The Extreme Cock Lock Intruder

The cool, smooth, polished steel of the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder fills your pucker hole with a  2.75 inch stainless steel orb and stalk that is 1.85 inches in diameter.

The other half of this silver colored cock ring and butt plug combo is how the Cock Lock gets its name.   Your cock and balls are placed through the 2 inch diameter ring at the other end.

Once you put the hardware on, you can maintain a longer and harder erection, thanks to the ring.  At the same time, the ass orb moves slightly with each thrusting motion massaging your prostate, so your partner isn’t the only one getting some inside action.

On sale for $179.95, regularly $239.95

Don’t Knock The Lock

Wearing a cock ring prevents blood from escaping the aroused penis.  With the blood being held in place, the penis cannot ejaculate.

You put cock rings around your penis and testicles when the penis is not erect.

Apply your favorite lubricant to you cock and balls as well as the inner portion of the ring to make it easy to slide. Put your balls through the ring first.  Carefully, put one ball in followed by the other.  Then, bring your penis up through the ring, head first.   With the ring in place you can now insert the ball in your ass.  Don’t forget to use more lube.

As with any sex toy that restricts blood flow, do not keep the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder on your penis for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Cock A Doodle Do It!

In addition to the Extreme Cock Lock Intruder,   The Bondage Fetish Store sells all kinds of cock and ball toys, prostate massagers and anal plugs.

These boy toys come in a number of styles and shapes, so you can have one for every day of the week.

The wide variety of cock rings come in leather, silicone, rubber, nitrile, metal and plastic.  Some rings have snap or velcro closures, stretchy and solid ones slide on.  Penis rings can have vibrators or be hooked to an electro sex box depending on what you choose.  Some types are sold in sets of varying sizes.  We have rings that are sure to make your little rooster crow with delight.

Icicles Glass Sex Toys Gold Edition Added To Store

Icicles Strike Gold With Glass For Your Ass

Icicles glass sex toys gold addition bring every anal encounter to the gold standard. The Bondage Fetish Store has added the Icicles glass toys Gold Edition to its product line.  Made from the finest molten glass, Icicles are shaped to bring maximum pleasure and visual aesthetics to the user.

The exquisite Icicles glass sex toys takes the sensual art of glass making to a whole new level with sophisticated styling and an elegant liquid gold finish.  Hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, each massager or probe is sleek, unique, and made to last a lifetime.  Whether you like your prostate massagers or glass anal probes smooth, nubby, ribbed, beaded or vibrating, the Icicles Gold Edition has got your back…literally.

You can check out the Icicles Gold Edition or any of the glass sex toys at Bondage Fetish Store.

Aren’t Glass Sex Toys Easy To Break?

Glass sex toys like the Icicles Gold Edition ones, may look high maintenance but they are the easiest and hardiest of all the plugs, probes, massagers, dildos and vibrators to care for.  Unlike rubber, they do not discolor or tear as they age.  Unlike plastic they do not splinter or melt.  It takes a lot of abuse to break a glass sex toy.  They are made to endure bumping, banging, grinding and even falling from short heights.  Glass sex toys work well with any type of lubricant or toy cleaner, unlike silicone which can break down if used with a silicone based lubricant.

Icicles Glass Sex Toys Gold Edition Are Ready To Play!

A great benefit of glass is their tolerance to temperature.  You can pop them in the freezer to cool down on a hot, steamy night or put them in warm water to heat things up when you are cold.   Because they are waterproof they can join you in the bath or shower, too.

Start An Erotic Glass Toy Art Collection

An Icicles glass sex toy is more than a dildo or probe, it is a work of art.   Combining form and function, these beauties can be proudly displayed on your night table or shelf.  In addition to the all gold pieces in the Icicles Gold Edition, glass sex toys come in an array of colors like black, blue, purple, clear, pink, green and opal.  Exotic, erotic and economic-start your glass collection, today with a gleaming piece from Icicles Gold Edition collection.

The Bondage Fetish Store  sells a wide variety of premium glass dildos from most of the major brands.