Under The Mattress Restraint Set by Rimba

Under The Mattress Restraint Set Makes You The Playground

The Under The Mattress Restraint Set by Rimba comes from The Netherlands to your bedroom.  This soft velcro bondage set contains 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs and long adjustable straps with attached snap hooks and a matching blindfold.

This under the bed restraint kit is easy to use with adjustable velcro closures.  The cuffs are soft and comfortable nylon. Perfect for the couple who would like to experiment with bondage but do not wish to scare their lover.

The adjustable soft bondage set will fit any size bed and can also be used as a door restraint kit.  It comes in your choice of purple or black.

On sale for $39.95, regularly $44.95


What Is Soft Bondage?

Kits like the Under The Mattress Restraint Set are for couples looking to experiment with bondage play.  Soft Bondage is not meant as a means of torture and humiliation.  It is a means for one partner to restrain the other for sexual pleasure.

The person being tied up submits to the whims of their partner, leaving them feeling vulnerable and excited about what is about to happen.

The partner doing the restraining may feel a sense of control and power. One must trust their partner and communicate ones feelings for successful bondage play.

Let your imaginations run wild.

Who Is Rimba?

Rimba manufactures leather, lingerie and rubber products for adults and has been doing so since 1971 and are based in The Netherlands.  Additionally, Rimba is at the forefront of the electro sex industry.

The Bondage Fetish Store is proud to be an official dealer of the Rimba product line.  We carry clothing in leather, rubber and chainmail, electro sex toys for insertion or sensory play and power boxes, bondage gear for both soft and hardcore practitioners.

The Rimba bondage line covers everything from nipple clamps, blindfolds and paddles to restraints, harnesses and collars.


Rimba Electro Sex Butt Plug

 This aluminum electro sex butt plug from Rimba is .25 ounces of shocking anal stimulation that attaches to your favorite power box.   The shiny silver anal plug is 3.50 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter.  Because it’s bi-polar, the stimulation will be concentrated in the anus.
This butt toy has a 2.50 millimeter male plug which attaches to any Rimba power box.
If you have another type of electro sex box, be sure to get adaptor 899A when you place your order.   This will allow the aluminum butt plug to work with power boxes having the 3.50 millimeter connections.
The anal plug arrives in a black velveteen hinged box with a molded lining for private storage.
On sale for $74.95, regularly $89.95


Why is the electro sex butt plug made out of aluminum?

The metal used to make the butt plug and other electro sex toys was chosen for its conductive properties.  In addition aluminum is durable and lightweight.

Are there benefits to electro sex besides the obvious?

Use of electro sex toys helps women and men fight incontinence.   Additionally,  the contracting and releasing of the genital muscles helps men  with impotency.

It is important to note that pregnant women and anyone with a heart condition should avoid the use of electro sex products.

The aluminum butt plug requires a power box

Rimba makes 2 models of power boxes that are compatible with all their electro sex toys.

The Rimba ERB-7880 runs on 3-AAA batteries, the first set is included. It has an LCD screen and 2 channels. It can perform in 7 different modes, each with its own feel, at 16 intensity levels from weak to powerful.

The ERB-7890 is a 4 channel box that can run on batteries or the included AC adaptor. The ERB-7890 is a stronger unit than the ERB-7880 and has the 2 additional channels.

The channel is the port your electro sex toy plugs into.  You can have a different toy in each channel, so you can stimulate more than one body part at a time or share a port or 2 with a special friend.

The Bondage Fetish Store sells the complete line of Rimba’s electro sex products.

Fondle Suede Flogger

Punish, tease or tickle a naughty submissive with the  19 string Fondle Suede. The 19.7 inch long suede flogger features a handy wrist loop for hanging the flogger from your belt or store it on a hook or hanger when not in use.

We recommend a suede flogger for people new to flogging, due to its softer feel.

On sale for $41.95, regularly $48.95


What Is The Difference Between A Flogger And A Whip?

Floggers have multiple tresses.

Floggers can travel outside the bedroom and are often seen at medieval and pirate festivals, as part of the costuming.

Whips are the flogger’s longer cousin. The end of the whip forms a single tail but does not branch off into tresses like a flogger. There are a few exceptions, like a split tailed whip, but as the name implies it came from a single tail.

What Is Flogging?

Originally, flogging, also known as, flagellation was a means of disciplinary punishment.  Often, one was whipped on their uncovered back resulting in bruising and bleeding. The military, prisons and even schools flog those who do not follow the rules.

In the BDSM world, A dominant exerts control over the submissive through flogging. Therefore, a submissive considers flogging a form of punishment and subjugation.

In the bedroom, sensory play includes whipping and flogging.  Rimba’s Fondle Suede Flogger makes the perfect device for sensory play. Run the strands gently across your blindfolded lover’s naked body to arouse them to your desires of bdsm play.  If you want to try flogging concentrate on the backside.

Always Play Safe

Never flog a person anywhere on the head or neck.  Also, fingers and toes are another no-no.  Misuse of any S&M impact device may cause injury. Concussions, fractures or broken bones develop when someone uses an impact device incorrectly. And, never flog or whip the lower back where the kidneys are located because it can cause kidney damage.

The Bondage Fetish Store sells floggers of all sizes made from leather, suede, faux leather, rubber and chain.   Find the perfect flogger to fit your needs.

Rimba Silicone Electrosex Anal Plug

The Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug is made of silky flesh and black silicone.  Its smooth cucumber shape makes this butt plug the ideal sex toy. This electrosex plug can be used either rectally or vaginally.  The Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug works with most power boxes but you may need an adapter to make them work with your tens unit.

The Electrosex Anal Plug is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small is 3 inches long with a 1 inch diameter
  • Large  is 6 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.


Why Rimba?

Rimba is a premier Electrosex provider based in the Netherlands. Rimba has been selling leather fetish goods and high quality electrosex toys since 1971. Rimba manufactures Leather, Lingerie and Rubber products. The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete line  of Rimba electrosex toys. Their line includes electro butt plugs, dildo’s, cock rings and nipple clamps.

Electrosex Safety

When engaging in electrosex be sure to use a contact gel or lubricant.  This greatly reduces the risk of a burn. Water-based gels and lubricants are the best. Silicone based lubricants reduce conductivity which may provide a weaker signal or prevent the electro toy from working properly. Electro-sex play dries out the tissue being stimulated sort of like the sun on skin.

When using any sex toy, you should never use a toy anally and then vaginally. It is always wise to use your own anal toys and butt plugs and not to share with others unless always using a condom on it.

What do you need to run your silicone electrosex anal plug?

The Bondage Fetish Store carries power boxes most major electrosex toy distributors including Rimba, Zeus, Folsom and Fetish Fantasy.  Our electrosex power boxes come in various sizes and skill levels. We have boxes for the beginner to the advanced electrosex enthusiast.

Any questions about electro-sex or electro-sex butt plugs, please call us at (617)455-4454. Our staff is knowledgable in electro play and safety.



Rimba Electro Sex Parachute

The Rimba Electro Sex Parachute fastens securely around the entire scrotal area with a pair of buckle closures. You can experience the sensation of electrical currents pulsating through your penis while simultaneously stretching your balls.  This black rubber one can be used in conjunction with the Penis Strap and Butt Plug.  This bi-polar accessory comes with a 2.50 millimeter male plug for use with Rimba power boxes.  Adaptors are available to make it compatible with other Tens units.


On sale for $32.95, regularly $41.95

Power Box, Tens Unit However you say it- you need it!

Most electro sex toys require a power box to deliver e-stim also known as electrical stimulation.  This cock and ball device is no exception.  Rimba makes 2 models that are compatible with all their toys.

The Rimba ERB-7880 runs on 3-AAA batteries, the first set is included.  It has an LCD screen and 2 channels.  It can perform in 7 different modes, each with its own feel, at 16 intensity levels from weak to powerful.

The ERB-7890 is a 4 channel box that can run on batteries or the included AC adaptor.  The ERB-7890 is a stronger unit than the ERB-7880.

Both are available at the Bondage Fetish Store.


This ball stretcher got its name because it resembles the parachute skydivers use when jumping out of a plane.  The chains attached to it are ideal for hanging weights onto.

Why Use A Ball Stretcher?

Some men enjoy the sensation of having their testicles tugged on.  This cock and ball toy gives him that feeling without the need for a partner.

By hanging specially designed weights from the attached chains a man can stretch his testicles to hang lower.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries the complete Rimba line in addition to ball weights to hang from the Electro Sex Parachute.

Founded in The Netherlands in 1971, Rimba is a leading manufacturer of electro sex toys, leather, lingerie and rubber fetish ware.


Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound

The Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound is strictly for the boys with experience under their belt.  Also known as a Urethra Rod, this aluminum rod is .315 inches in diameter and 7.25 inches long to make your E Stim fantasies cum to life..  Some men insert the full length of the sound to stimulate their prostate.

When the unit is attached to a power box, the penis dialator delivers tiny electric shocks.

The  Electro Sex Hegar Sound comes with a hinged storage case.

Clean immediately after use with warm soapy water or alcohol only.

On sale for $74.95, regularly $85.95


Sound The Alarm!

Sounds were originally used to open the urinary track in men with enlarged prostates.

In sexual terms, it can be used as a penetrative device or in masturbation by penis fucking;  moving the sound in and out of the opening to the penis.  Some men find this intensely exciting.   Others find penis penetration a means of replicating vaginal penetration, and enjoy sounding for that reason.

Some Sound Advice

When you use a sound, it is important to use plenty of lubricant. Lubricate the first several inches of the Electro Sex Hegar Sound as well as the opening to the penis.

Guide the sound slowly and gently into the urethra.  Support the weight of the sound with one hand and stop when resistance is met.

Sounding must be done cautiously so you do not puncture the urethral wall or bladder if done incorrectly.  We recommend having someone experienced in sounding teach you  proper techniques.

We do not recommend sounding if you are prone to urinary tract infections

The Bondage Fetish Store carries a complete line of medical grade sound/dilator sets. Our sets include  Hegar, Dittle, Van Buren, Pratt, Rosebud and vibrating styles in addition to the Rimba Electro Sex Hegar Sound.  The Bondage Fetish Store also carries a wide variety of lubricants including the popular medical grade Surgilube.


Electro Sex Penis Sheath

The Rimba electro sex penis sheath is used for prolonging erections, restraint and discipline.  This black leather lace up sheath design has quality stitched edges.  Imagine your penis wrapped up in a soft leather sheath and then slowly the electro power starts to climb from low to high.  The electro sex penis tube is fitted with a 2.5 millimeter male plug.  Adaptors are available at the Bondage Fetish Store to make the penis sheath compatible with your power box.  The lacing can be loosened or tightened to accommodate most girths.  Men with heart problems should not use electro sex products.

On sale for: $42.95, regularly $65.95


What Is A Penis Sheath?

A penis sheath, also known as penis tube is a sex toy that is used in CBT play.  It keeps the penis in an erect position by compressing the cock’s blood vessels.  A sheath, like the Electro Sex Penis Sheath, is longer than a standard cock ring.  Another product, also known as a penis sheath, is used to add length and girth to a penis, or to aide with erectile dysfunction.  Be sure to read the product’s description carefully to ensure you are getting the type of sheath you want.

What Is Electro Sex?

Electro Sex is the application of electrical impulses to the genitals for sexual stimulation. Electro Sex can be gentle and erotic or intense and painful.  The level of stimulation is up to the user.  Toys like the Electro Sex Penis Sheath work in conjunction with a power box.

The Bondage Fetish Store is the place for all your electro sex needs.  We sell electro sex toys, power boxes, stim pads, gels and more.

We also stock both types of penis sheaths and a variety of cock rings sure to satisfy you and your partner.

Rimba was founded in The Netherlands in 1971.   Rimba is a leading manufacturer of electro sex toys,  leather, lingerie and rubber fetish ware.