The Chinese Cupping Set – Ancient Chinese Medical Techniques

Cupping is an ancient Chinese medical technique to provide the benefits of acupuncture and acupressure without the use of needles.  With the Chinese Cupping Set, you can immobilize blood flow to promote healing.   It can be used to target pain on the body like neck, back, shoulder and sports injury by applying cups for 1-3 minutes of suction to the accupoints. The XXR-ST135 Chinese Cupping Set has a helpful chart to show you where to apply the cups for a variety of issues including arthritis, weight, blood pressure and even the common cold. There are 10 cups of varying sizes and a pump to vacuum seal the area under the cup. If you want to include a cupping set in your sex toy chest, you can use the cups on your intimate areas, but be aware of the time the cups are left on, because too much time will break the blood vessels resulting in “hickeys”.

Where to buy a Chinese Cupping Set

The Bondage Fetish Store sells several different types of Medical cupping sets in our medical sex toy section of our store.