Gold Prostate Plug with Diamond Gem



On sale for: $58.46

Treat yourself to a high class anal ride with this amazing prostate plug! With its large bulbed end, you will feel amazing P-Spot stimulation. For added control, the end has an oval opening which will give you the ability not only to control but to also wiggle the plug in any way you desire. Its gold finish and diamond gem gives this plug an exquisite high-end look and feel.

Approximately 3.75 inches in total length, 2.5 inches are insertable, and 4 inches in circumference at widest point. Gold plated steel.

P-Rocker Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager



On sale for: $29.21

The Trinity P-Rocker Prostate Massager is an amazing experience for every male. When inserted you can feel the pressure and vibrations against your prostate and a nuzzle on your taint. The vibration adds another stimulating sensation that intensifies your full experience. Enjoy the P-Rocker solo or wear during sex with your partner! Made from premium silicone, this toy is easy to clean and skin-safe. Batteries are included for immediate use.

Measurements: 5.5 inch overall length, 4 inch insertable length, 1.55 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Silicone, ABS

Note: Requires 3 LR44 Button Cell batteries, included

Cruel Intentions P-Spot Dildo



On sale for: $14.96

Experience the pleasure of direct p-spot stimulation and intense anal expansion with the Cruel Intentions Dildo. The thick shaft of this dildo shows no mercy: a consistent width from end to end keeps your ass stretched wide for the whole session. Your prostate will enjoy delicious pressure as the expertly curved tip grinds against it from inside. If you manage to take it all in, you can unlock the pleasure potential of the specially contoured design as it strokes your perineum. The subtle metallic look of the exclusive Starry Night PVC material and the smooth raised flame pattern enhance visual appeal. An integrated finger grip lets you maneuver the dildo for maximum gratification. Slip your favorite egg vibe into the handle opening and feel the vibrations travel up the shaft and send you into ecstasy.

8.5 inch overall length, 5.5 inch insertable length, 1.84 inch max insertable diameter, 1.45 inch finger grip inner diameter

Material: PVC

Color: Starry Night (Black Metallic)

Note: Egg vibe not included

Anal Expander 10 Function Vibrating Probe



On sale for: $41.21

Fill your ass up a little or a lot with the Anal Expander Vibrating Probe! The curvy shaft makes for a thrilling insertion experience, and the fun really begins when you grab the hand pump and inflate the probe so it expands to stretch you out and fill you up. To top it all off, a convenient remote control allows you to crank up the sensation by adding in your choice of 10 different vibration patterns. Use the vibration or inflation features by themselves, or combine the two for the ultimate anal stimulation. To deflate the probe, simply press the release valve on the pump bulb.

Measurements: Deflated Probe has 6 inch insertable length and 1.83 inch max insertable diameter, Fully Inflated Probe has 7.25 inch insertable length and 3.32 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Rubber, ABS

Note: Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included

Chrome Dipped Glass Pleasure Probe



On sale for: $26.96

This sensual wand is a truly unique piece. Made of high quality, durable glass, dipped in chrome for a gleaming finish and slick feel. You get all the benefits of a metal toy, without the weight of a pure steel item. The material is slick, nonporous, safe with all lubes, and ideal for people with allergies or sensitivities. Enjoy some thrilling temperature play as you heat up or cool down this exhilarating pleasure object. Perfect for anal or vaginal use, each swell will excite you as it is inserted and removed. You are limited only by your imagination.

8.5 inches in total length, 7 insertable, 1.4 inches in diameter at widest point

Aneros SGX Prostate Massager



On sale for: $36.71

The SGX Prostate Massager from Aneros will stimulate your prostate for hours. Enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation. The size of the SGX has 3 3/8 inch shaft length with a 2 7/8 inch in diameter. Overall length is 3 7/8 inch from the base of handle to top of the shaft.

Jeweled Prostate Steel Plug



On sale for: $71.96

Treat your ass to the best around with the Jeweled Prostate Steel Plug! Perfect for beginners and expert users, this plug will make you quiver with pleasure. With an oval opening at the end, it will give you ultimate control over the plug. Incorporated at the bottom of the handle is a clear jewel for added style as this sleek, smooth plug will definitely catch your eye. This steel plug will feel super smooth as it enters your ass and massages the p-spot for males.

Approximately 4.75 inches in total length, approximately 3.5 inches are insertable, and 3.75 inches in circumference.

Finish Options: Chrome and Gun Metal

Material: Chrome Plated Alloy

Icicles No 53 Textured Glass Probe



On sale for: $24.71

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard.

This luxurious glass massager features a tapered tip to ease insertion and a pronounced head that hits all the right spots. The swirly ribbed shaft offers additional stimulation, while the sturdy flat base ensures safe and easy handling.

The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. Run the wand under warm water or place it in the microwave to heat things up. Chill it under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cool sensation.

Since glass is nonporous, cleanup is a snap. Use Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water, or put it in the dishwasher for a worry-free wash after the fun.

Insertable Length: 6.75 in. (17 cm)
Width: 1.5 in. (4 cm)

The G-Spot Glass Dildo



On sale for: $24.71

This specially shaped glass dildo is angled to target the G and P spots for some erotic fun. The borosilicate glass is smooth and sturdy enough to give intense pleasure sensations. Borosilicate glass dildos are very easy to clean. Just use plain soap and water and they are dishwasher safe. The material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, easily sterilized, durable and works with all lubes. This dildo measures 4 inch of insertable length. The handle makes this sex toy easy to insert, release and maneuver. Glass Dildo's makes a wonderful display pieces and are collectable. The handcrafted glass looks like a striking work of art.

PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode


This unique electrode, like most of the P.E.S. line of electro stimulation products, was designed from the ground up. The new Prostate Stimulator is designed with comfort and safety in mind and fulfills the 3rd principle of EES, which is proper focusing of the electro stimuli. By bending the vertical flexible shaft of the Prostate Stimulator, you can direct the chrome plated electro conductive ball and there by focusing the EES toward the prostate. When combining this single conductor electrode with another PES single conductor electrode, the focus of the current flows through the prostate and is one of the best configurations to achieve "hands free" ejaculation. The Prostate Stimulator is made up of two basic components: -Chrome plated electro conductive sphere and -The unique flexible T-base platform The electro conductive sphere measures approximately 1" in diameter. The conductive sphere gives this electrode the unique capability of focusing the electro stimuli very precisely in the region of the male prostate gland. The flexible T-base platform is made up of a highly specialized wire to withstand metal fatigue, but flexible enough to mold comfortably within the anal cavity. In many aspects the flexible T-base platform is as important as the 24kt gold plated electro conductive sphere. The T-base platform is designed to enter the anal cavity, and stop at the T-Junction on the outside of the anus. Thus, ensuring proper penetration to palpitate the prostate region (approximately eight to ten centimeters) and also allowing a safety stop, so the electrode cannot travel farther up the rectal cavity. This is a very important safety factor for this type of electrode. Ready for use with The PES Powerbox Requires a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with ErosTek Power Units (US unit, European unit, or Remote unit) and Folsom power units Dual Output PSG or Dual Output PSG-MAX Requires both a set of Pins-to-Bananas Plugs and a set of Banana Snap Adapters for use with The Rimba Unit
Not for use with The Digital Rimba Powerbox

Velvet Kiss Waterproof iSpot Prostate Vibrator



On sale for: $20.21

The iSpot is specifically designed to stimulate all of your erogenous zones with the push of a button! The gently arched shaft hugs your curves and delivers delightful sensations to your g-spot, while the shorter stimulator has raised nubs to tease your clit and enhance the pleasure. Escalate through all 3 vibration speeds and feel free to take this waterproof toy anywhere you dare! It has 5.75 inch overall length, 3.75 inch insertable length, 1.2 inch diameter, 3.7 inch circumference. Available in color purple or black.

Material: TPR

Note: Waterproof, Phthalate Free, Requires 1 AAA batteries, not included

Realistic Vibrating P-Spot Massager



On sale for: $32.95

The Trinity Realistic P-Spot Massager is an amazing experience for every male. When inserted you can feel the pressure and pleasure against your prostate and a nuzzle on your testicles and taint. Click the bullet on and the vibration adds another deep stimulating sensation that intensifies your full experience. If you are topping this toy can be worn during intercourse with your partner, or enjoyed solo. Made from premium silicone, this toy is easy to clean and skin-safe. Batteries are included for immediate use.

5 inch insertable length, 1.75 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Silicone, ABS

Color: Black

Note: Requires 3 LR44 button cell batteries, included

All Mighty Azure Vibe - Silicone



On sale for: $15.71

The All Mighty Azure Vibe is simple in design and sports a powerful motor. The removable inner bullet extends high into the core to ensure strong vibrations throughout the premium skin-safe silicone shaft. The business end of this toy is curved to target the p-spot, but you can take advantage of the stimulating vibrations anywhere your desires take you.

4.5 inches total length, 2.5 inch insertable length, 1.12 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Silicone, ABS

Color: Blue

Note: Requires 1 AAA battery, not included

Tom of Finland Silicone P-Spot Vibe



On sale for: $28.46

This ergonomic P-spot stimulator comes with a powerful vibrating bullet for more stimulation. Perfectly angled to hit the prostate, the flared base will keep it in place while the angled head applies direct pressure and vibration to your P-spot. The non-porous material cleans easily, and is hypoallergenic.

Prostatic Play Crusade Silicone Prostate Plug with Angled Head



On sale for: $16.11

This smooth silicone toy is body safe and curved to please. The bulbous head provides maximum P-spot stimulation as it presses on your prostate. The ergonomic shaft is gently curved, with an external stimulator and looped retrieval handle. The material is free of harmful chemicals and additives, and is non-porous so it will not harbor bacteria. Cleans easily with soap and water.

Prostatic Play Pathfinder Silicone Prostate Plug with Angled Head



On sale for: $16.11

This bumpy silicone toy is body safe and curved to please. The bulbous head provides maximum P-spot stimulation as it presses on your prostate, and the rippled shaft provides a unique sensation as it moves inside you. The ergonomic shaft is gently curved, with an external stimulator and looped retrieval handle. The material is free of harmful chemicals and additives, and is non-porous so it will not harbor bacteria. Cleans easily with soap and water.

P-Spot Vibrating Prostate Massage Kit



On sale for: $71.21

The P-Spot Wand Attachment for Men is a handy addition to your toy collection that combines two intense modes of stimulation: vibration and prostate massage. When coupled with our ultra-powerful Thunderstick, this turbo charged duo is sure to drive you over the edge! Just slip the attachment over the head of the Thunderstick massager and slide this sensually curved piece into place, letting the expertly angled tip apply pressure to your prostate. The external stimulator teases your perineum at the same time. The battery free electric design ensures you get the strongest power with consistent results, every time!

- Attachment: 3.25 inch insertable length, 1.22 inch max insertable diameter, 2.3 inch inner diameter of attachment cup;
- Wand: 13 in total length, 2.4 in diameter.

Prostatic Play Scout Rechargeable 7 Mode P-Spot Vibe



On sale for: $59.46

This ergonomically curved prostate stimulator will pinpoint your P-spot with 7 modes of orgasmic intensity. The easy to use integrated control panel is located at the base, while the insertable node delivers powerful stimulation right where you want it. The smooth silicone material is phthalate-free, easily sterilized, and silky smooth. It charges via a removable USB cord, for cord-free pleasure in a battery-free design. 5.5 inches in total length, 3.5 insertable, 1 inch in diameter.

Prostatic Play Hero Vibrating Prostate Explorer



On sale for: $39.95

This uniquely curved prostate explorer has a powerful vibrating bullet for new and exciting anal sensations! The curved, beaded shaft is designed to apply maximum, controlled pressure right on your P-spot. Each bulb that is inserted provides increased stimulation, with a flared base and external stimulation node that applies pressure to your perineum. The removable bullet has a simple one-touch button, which controls the thrilling vibration with no wires or remotes to worry about. The premium, phthalate-free material is body safe and cleans easily, making it smooth, comfortable, and ideal for anal play. 8 inches in total length, 5.5 insertable, 1.65 inches in diameter.

Cobra Silicone P-Spot Massager and Cock Ring



On sale for: $20.21

Prepare for Cobra's strike. This black silicone anal plug is ergonomically designed to pleasure the P-spot with every thrust. The prostate massager has a bulbous tip with 3 ribbed bumps for maximum pleasure. At the same time, your shaft is held in place by the cock ring end for a sustained erection. The Cobra is 4.50 inches long with an insertable length of 3.25 inches and a diameter of 1.40 inches. The cock ring has a diameter of 1.50 inches. Stay harder; play longer.

Prostatic Play Horizon 10 Mode Silicone Prostate Vibe



On sale for: $33.96

This curved silicone vibe features 10 powerfully rhythmic cycles of vibration. It is made of premium materials, body safe and easily sterilized. The angled head provides targeted stimulation, and is splashproof.

Chi Glass P-Spot Massager



On sale for: $22.46

Made from high quality Borosilicate glass, this curved prostate pleasing plug applies targeted pressure to your P-spot for ultimate anal pleasure. The tapered tip makes insertion easy, with a curvy bulbous head and ergonomically curved base. Glass is the ultimate hypoallergenic material, compatible with all lubes and safe for all sensitivities. It is easy sterilized and temperature sensitive, for exciting play options. 4.5 inches in total length, 4 insertable, 1.10 inches in diameter.

Silicone Stud P-Spot Massager



On sale for: $17.21

This premium prostate exercising tool is ideal for anal massage and targeted stimulation. Contoured to curve with the male anatomy perfectly, so it massages the prostate internally and the perineum externally at the same time. When inserted, the tool with move with you, stimulating with every thrust for maximum pleasure. Made of premium silicone so it is non-porous and cleans easily.

Surge Bi-Polar Electro Prostate Stimulator



On sale for: $44.95

Designed specifically to target the prostate gland, Surge Prostate Stimulator from Zeus is an ergonomically contoured anal electrode, designed for maximum prostate pleasure. Gently curved for P-spot attention, once inserted this device will send a gentle current from the inside out, enveloping the body in waves of tingling electric pleasure. Sized just right for novice and experienced users alike! With a tapered tip for targeted stimulation and an easy to remove flared base, you can keep this exciting toy in for longer periods of time without sacrificing comfort. Simply plug the included adapters into the probe and attach to any Zeus powerbox (sold separately).

4.5 inches in total length, 4 inches insertable, 1.15 inches in diameter.

Available for Purchase