Under The Mattress Restraint Set by Rimba

Under The Mattress Restraint Set Makes You The Playground

The Under The Mattress Restraint Set by Rimba comes from The Netherlands to your bedroom.  This soft velcro bondage set contains 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs and long adjustable straps with attached snap hooks and a matching blindfold.

This under the bed restraint kit is easy to use with adjustable velcro closures.  The cuffs are soft and comfortable nylon. Perfect for the couple who would like to experiment with bondage but do not wish to scare their lover.

The adjustable soft bondage set will fit any size bed and can also be used as a door restraint kit.  It comes in your choice of purple or black.

On sale for $39.95, regularly $44.95


What Is Soft Bondage?

Kits like the Under The Mattress Restraint Set are for couples looking to experiment with bondage play.  Soft Bondage is not meant as a means of torture and humiliation.  It is a means for one partner to restrain the other for sexual pleasure.

The person being tied up submits to the whims of their partner, leaving them feeling vulnerable and excited about what is about to happen.

The partner doing the restraining may feel a sense of control and power. One must trust their partner and communicate ones feelings for successful bondage play.

Let your imaginations run wild.

Who Is Rimba?

Rimba manufactures leather, lingerie and rubber products for adults and has been doing so since 1971 and are based in The Netherlands.  Additionally, Rimba is at the forefront of the electro sex industry.

The Bondage Fetish Store is proud to be an official dealer of the Rimba product line.  We carry clothing in leather, rubber and chainmail, electro sex toys for insertion or sensory play and power boxes, bondage gear for both soft and hardcore practitioners.

The Rimba bondage line covers everything from nipple clamps, blindfolds and paddles to restraints, harnesses and collars.


The Master Series Rubber Sex Sheet

The Rubber Sex Sheet Because Sex Is Dirty

The Rubber Sex Sheet is lube, liquid, sweat and grease proof.  This black, sleek and shiny king size fitted sheet bring erotism to an enhanced level. So, get as messy as you want, while the sheet protects your bedding.

Simply put the sheet over your mattress and climb on board.

The Sex Sheet measures 80 inches by 78 inches.


On sale for $58.95, regularly $69.95

Set The Mood For Unbridled Passion

Nothing says “I’m ready to play” like setting the tone.  Imagine, putting The Rubber Sex Sheet on your bed and wearing some provocative fetish clothing, or even nothing at all, lighting some candles, and having some of your favorite massage oils at the ready?  By the way, don’t forget the sex toys!

If you want to shine the sheet, any latex polish will do.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and polish one small area at a time.

This is the perfect gift for latex and rubber enthusiasts!

Caring For The Rubber Sex Sheet.

After the fun is done, hand wash your sheet in warm water with a liquid soap.   The rubber sheet is large, so, I recommend using a bathtub.

Dry the sheet flat if possible, otherwise, fold as minimally as possible and keep flipping.

As with clothing, never put it in the dryer, so it doesn’t melt. Also, most importantly, avoid storing your Sex Sheet in direct sunlight.

The Master Series line of sex toys and bondage gear

The engineers developed the Master Series Line for advanced sex play with an eye towards enthusiasts who enjoy dominance and submission.

Furthermore, their devious toy collection includes domination tools for both master and slave that cover the spectrum of anal and vaginal dominance, chastity, sensation play, urethral play, nipple play, cock and ball torture, gags and hoods, blindfolds as well as a variety of topical lubricants. So that there is something for every BDSM enthusiast.

As they say, it’s your domain.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries The Master Series product line.


Viral Vinyl Mini Skirt – Fetish Clothing

Viral Vinyl Mini Skirt A Date Night Sensation

The playfully sexy Viral Vinyl Mini Skirt brings that naughty edge to your wardrobe.  Shiny black patent leather, also known as PVC or vinyl, is incredibly flattering and breathes new life into closet.

Pair this mini skirt with your existing tops, hose and footwear and turn any outfit into an instant head turner.

The skirt has a back zipper opening and double silver buckle detailing on the hip.  Available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, 1X, 2X and 3X.

On sale for $25.95, regularly $34.95


What Makes The Viral Vinyl Mini Skirt So Shiny?

In a word, plastic.  Most vinyl clothing is polyester coated with a shiny plastic.  This adds some stiffness to the polyester as well.

Vinyl clothing is very popular in the music, cosplay and fetish worlds.  It first appeared on trend in the late 1960’s.

Is All Vinyl Clothing Black?

Not at all.  Vinyl clothing comes in an array of colors including red, pink and white. Black is by far the most popular color.

How Do I Care For Vinyl Clothing Like The Viral Vinyl Mini Skirt?

Hand washing is a must.  Use a mild liquid detergent.  Do not use powder or flakes.  Put a small amount in the sink with some warm water.  Swish it around with your hands and when done, gently wring it out.  Water will bead off the vinyl coated side.

Hang indoors to dry.

It is important to note that heat is the enemy.  If you put vinyl clothing in a dryer, your clothing will melt.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries women’s and men’s vinyl clothing.  These items include underwear, shirts, catsuits, jumpers, skirts, shorts, pants and lingerie.  Many of the items are available in plus sizes.

We also carry vinyl accessories including hats, gloves, chokers, shoes, boots, cuffs and more.

Add some glossy vinyl to your fetish wardrobe and shine like a celebrity.

The Bondage Fetish Store also has a large selection of leather and latex skirts.



Frisky Charming Cherries Kegel Balls Exercisers

From My Naughty Night Table:
Every woman needs a set of kegel balls in their sex toy box.  The act of contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles is called Kegaling. I recommend 3 sets of 10 each.  You exercise to look and feel good. This is no different.

Pelvic muscles  weaken from child birth, aging, being overweight or pregnant. Kegeling  builds strength once again. So, why bother?  In a word “orgasms”.  Kegeling increases the number of orgasms along with their intensity and ease at which they are achieved.  ThCharming Cherriese Frisky Charming Cherries Silicone Kegel Exercisers will get you on your way.  They are clever, though colour-wise, I think they look more like Charming Plums. Soft to the touch, with a  green silicone “vine” for easy removal.  The cherries contain a weighted interior metal ball for erotic enjoyment.   After using your kegel cherries for a few weeks, you’ll be charmed for sure. Your lover will notice the difference.

Shakti Glass Dildo – The Best Glass Sex Toys

The Shakti Glass Dildo Delivers Bliss with a Twist

Experience bliss with a wraparound twist. The pink glass dildo “Shakti” is a uniquely handcrafted glass sex toy.  The glass dildo is slightly over 6.50 inches long with a diameter of 1.50 inches.  The raised spiral coiling down the length of the shaft  provides subtle sensations with each thrust.  The shaft has a slight curve for added realism.  The Shakti glass dildo, with its flared base, is compatible with most strap-on harnesses.
On sale for $44.05, regularly $48.95

Glass Sex Toys Are Tougher Than You Think

Glass toys may look high maintenance but they are the easiest and hardiest of all the plugs, probes, massagers, dildos and vibrators to care for.

Unlike rubber, they do not discolor or tear as they age.

Unlike plastic they do not splinter or melt.  It takes a lot of abuse to break a glass sex toy.

They are made to endure bumping, banging, grinding and even falling from short heights.  Glass sex toys work well with any type of lubricant or toy cleaner, unlike silicone which can break down if used with a silicone based lubricant.

Try chilling or warming your Shakti dildo for new and exciting sensations.


Start An Erotic Glass Collection

Combining form with function, glass erotic toys can be proudly displayed on your night table or shelf.  In addition to the Shakti Glass Dildo, glass sex toys come in an array of colors like black, blue, purple, clear, pink, green, gold and multi-color.  Some glass toys have flowers hand blown into them, while others may contain pieces of metallic, iridescent or opalescent plastic swirled inside.  Others form handles for floggers with the glass end doubling as a dildo.  The Shakti Glass Dildo is part of the Prisms collection.

Exotic, erotic and economic-start your glass collection, today with a gleaming piece from the Bondage Fetish Store.


Butterfly Nipple Clamps – BDSM Nipple Torture

Butterfly Nipple Clamps Have Two Names

Butterfly Nipple Clamps are also known as Clover Clamps, but unlike the delicately winged creature, these metal nipple clamps provide a high level of pain to the wearer.

The origins of butterfly clamps are in Japan.  There, these clamps were used for keeping fabrics taut while sewing them.  The 4 chambers loosely resemble a clover or butterfly, hence the name.


How Do Butterfly Clamps Work?

The clamp uses spring tension to hold it securely in place.  Unlike most varieties of nipple clamps, which tighten and loosen with the aid of a screw, the Butterfly Clamps open by squeezing the clamp, itself.  Its closes on its own, when you let go.  There are silicone tips on the clamps to prevent the skin from tearing, but they do not ease the discomfort.

The more its chain is pulled, the tighter it gets.  Because the pain level is so high, clover clamps are recommended for intermediate and advanced nipple torture enthusiasts, only.

Are There Various Types of Butterfly Nipple Clamps?

Not exactly.  The size and style of the actual clamp remains the same; how they are packaged have a few variables.

The most common style is the chained variety.  On these, the clamps are joined by a metal chain in either jeweled or regular links.  A jeweled link does not imply there are rhinestones embedded in the links, just that the links are a bit more elegant.  They are available in either black or silver.

Other clover clamps are sold without any chain attaching them, but have a string or metal loop on each clamp.  These are used for securing weights to make the pain more intense.

Still others are sold with removable weights attached to them.

The Bondage Fetish Store carries all varieties of nipple clamps from brands like Spartacus, The Master Series and Fetish Fantasy.



King Cock Dildo from Pipedreams Products

A King Cock Dildo Gives You The Royal Treatment

King Cock Realistic Suction Cup Ballsy DildoThe best-selling King Cock Dildo collection debuted in January 2015 and quickly
sold over 1.5 million units, forcing the manufacturers to double their output.

What makes these dildos so special is the attention to detail.  Each vein, shaft and head is carefully handcrafted to give you a realistic sexual experience.   Every King Cock Dildo is phthalate free, latex free, and hypoallergenic.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

king cock strap on dildo harnessThe King Cock line lets you select from 3 color choices; black, brown or flesh.  You can also choose between dildos with balls and ones without.

The lengths of the dildos vary from 5 inches to 12 inches.  The widths on the dildos vary from 1 inch to 3 inches.

Some of the King Cocks have multi speed vibrators built in.

A lot of the King Cock Dildos have suction cup bases for use with harnesses or to adhere to smooth surfaces.

The Double Penetrating dildos, have 2 penises for vaginal and anal penetration at the same time.  They come in a side by side or U Shaped variety.

Squirting King Cocks simulate the feel of ejaculating fluid with a reservoir for adding liquid to.

Double Dildos are long, straight dildos that have a head at each end for sharing with a partner, or for solo use as a double penetrator, as there is some flexibility.  Some King Cock Double Dildos have a thin, thick or tapered end.

Beside King Cock Dildos Are There Other Products In The Line?

King Cock Double DildoYes.  King Cock manufactures its own line of harnesses, hollow strap ons, sex balls and hot seats.

You can check out the complete line of King Cock products at the Bondage Fetish Store. The Bondage Fetish Store, also carries over 1000 different dildo’s in different colors, shapes and sizes, and materials..

King Cock is a division of Pipedream Products.   Pipedream has remained on the cutting edge of adult products for over 40 years, ranking #1 in manufacturing, sales,  customer service and awards.