastity belt. Both belts are adjustable and lockable. The whole belt requires 4 locks (not included). Fully adjustable, up to 40". One size fits most.

Leather And Chain G-String Quick View

Leather And Chain G-String



Imagine the feel of cold chains hitting against your most intimate places. This black leather G-string has 3 rows of them, sure to get your attention as well as that of your lover. One size fits most.

Seam Supreme Leather G-String Quick View

Seam Supreme Leather G-String



Are you looking for a leather thong that is not only flattering, but unique in style? Then look no further than this Seam Supreme Leather G-String! This classic style thong features a paneled and seamed effect on the front panel, and creates a look that works with any shape. One size fits most.

Lace Trimmed G-String Quick View

Lace Trimmed G-String



Show of your feminine Wiles in this sexy lace trimmed G-string. This erotic piece of lingerie features delicate lace detail. The is very feminine in nature, but provides extreme sex appeal. Available in sizes; regular or queen.

Leather & Lace G-Gring Quick View

Leather & Lace G-Gring



This leather g-string with elastic back gets a touch of sexy sweetness with black lace. Available in regular or queen.

Studded Leather Thong Quick View

Studded Leather Thong



Show your kinky side by wearing this black Studded Leather Thong/Elastic Back. One Size.

Where The Heart Lies Leather Thong Quick View

Where The Heart Lies Leather Thong



Give your lover the message you love him by wearing the "Where the Heart Lies" Leather thong. Show him exactly where your heart lies with this studded heart shaped leather thong. Elastic Back. One Size.

Mistress Mesh Thong Quick View

Mistress Mesh Thong



Control your lover in the sexy Mistress Mesh Thong. This erotic thong has a leather trim with a mesh front. Elastic Back. One Size.

3-Chain Leather Thong Quick View

3-Chain Leather Thong



This unique design by Allure Leather is just what you've been looking for! The 3-chain links on the front panel make for a great look for any occasion. Don't miss out!

Red Ribbon Leather G-String Quick View

Red Ribbon Leather G-String



Your lover will be on his knees when he sees you in this sexy red ribbon leather g-string. Have him unlace you with his teeth. It will be a trill of his life. This erotic leather g-string has an elastic back. One Size.

Mesh & Patent G-String Quick View

Mesh & Patent G-String



The Mesh and Patent G-string is Hot! This vinyl trim g-string has an naughty sheer mesh front panel so you can feel the cool breeze under your dress in those hot clubs. This super sexy patent leather g-string has o-rings detailing and an elastic back. One size fits most.

All Zipped Up Thong Quick View

All Zipped Up Thong



This classic leather thong could be all zipped up. Or all zipped down! Have a little fun with All Zipped Up Thong design by Allure Leather. Available in regular only.

Leather Side Lace Up Thong Quick View

Leather Side Lace Up Thong



A basic black leather thong with irresistible lace-up sides. Leather back. One size fits most.